AVSEC Vitja (1970-)

AVSEC-001                КАМЕРНАЯ МУЗЫКА

"Pod istim soncem..."
Two Haiku for Soprano and Piano;  Serenade for English Horn and Harp;  Danza ritmica for Accordion;  A Lullaby for a Mirror - A Lyrical Monologue for Soprano and Piano;  Summer Impression;  Four Short Compositions for Cello and Piano;  Ecstasy of Death for Mixed Choir, Flute, Trumpet, Piano, Tympani, Percussion and Double Bass;  Gea for Symphony Orchestra
Soprano - Dunja Spruk, pianos - Andrej Jarc, Hermina Hudnik, english horn - Melina Todorovska, harp - Nicoletta Sanzin, concert accordion - Mateja Prem Kolar, flute - Matej Zupan, cello - Milan Hudnik, APZ Tone Tomsic Choir, RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra (cond. Milivoj Surbek)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200658], Austria  200.00


ADAMIČ Bojan (1912-1995)


"Symphonic Works"
The Ljubljana Concert;  Yearning Blues;  Theme and Waltz;  My Daddy's Got Two Horses;  Even Flowers Were Sad;  Tap-polka;  Little Shepard;  Spring;  Three Student Girls;  An Autumn Day;  Serenade
Symphony Orchestra of RTV Slovenia (conds. Samo Hubad, Bojan Adamic, Ciril Cvetko)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 996001], Austria  200.00

АДАМС Харрисон Лесли

ADAMS Harrison Leslie (1932-)


"Twelve Etudes"
Etude No.1 in G Minor;  Etude No.2 in G Major;  Etude No.3 in A Minor;  Etude No.4 in C Major;  Etude No.5 in D Minor;  Etude No.6 in D Major;  Etude No.7 in B Minor;  Etude No.8 in G Flat Major;  Etude No.9 in B Flat Minor;  Etude No.10 in D Flat Major;  Etude No.11 in C Sharp Minor;  Etude No.12 in E Flat Minor
Piano - Maria Corley
Albany Records [TROY639], USA  150.00


AJDIČ Alojz (1939-)


Adagio for Clarinet and String Orchestra;  Fata-Morgana for Symphony Orchestra;  "Concentration Camp Ravensbrueck" - Cantata for 2 Mixed Choruses, Narrator and Symphony Orchestra
Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra (conds. Marko Letonja, Marko Munih), Symphony Orchestra of RTV Slovenia (cond. Anton Nanut), Chamber Choir of RTV Ljubljana (dir. Joze Fuerst), APZ France Preseren Kranj (dir. Studen Marko)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 999017], Austria  200.00

АЙНЕМ Готфрид фон

EINEM Gottfried von (1918-1996)

EINEM-002 (2CD)       ТУЛИФАНТ

Oper in 3 Akten von Gottfried von Einem, Libretto: Lotte Ingrisch
Tulifant - Manfred Hemm, Fridolin - Jung Min Lee, Wusterich - Volker Vogel, Murf Murf - Rudolf Mazzola, Pelzchen - Priti Coles, Smaragda - Katharina Dau
+ бонус-треки + "Prince Chocolat"
Musikmarchen in 5 Episoden von Gottfried von Einem, Text: Lotte Ingrisch
Slowenische Philharmonie (cond. Milan Horvat)
Classic Amadeo - DADC Austria [435 694-2], Austria  400.00


ACTIS DATO Carlo (1952-)


Aliende;  Krk;  Sentiero del re;  Noche de Fraga;  Mock Democracy;  Zoroo;  Bolivar;  Kamakura;  Sandokan;  We are the UFO
Actis Band Ensemble (Carlo Actis Dato - tenor and baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, Massimo Rossi - alto and soprano saxophone, Karsten Lepp - guitar, Federico Marchesano - electric bass, Dario Bruna - drums)
Leo Records [CD LR 462], UK  200.00


ALAADEEN Ahmad (1934-)

ALAADEEN-001         ДЖАЗ

"New Africa Suite"
Grace;  Beneath Where Rivers Flow;  Salaam, Shalom, Peace;  The Burning Sand;  Time's Up;  Home Again;  The Jannah Now
Ahmad Alaadeen - tenor and soprano saxophones, Harold O'Neal - piano, Seth Lee - bass, Donivan Bailey - drums, Ray Stewart - percussion, Christopher Clarke - piano, Tyrone Clark - electric bass, Michael Warren - drums
ASR Records [ASR-3001], USA  150.00

АЛВИН Уильям

ALWYN William (1905-1985)


Elizabethan Dances (1956-1957);  The Innumerable Dance - An English Overture (1933);  Concerto for Oboe, Harp and Strings (1943-1944);  Aphrodite in Aulis - An Eclogue for Small Orchestra after George Moore (1932);  Symphonic Prelude "The Magic Island" (1952);  Festival March (1951)
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra (cond. David Lloyd-Jones), oboe - Jonathan Small, harp - Eleanor Hudson
Naxos [8.570144], UK  150.00

АЛЛЕН Маршалл

ALLEN Marshall (1924-)


"Music For The 21st Century"
Century 21 / Tomorrow World;  Light and Darkness / Theme for Sunny Ray;  Super Nova;  Voices from Outerspace;  Pulsar;  Blue Intergalactic;  Blue Sun;  In-B-Tween / Mr. Mystery;  Reflex Motion;  When You Wish upon A Star;  We Travel the Spaceways
The Sun Ra Arkestra (cond. Marshall Allen)
El Ra Records [50322], USA  150.00


AL-AIEDY Fawzy (1950-)


"Le Paris Bagdad"
Dana Dina;  La Gazelle;  Zourouni;  Ultime Priere;  Une Nuit a Bassorah;  Sharara;  Naima;  Nissa;  Moudhif;  Circonspection;  L'Oiseau Libre;  Layali;  Sans Toit
Vocal, oud, oboe, cor anglais - Fawzy Al-Aiedy, clarinet, saxophone - Jean-Jacques Ruhlmann, double bass - Marc Buronfosse, percussions (derbouka, douf, req) - Adel Shams El Din, percussions (tabla, zarb, douf, req) - Bruno Caillat, violin - Farhat Bouallagui, quanoun - Abdul-Kader Ghorani
Buda Musique [92725-2], France  200.00


ANDERSON Ray (1952-)

ANDERSON-001         ДЖАЗ

"BIMWO Swing"
Datune;  Tapajack;  Phoebe's Dance;  Leo's Place;  Snoo Tune;  BIMWO Swing
Brande International Workshop Orchestra (conductor & trombone - Ray Anderson)
Dacapo [DCCD 9432], Germany  200.00


ANDRIASOV Iosif (1933-2000)


Second Symphony for Soloists, Mixed Choir and Symphony Orchestra op.26 (1971, ver. 1973) (Big Choir of the All'State Radio and Television, Moscow, USSR - dirs. Klavdyi Ptitza and Ludmila Ermakova);  Concertino for Clarinet and Symphony Orchestra op.27 (1973, ver. 1974);  Musical Sketch for Flute and String Orchestra op.4 (1955, ver. 1969);  Variations in Six Movements for Twenty Five Performers op.18 (1968, ver. 1969);  The First Symphony for Symphony Orchestra op.12 (1960, ver. 1973)
Big Symphony Orchestra of the All-State Radio and Television, Moscow, USSR - cond. Gennady Cherkasov)
IMMA Records, USA  150.00


ARGENTO Dominick (1927-)


Valentino Dances - Suite from the opera "The Dream of Valentino";  Reverie, Reflections on a Hymn Tune;  Le Tombeau d'Edgar Poe - Suite from the opera "The Voyage of Edgar Allen Poe";  Valse Triste;  A Ring of Time
Minnesota Orchestra (cond. Eiji Oue)
Reference Recordings [RR-91CD], USA  200.00


BAVDEK Dušan (1971-)


"Iz nekega aprila"
Capricetto for Flute, Cello and Piano (1997);  String Quartet No.1 (1996);  Intermezzo for Ensemble (2004);  A Book of Images for Voice and Strings (1994);  Quattro affetti Concertino for Double Bass and String Orchestra (2001);  Hoquetus I for Chamber Orchestra (2005);  Hoquetus II for Chamber Orchestra (2005)
Trio 3, Ljubljana String Quartet, Ansambel MD 7, Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra (cond. Milivoj Surbek), RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra (conds. Anton Nanut, Marko Hribernik)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200553], Austria  200.00



BARDARO-001           ДЖАЗ

Scandango;  Cool Mouse;  The Breath of the Escaping Moment;  El son de Paola;  Overflow Lille Suite;  Song for Dicembre;  One Bar and...;  Supernova Latina
Gianni Bardaro Sinestetic Jazz (Gianni Bardaro - alto sax, Lars Soberg Andersen - trumpet, fluegelhorn, Francesco Cali - piano, Andreas Hatholt - double bass, Jacob Hatholt)
Jazz Engine [JE8008], Italy  150.00

БЕКЕР Гюнтер

BECKER Guenther (1924-)

BECKER-001              АВАНГАРД

"Notabu Ensemble Neue Musik spiel Werke von Guenther Becker"
Quasi una fantasmagoria (1980/1981);  Hard Times - Multisounds (1989/90);  Game for nine (1962);  Stravaganza (1986);  Epiklesis Alpha (1976);  Mikrographien (1973);  Rigolo (1966)
Notabu Ensemble Neue Musik (cond. Mark-Andreas Schlingensiepen)
Cybele [360.201], Germany  150.00


"stabil-instabil" fuer grosses Orchester (1965) (Symphonieorchester des BR - cond. Michael Gielen);  "Passagen" fuer Sprachklaenge, Tasteninstrumente, Schlagzeug und elektronische Modulationsgeraete (1975/76) (stimme - Gisela Saur-Kontarsky, klavier - Herbert Henck, schlagzeug - Christoph Caskel, synthesizer - Raimund Juelich);  1.Streichquartett (1963) (Parrenin-Quartett);  "Correspondances I" fuer kleine Klarinette in Es, Klarinette in B, Bassklarinette in B, Altsaxophon in Es solo und Kammerorchester (1966) (Mitglieder des Sinfonieorchesters des SWF - cond. Ernest Bour);  "Nacht- und Traumgesaenge" fuer gemischten Chor und Orchester (1964) (Symphonieorchester des BR, Rundfunkchor des BR - cond. Andrzej Markowski);  Konzert fuer elektronisch modulierte Oboe und Orchester (1973/74) (Symphonieorchester des BR - cond. Ernerst Bour);  "Serpentiana" fuer Blaeserquintett (1967/68) (Danzi-Quintett);  Fragmente aus "Hymnen an die Nacht" (novalis) fuer je einen Contratenor, Tenor und Bassbariton (1979) (Collegium Vocale Koeln - dir. Wolfgang Fromme);  "Scanning" fuer Blaeserquintett und zweikanaliges Tonband (1969/70) (Amarican Brass Quintett);  "Caprices concertants" fuer Zupforchester (1968) (Landesjugendorchester NRW - cond. Karl-Heinz Keinemann)
Cybele [600.202], Germany  300.00

БЕННЕТТ Роберт Расселл

BENNETT Robert Russell (1894-1981)


"The Legacy of Robert Russell Bennett"
1939 World's Fair - Fountain Lake Fanfare;  A TNT Cocktail (1939);  Four Preludes (1974);  S.S. Eagle March (1969);  Autobiography (1977);  Waltz from "Carousel" (Richard Rodgers, arr. Robert Russell Bennett) (1957);  Porgy and Bess (George Gershwin, arr. Robert Russell Bennett) (1942);  Victory at Sea (Richard Rodgers, arr. Robert Russell Bennett) (1954)
The United States Army Field Band (cond. Colonel Finley R. Hamilton)
The United States Army, USA  150.00




"Portraits and Silhouettes"
Portraits and Silhouettes;  Dust;  Return to Saturn;  In Waltz Time;  Mood Indigo;  Blount;  Call I;  Call II;  Re: Sun Ra/ Julian's Oral History
Percussion - Jimmy Bennington, trombone - Julian Priester
ThatSwan! Records [1005], USA  150.00


BEN-YOHANAN Asher (1929-)


"A Composer's Profile"
Festive Overture;  Two Movements for Orchestra;  Ode to Jerusalem;  Prelude and Toccata;  Chamber Music for Six;  Quartetto Concertato;  Soliloquy;  Impressions;  Woodwind Quintet
The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra (cond. David Shallon), The "Kol Israel" choirs from Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv (dir. Eitan Lustig)
CDI, Israel  150.00

БЕРГ Гуннар

BERG Gunnar (1909-1989)


Essai acoustique (piano - Aloys Kontarsky, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra - cond. Ole Schmidt);  - pour piano et orchestre (piano - Beatrice Berg, Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra - cond. Mitiades Caridis);  Frise (piano - Elisabeth Klein, Members of the Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra - cond. Tamas Veto);  Uculang (piano - Beatrice Berg, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra - cond. Kari Tikka)
Danacord [DACOCD 611-612], Denmark  300.00


BERLINSKI Herman (1910-2001)


From the World of My Father (1941, rev. 1995) (Seattle Symphony - cond. Gerard Schwarz);  Shofar Service (1964) (BBC Singers, shofar - Tim Roseman, conductor - Avner Itai);  The Burning Bush (1956) (organ - Barbara Harbach);  Symphonic Visions for Orchestra (1949) (Barcelona Symphony / National Orchestra of Catalonia - cond. Gerard Schwarz)
Naxos [8.559446], Canada  150.00

БЁМЕР Андрес


BOEHMER-001           ДЖАЗ

"Plane To Bukarest"
Mein Haus Am Pol;  Grandfathers Bulldozer;  Plane To Bukarest;  Rapunzel;  Flaring Ash;  Schnee In Berlin;  The Leaving Cap;  Waiting For The Doctor;  Relf In Der Stube;  See You Retina
Andres Boehmer Quartett (Andres Boehmer - guitar, Lars Foedisch - bass, Martin Greule - drums, Marcus Horndt - keyboards, "Relf" edits)
Neuklang [NCD4020], Germany  150.00



S-BROWN-001            ДЖАЗ, ФЬЮЖН

The Dome;  Time Has Come;  Luna Madre;  Scotch Bonnett;  How'd You Know That?;  No More Fighting;  Nett;  My Son From New York;  Trio Funk;  Can't Live Without;  Not Dead Yet;  Rum Shot
Scott Brown - keyboards, Charnett Moffett - acoustic bass, Gene Lake - drums, Amit Shamir - drums, percussion, Grant Green Jr. - guitar, Norbert Marius - electric bass, Mark Bowers - guitar, Rich Wendel - trumpet, DJ Gravy - turntables, Paulette McWilliams - vocals, Jaco Pastorius - spoken voice
Random Chance Records [RCD-32], USA  200.00

БРИТТЕН Бенджамин

BRITTEN Benjamin (1913-1976)


String Quartet in F Major (1928);  Rhapsody (1929);  String Quartet in D Major (1931);  Alla Marcia (1933);  Three Divertimenti (1936)
Utrecht String Quartet (violins - Eeva Koskinen, Katherine Routley, viola - Sven Arne Tepl, cello - Sebastian Koloski)
Cobra Records [COBRA 0004], Netherlands  150.00


Rejoice in the Lamb op.30;  Te Deum in C Major;  Jubilate Deo;  Antiphon op.56b;  A Hymn to the Virgin;  Festival Te Deum op.32;  Missa Brevis in D Major op.63;  Hymn to St. Peter op.56a;  A Hymn of Saint Columba;  Prelude and Fugue on a theme of Vittoria;  Hymn to St. Cecilia op.27
Organ - Iain Farrington, trebles - Benedict Giles, William Goldring, Oliver Lepage-Dean, Edward Minton, basses - Malcolm Green, Reuben Thomas, tenor - Simon Wall, altos - Thomas Williams, Christopher de la Hoyde
St. John's College Choir, Cambridge (cond. Christopher Robinson)
Naxos [8.554791], EC  150.00




"Peace In Your Mind"
Ready For Heaven;  Peace In Your Mind;  Green Valley;  Far Island;  Gentle Friend;  Over The Sea;  One More Day;  Pacific Story;  Final Dream
Lechner Euromusic [600375], EEC  150.00

БУШ Глин "Бигга"

BUSH Glyn "Bigga"

G-BUSH-001               ДАБ, РЭГГИ, ФЬЮЖН

"Studio Don"
El Head Sound;  Me & Me Princess;  E.V.A.;  Stilla Move;  Superfunky Bird;  Bassdrum & Snare;  Steelsation;  Mudman Skank;  Step On Out;  2nd Line Stomp;  RaggaSalsa;  Message To The Tribes;  Studio Don One
Written, arranged, played and produced by Glyn "Bigga" Bush
Sonar Kollektiv [SBCD0004], Germany  150.00

БУШ Джеффри

BUSH Geoffrey (1920-1998)

BUSH-002                   ФОРТЕПИАНО

Suite: Epigrams;  Novelette;  Nocturne and Toccata;  Sonatina No.1;  Sonatina No.2;  Whydah Variations on a theme of Balfour Gardiner;  Matthew's Tunes;  Rudi's Blues;  Four Pieces for Piano, Set 2;  Suite Champetre
Piano - Eric Parkin
Ismeron [JMSCD 3], UK  150.00



BARSH-001                 ДЖАЗ, ФЬЮЖН

"I Forgot What You Taught Me"
Intro - Welcome To Barsh's World;  Plans Change;  Wake Up And Smile;  NuTrance;  George Dub;  Rainy Day Jam;  Jew Hefner;  Between Dead And Alive;  Rainy Day Loop;  Harriet Nyborg;  Plans Change (Reprise);  This Is The Song;  Outro - Goodbye For Now...
Piano, keyboards, melodica - Sam Barsh, vibes - Tim Collins, bass - Ari Folman-Cohen, drums - Jaimeo Brown
RazDaz Recordz [SSC 4605], USA  150.00


WEILL Kurt (1900-1950)

WEILL-002                 1-Я И 2-Я СИМФОНИИ

Symphony No.1 (1921);  Symphony No.2 (1933)
Kracow Philharmonic Orchestra (cond. Roland Bader)
Koch [CD 311 147 H1], Austria  200.00

ВАНРОЙ Даниел и ВАН ДЕ ВИЛ Робин



"Progression. Different Day, Different Light"
CD1: "Different Day"
Beneath The Surface;  Echoes;  Go The Distance;  Loving Memories (Album Dub Mix);  Golden Gate;  The Others;  The Way Things Move;  Freq'd;  Technophobia
CD2: "Different Light"
Bell Shock;  Stranger;  Unreal;  Electric Motions;  Treble;  Hit & Run;  Different Day, Different Light;  Wirewood;  Square Sky;  Overtone
Black Hole Recordings [Black Hole CD 44], Netherlands  300.00


VAN DE VATE Nancy (1930-)


Twelve Pieces for Piano on One to Twelve Notes (1986) (piano - Ruth Spindler);  Gema Jawa (1984) (Slovak Radio Orchestra, Bratislava - cond. Szymon Kawalla);  Sonata for Piano (1978) (piano - Ruth Spindler);  Six Etudes for Solo Viola (1969) (viola - Michael Davis);  Three Sound Pieces for Brass and Percussion (1973) (Bohuslav Martinu Philharmonic Brass and Percussion Ensemble)
Vienna Modern Masters [VMM 2003], USA  150.00


Seven Fantasy Pieces for Violin and Piano (violin - Michael Davis, piano - Nelson Harper);  Suite for Solo Viola (viola - Kate Hamilton);  Divertimento for Harp and String Quintet (harp - Adriana Antalova, violins - Vit Muzik, Milada Cervenkova, viola - Dagmar Smejkalova, cello - Ludmila Bubenickova, double bass - Karel Zakopal);  Zwei fruehe Lieder (soprano - Michelle Vought, piano - Nancy Van de Vate);  Cocaine Lil (soloist - Michelle Vought, jazz singers - Samantha Hammer, Julie Fallon, Anne Decker, David Vish)
Vienna Modern Masters [VMM 2034], EU  150.00


Chernobyl (1986) (The Yale Symhpnu Orchestra);  Concerto for Harp (1996) (harp - Adriana Antalova, The Moravian Philharmonic);  Concert Suite from "Nemo" (2000) (The Moravian Philharmonic, Soloists from the Janacek Opera)
Conductor - Toshiyuki Shimada
Vienna Modern Masters [VMM 3059], USA  150.00


Trio for Horn, Violin and Piano (2006) (horn - Ferenc Leitner, violin - Ute Lehmann, piano - Maki Saeki);  Prelude for Organ (2002) (organ - Carlyn Morenus);  Brass Quintet No.2:Variations on "The Streets of Laredo" (2005) (The Mississippi Band);  Twelve Pieces for Piano on One to Twelve Notes, Vol. III (2005) (piano - Carlyn Morenus);  Diversion for Brass (1964) (The Niagara Brass Ensemble);  Balinese Diptych (2003) (piano - Ananda Sukarlan)
Vienna Modern Masters [VMM 2043], USA  150.00


VERMEEREN Coen (1952-)


"Miserere Mei"
Clamaverunt iusti;  Timor et tremor;  In monte oliveti for strings;  Dormite;  Lamentationes - prima pars;  In monte oliveti;  Lamentationes - secunda pars;  Tenebrae factae sunt;  Miserere mei
Alexandra Kidgell, Clare Lloyd - sopranos, Peter Crawford, Lester Lardenoye - altos, Gerald Beatty, Jonathan Knight, Peter Morton, Robert Shorter - tenors, Jesse Billett, Andrew Davies, George Humphreys, Gareth John - baritones/basses, Helena Nicholls, Venetia Jennings, Jenny Macrae, Jessica Jennings, Jonathan Sells - strings, Timothy Scott - director
VMP [VMP 0601], Netherlands  150.00


WILLIAMS John (1936-)


Liberty Fanfare;  Selections from "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone";  A Phantom Menace Suite (Music from Star Wars Episode I, The Phantom Menace and Star Wars Episode II, Attack of the Clones);  Born on the Fourth of July;  Overture "The Cowboys";  Luke And Leia (From "Star Wars Episode VI. Return of the Jedi");  Midway March;  Fanfare and Flying Theme (From "E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial");  Fawkes The Phoenix (From "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets");  Epic Themes (A Medley of John Williams favourites including Star Wars (Main Theme), March (1941), Imperial March (from Star Wars Episode V. The Empire Strikes Back), Olympic Spirit and Superman Main Theme)
Fodens Richardson Band (cond. Thomas Wyss)
Warner Music [9927A], UK  200.00

ВОЛЬПЕ Михаэль

WOLPE Michael (1960-)

WOLPE-002                ХОР, КАМЕРНЫЙ ОРКЕСТР

Stabat Mater (Latvian Radio Choir - dir. Kaspars Putnins);  Concerto for Recorder and Orchestra (Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra - cond. Mordechay Rechtmann);  Contemplation for Orchestra (Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra - cond. Doron Salomon)
CDI, Israel  150.00


VREMŠAK Samo (1930-)


Symphony No.2;  Voznica;  Sonatina in due tempi;  Four Songs;  Eight Songs to Gipsy Poetry;  Canticum Cantoricum Salomonis
Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra (conds. Anton Nanut, Samo Hubad), Male Chamber Choir of RTV Slovenia (dir. Bozena Glavak), soprano - Irena Baar, horn - Falout Joze, pianos - Aci Bertoncelj, Alenka Scek-Lorenz, Natasa Valant
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200024], Austria  200.00


WUORINEN Charles (1938-)


Mass for the Restoration of St. Luke in the Fields (1982) (New York Virtuoso Singers - dir. Harold Rosenbaum, violin - Curtis Macomber, trombones - James E. Pugh, Joseph Alessi, David Taylor, organ - Harold Chaney, conductor - Charles Wuorinen);  A Solis Ortu (1989) (New York Virtuoso Singers - cond. Charles Wuorinen);  Ave Christe: Josquin (1988) (piano - Charles Wuorinen);  Genesis (1989) (Minnesota Orchestra - cond. Edo de Waart, Minnesota Chorale - dir. Joel Revzen)
Koch [3-7336-2 H1], USA  200.00

ГАЙЛЗ Деямперт

GILES Deyampert

GILES-001                   ФЬЮЖН

"Shapes & Colors"
216 (Cleveland Interlude) feat. Channeng from Amraah 8;  Held Him First;  Song For Kailen;  According To Miss Nikki (Interlude 2) feat. Channeng from Amraah 8;  It's You feat. Jane Hamilton;  Scorned And Maladjusted (A Dangerous Woman) feat. Amraah 8;  I Want You To Know Me feat. Desney Bailey;  This Is The Dance Track On This Album;  The Sweetest Dellusion feat. Desney Bailey;  Release;  Santiago Sands (Studio Mix) feat. Rachel Myer;  Cosmic Outro
Vocals - Heather Clayton, Jane Hamilton, double bass - Paul Kleber, vibraphone - Taiko Saito, guitar - Kalle Kalima, programming - Deyampert Giles, percussion - Neil Chastain
Sonar Kollektiv [SK017CD], Germany  150.00



GANDINI-001             ДЖАЗ, ТАНГО

"Tango y postango"
Cafe de la musique;  Mi desgracia;  A Don Emilio Renzi;  Gata escapada;  La nostalgia;  Neurology;  Viernes Santo Lluvioso;  Magnetic Resonance;  Nube;  Tributo a Astor;  El dia despues de la Lluvia;  Milondula;  Pueblo, unido (Jamas Sera Vencido)
WDR Big Band Koeln, bandoneon - Nestor Marconi, cello - Ernst Reijeseger, percussion - Mark Walker, conductor - Gerardo Gandini
NRW Jazz [NRW 9012], Germany  150.00


GARBAREK Jan (1947-)


Quechua Song;  O Lord in Thee is all My Trust;  Estonian Lullaby;  Remember Me My Dear;  Gloria;  Fayrfax Africanus;  Agnus Dei;  Novus novus;  Se je fayz dueil;  O ignis spiritus;  Alleluia nativitatis;  Delphic Paean;  Strophe and Counter-Strophe;  Mascarades;  Loiterando;  Estonian Lullaby;  Russian Psalm;  Eagle Dance;  When Jesus Wept;  Hymn to the Sun
Saxophones - Jan Garbarek, The Hilliard Ensemble
ECM Records [289 465 122-2], USA  400.00


GARCIA Rob (1969-)

GARCIA-001               ДЖАЗ

"Place of Resonance"
My Cats Are Gone;  (A Jump In) Quicksand;  BlackCabbage;  Hop-a-Long;  Resonance;  Dibs;  Chick Peas;  Somewhere Along the Path;  REM;  Fleurette African
Flute - Michel Gentile, tenor saxophone - Matt Renzi, violin - Miri Ben-Ari, piano - Dave Kikoski, bass - Michael Formanek, drums - Rob Garcia
Consolidated Artists Productions [CAP 950], USA  150.00

GARCIA-002               ДЖАЗ

"Heart's Fire"
Beginnings;  Is It Me;  It's Ruby;  Hert's Fire;  Coming Home;  Sangha;  Be A Lover;  Fresh;  Thank You
Flute - Michel Gentile, tenor and soprano saxophones - Adam Kolker, vocals - Yoon Sun Choi, guitar - Kenny Wessel, piano - Daniel Kelly, bass - Dave Ambrosio, drums, percussion - Rob Garcia
Connection Works Records [CWR101], USA  150.00

ГЛИК Сруль Ирвинг

GLICK Srul Irving (1934-2002)


"Anthology of Canadian Music"
Sinfonia Concertante (1961);  Violin Concerto (1976);  Suite Hebraique No.1 (1963);  Suite Hebraique No.2 (1969);  Music for Passover (1975);  Prayer and Dance (1975);  Sonata for flute and piano (1983);  Gathering in (1969);  Northern Sketches (1982);  The Hour Has Come (1985);  String Quartet No.1 (1984);  Two Landscapes (1975);  I Never Saw Another Butterfly (1968);  Fantasy for Violin and Orchestra (1986)
McGill Chamber Orchestra (cond. Alexander Brott), National Arts Centre Orchestra (cond. Franco Mannino), Beth Tikvah Synagogue Choir (cond. Srul Irving Glick), Beth Tzedec Choral Group (cond. Srul Irving Glick), The Chamber Players of Toronto (cond. Srul Irving Glick), Elmer Iseler Singers (cond. Elmer Iseler), Toronto Mendelssohn Choir (cond. Elmer Iseler), Roy Thomson Hall Orchestra (cond. Elmer Iseler), Oxford String Quartet, Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal (cond. Franz-Paul Decker)
Radio Canada International [ACM 34], Canada  600.00


GOLOB Rok (1975-)


"Planet zivljenja"
The Planet of Life for Symphony Orchestra and Female Choir;  A Story from an Ancient World - Concert for Flute, Harp, Strings, Vocals and 2 Horns;  Symphony from The Dreams;  Alcyone;  Passacaglia for Strings;  River of Life
Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra (cond. Marko Letonja), Carmina Slovenica Choir (cond. Karmina Silec), Studio String Orchestra (cond. Rok Golob), RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra (cond. Anton Nanut), University of Southern California Orchestra (cond. Rok Golob)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200442], Austria  200.00


GREGORC Janez (1934-)


"Nori malar" ("Crazy Painter")
Ballet in seven scenes, after motives from the life of Joseph Petkovsek
At Home;  In the Atelier;  Interlude;  At the Inn;  Love;  Insanity;  A Plea to His Angel;  Therapy
RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra (cond. David de Villiers)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200335], Austria  200.00


GROSSKOPF Andreas (1972-)


"type g"
18.23.4;  digital pulse;  active noise;  morpheus' dream;  coll weasel;  type: g;  last z to end
Andreas Grosskopf - saxophone, Alfred Kallfass - bass, Steffen Greisiger - Fender rhodes & synthesizer, Frank Koenig - drums, DJ Raphneck - turntables
[gro:ko]music [groko 100], Germany  150.00




Sonata No.1 op.25 (1986);  Nocturne op.32 No.1 (1989) (piano - Rebecca Raffaelli);  Sonata No.2 op.31 (1988) Phantasie-Variations op.12 (1980) (piano - Phyllis Alpert Lehrer);  Three Preludes op.5 (1980);  Scherzino op.32 No.2 (1989) (piano - Tanya Bartevyan);  Intermezzo op.18 No.3 (1983);  Intermezzo op.21 No.2 (1984);  Sonatina op.41 (1990);  Prelude op.54 "Intchu" (1992) (piano - Elise Jackendoff);  Novellette op.37 (1990) (piano - Deborah Yardley Beers);  Mosaic for Two Pianos op.26 (1992) (pianos - Ena Bronstein Barton and Phyllis Alpert Lehrer);  Sonata Breve op.50 (1992) (piano - Elise Jackendoff, violin - Magdalena Suchecka Richter)
Seda Productions [333], USA  150.00


Piano Concerto No.2 op.134;  Tango op.126;  Prelude op.120 No.3 "Au revoir";  Prelude op.122 "Rendez-vous";  Prelude op.123 "Hommage a Ligeti";  Prelude op.140 No.1 "Champagne petillant";  Prelude op.140 No.2 "Imploration";  Rhapsodie op.80 "Urartu" for Piano and Orchestra;  Sonata No.4 op.128;  Ballade No.1 op.111;  Ballade No.2 op.129 "Flashbacks of 9/11"
Piano - Diane Andersen, Matav Hungarian Symphony Orchestra (cond. David Alexander Rahbee)
Recital Company Productions [RCP 056], Belgium  150.00

ДЕ МЕЙ Йохан

DE MEIJ Johan (1953-)


Symphony No.1 ("The Lord of the Rings")
The North Netherlands Orchestra (cond. Jurjen Hempel)
NNO [2005 00], Netherlands  150.00


JAMES Bob (1939-)

JAMES-001                 ЭТНО-ДЖАЗ

"Angels of Shanghai"
Celebration;  Gulangyu Island;  Endless Time;  Theme "Onara" from "Daejangkeum";  Dream With Me;  Angels' Theme: The Invention of Love;  The Magic Paintbrush;  Melodia: A Quiet Place for Two;  Butterfly Lovers;  Dialogues: The Universal Language;  Angela with Purple Bamboo
Piano & synths - Bob James, guitars - Jack Lee, bass - Nathan East, drums & percussion - Harvey Mason, Lewis Pragasam, loop programming - DJ Zest, The Angels (er-hu - Ma Jia Jun, Liu Zhen, pipa - Li Li, guzheng - Xie Tao, dizi - Zhao Qi, Lu Cong)
Videoarts Music [VACM-1279], Japan  200.00

ДЖЕКЕР Фридрих

JAECKER Friedrich (1950-)

JAECKER-001             АВАНГАРД

"Spinx" for Soprano, Alto Flute and Viola (1999);  "Saxophon, Ensemble" for Violin, Saxophone, Cello and Piano (1996-97);  "Kontrabaß, Ensemble" for Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass and Harp (1997);  "Sopran, Ensemble" for Soprano, Alto Flute, Cello, Percussion and Piano (1997);  "Streichorchester" (1995);  "Schlagzeug, Klavier" (1995);  "Trio" for Violin, Viola and Cello (1998);  "Nacht, Stille" for Viola and Piano (2000)
Ensemble Tra I Tempi
Cybele [660.501], Germany  150.00


JENKINS Karl (1944-)

K-JENKINS-001          ЛУЧШЕЕ

"Karl Jenkins & Adiemus. The Essential Collection"
Adiemus;  Pie Jesu;  Hymn Before Action;  Cantus - Song of Tears;  Palladio;  Lacrimosa;  Cantilena;  In Paradisum;  The Exile Song;  Agnus Dei;  Cantus - Song of the Plains;  Dies Irae;  Allegrettango;  Benedictus;  Beyond the Century;  Sanctus
EMI [0946 3 53244 2 6], USA  200.00

ДЖОН Элтон

JOHN Elton

JOHN-001                   ИНСТРУМЕНТАЛ

"Elton John Special"
I Guess That's What They're Calling The Blues;  Candle In The Wind;  Sad Songs;  Nikita;  Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me;  I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like This;  Goodbye Yellow Brick Road;  Man;  Made In England;  Can You Feel The Love Tonight;  Your Song;  Something About The Way;  Blue Eyes
Piano, keyboards - Kamen
Martin Seimen Musikproduktion - DADC Austria [MSM IH091], Austria  200.00




"Locked In A Basement"
Johnny2Rocketime;  Locked In A Basement;  Brown Bird, Olive Sloth, Green Dragon;  Nice.;  Aaaahh..;  make me dance, make me dance;  Sea Urchin. See Urchin Run.;  quick groove rolling;  Love comma Mark;  Pi '' 3.1415;  Brawling On Epic Landforms
Mark Guiliana - drums, percussion, electronics, cajon, trombone, typewriter, Neal Persiani - electric bass, steel pan, Zac Colwell - tenor saxophone, juno-60, wulitzer, guitar, flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, voice
RazDaz Recordz [SSC 4604], USA  150.00




"Tombeau de Jean-Marie Vianney"
Opera sacre en trois actes et un prologue
Livret de Stephane Dietrich et M. Henry
Ensemble vocal a12 - Expressions (dir. Stephane Dietrich)
Anne de Claudon [ADC1], France  150.00

ДОРН Катрин

DORN Katrin (1963-)


Maritas Andenken;  Adrians letzter Peso;  Maries Messer;  Balance
Speaker - Mirjam Wiesemann
SACD Cybele Records [SACD AB 001], Germany  200.00

ДОУНИ Кеннет

DOWNIE Kenneth (1946-)


Bridgewater Intrada;  St. Austeil Suite;  Lord of all Hopefulness;  Princethorpe Variations;  Make Jesus Ring;  My Father's World;  Choose Freedom;  Deep Harmony;  Purcell Variations
The Brighouse and Rastrick Band (conds. David Hirst, Stephen Cobb)
Sforza Music [SFZ 101], UK  150.00



DUDAS-001                ДЖАЗ

"Jazz on Stage"
For Gabor;  Maydance;  Kukeri Dance;  Toledo;  Fountain;  Vehicle;  Walk in the City
+ бонус-треки + STITT Sonny - Blues for Rose;  KOSMA Joseph - Autumn Leaves
Clarinet - Lajos Dudas, guitar - Philipp von Endert, bass - Martin Gjakonovski, percussion - Jochen Büttner, drums - Kurt Billker
JazzSick Records [JS5019], Germany  150.00

ЕЖ Якоб

JEŽ Jakob (1928-)

JEZ-001                       ПЕСЕННЫЕ ЦИКЛЫ

Ten Songs with Piano Accompanied;  Four Menart's Songs;  Three Ballads;  Songs with Instrument Accompanied;  Two Folk Songs for Two Voices and Piano
Mezzo-sopranos - Waltraud Hoffmann-Muchner, Eva Novsak Houska, Barbara Jernejdic, soprano - Milena Peric, piano - Frank Bernard, flute - Ana Kavcic, Lara Zurinic, violin - Branko Brezavscek, trumpet - Stanko Arnold, cello - Andrej Petrac
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 999018], Austria  200.00

JEZ-002                       ХОР

Trgatev;  Ad astra;  Enci benci;  Verzi;  Ternek;  Prava pesem;  Klas;  Samota;  Tista noc;  Umetnosti in regrat;  Stric;  Pricakovanije;  Farinelli;  Bukolika za Gallusa
Komorni zbor RTV Slovenija, Slovenski komorni zbor, Mladinski pevski zbor Maribor, Komorni zbor iz Celja, Ljubljanski oktet, Slovenski komorni zbor, Komorni zbor RTV Ljubljana, Akademski pevski zbor Tone Tomsic
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200548], Austria  200.00

ЖАКЛЕН Кристоф

JACQUELIN Christophe


"Musidesign. Original Soundtracks"
Overture;  Blue Magic;  Ocean Dance;  Water world;  Remember;  Hold up;  The city;  In the Forest;  Bettina's theme;  Housebreaking;  Run away;  The arrest;  Zooloo;  The little kid;  Near the sea;  The crossing;  The visit;  In her room;  The detective;  The large plain;  Zooloo;  Valentine's theme;  The moon rise;  Wong's theme;  In the laboratory;  The death;  The garden;  Moonlight;  Crossing;  Valentine's song
Orchestra conducted by Patrick Sanillot
DADC Austria [DEMO2], Austria  150.00

ЖИВКОВИЧ Небойша Йован

ZIVKOVIC Nebojsa Jovan (1962-)


"Uneven Souls"
Srpska igra;  Macedonia;  Ballade fuer Petra;  Ein Liebeslied?;  Der Wanderer;  Song for Simone;  Andante for Uta;  Walzer for Herbert;  To the Gods of rhythm;  In Erinnerungten schwebend;  Les violons morts;  ULTIMATUM 1;  Valse Serbe;  ANBA;  Uneven souls
Marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, djembe & voice - Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic, flutes - Lili Nagaosa, Doris Geller, Claudia Meiswinckel, piano - Rudolf Meister, Jovan Percussion Group - Petra Lueers, Tilman Collmer, Oliver Schmidt
Top-Drum Records [tdr-cd 01], Germany  150.00


ZACHER Gerd (1929-)

ZACHER-001              ОРГАН. АВАНГАРД

"Organ Works"
Sieben Stationen Eines Textes (1963);  Szmaty (1968);  Vocalise (1971);  Diferencias (1961);  Realisation ueber Cage's Variations I (1966);  Ré for Organist and Assistant (1969)
Organ - Gerd Zacher
SACD Cybele Records [SACD 060.501], Germany  200.00




"Ilaiyaraaja's Music Journey"
Aya Kalaigal;  Pavanaguru;  Sunu Oh!;  Mayil Pola;  Janani;  Music Journey (Lullaby and Games of Tamilnadu);  En Ullil;  Ilankathu;  Three In One (Introduction);  Three In One;  Asaiya Kathula;  Veetukku;  Orchestra (Mood Kapi);  Mathacha
Ilaiyaraaja - voice, musical direction, Bhavatharini - voice, Preeti Uttam - voice, Madhu - voice, Chinmayi - voice, Murari - violin soloist, Nepolean - flute, Rajendra Singh - swarlin, Murali - violin, Prabhakar - violin, Jayachander - viola, Sekar - cello, Bharanidharan - keyboards, percussions, Purushothman - electronic drums, percussions, Shashank - percussions, Madhav - tabla, Uttam Singh - conductor, voice
i dischi di angelica - DADC Austria [IDA 021], Austria  200.00

ЙОХАНСЕН Бертиль Пальмар

JOHANSEN Bertil Palmar (1954-)


String Dance;  Elegy for Flute and Strings;  Concertino di rosso tinto;  Pizz.a pepperoni;  Concertino for Clarinet and Strings;  Chili String
Juniorsolistene (cond. Sigmund Tvete Vik)
Sonor Records [SONCD 9006], Norway  150.00


"On a spring string"
Blåvels;  Et lite stykke pizz.a;  Herr Musicus Modernus og den Umulige Pianisten;  Suite for strykere;  Concerto Broccoli;  Blomstenes dans;  On a spring string;  Måneferden;  Under Rosevindenduet
Trondheim Unge Strykere (dir. Bertil Palmar Johansen)
Norsk Komponistforening [HCD 2933], Norway  150.00

КАЛИЕНДО Кристофер

CALIENDO Christopher


Sincerita;  Caliente!;  Allegria;  Amor Perdido;  Impulso;  Amanacer;  Risorgimento;  Coraggio;  Lamento;  Rinascimento;  Remebranza;  Contigo;  Meditazione
Flute - Laura Zucker, guitar - Christopher Caliendo
Cantilena Records [66032-2], USA  150.00


CALLHOFF Herbert (1933-)


5.Streichquartett (1944) (Minguet-Quartet);  Lights and Shadows (1992) (viola - Juergen Kussmaul, piano - Thomas Leander);  Sieben Facetten (1986) (bass clarinet - Guido Simon, saxophon - Christine Rall, percussion - Andreas Kroemker)
Mempro - Warner Music [7111996], Germany  200.00


CAPDEVILLE Constança (1937-1992)


Valse, Valsa, Vals, Keuschheits Waltz (1987);  La Prose du Transiberien et de la Petite Jeanne de France (1989-1990);  Amen para uma ausencia (1986);  Visions d'Enfant (1958-1959);  ...Vocem meam (Ucello) (1985);  Caixinha de Musica (1951);  O Natal do Anjinho Dorminhoco (1963)
Pianos - Olga Prats, Nuno Vieira de Almeida, speaker - Manuel Cintra, double bass - Pedro Wallenstein, tenor - Luis Madureira, Schola Cantorum Olisiponensis (cond. Ilka Leao)
Miso Records [MCD 008], Portugal  150.00


CARTER Benny (1907-2003)


"The Legacy of Benny Carter"
Jump Call;  Symphony in Riffs;  Back Bay Boogie;  Selections from "Kansas City Suite";  The Lady's in Love with You;  Prohibido;  Doozy;  Blue Mountain;  Peaceful Warrior Suite;  A Walkin' Thing;  Summer Serenade;  When Lights are Low;  Key Largo;  Easy Money;  How Can You Lose?;  Souvenir;  Only Trust Your Heart;  Come On Back;  Blue Star;  I'm in the Mood for Swing;  All That Jazz
The United States Army Field Band Jazz Ambassadors (commander - Colonel Finley R. Hamilton, director - Chief Warrant Officer Kevin R. Laird)
The United States Army, USA  300.00

КЁНИГ Штефан

KÖNIG Stephan (1963-)

KOENIG-001               ПЕСЕННЫЙ ЦИКЛ

Ich lach mich aus;  Grosser Bruder;  Schroffer Abbruch;  End of November;  Die Frau trinkt Wodka;  Komm;  Du musst mich lieben;  Slow Snow;  Dehnsucht;  Zauberin;  Verzeih!;  Empfehlungen;  Quick Motion;  Einholen;  Die alten Maenner;  Back Once;  Schiff 1931
Vocal - Ines Krautwust, piano, keyboards - Stephan Koenig
Eston [KOE 01-339], Germany  150.00

КЁПЕР Андреас

KOEPER Andreas


"Obst Obscure"
Obst Obscure;  Lullaby Of A Male Surgeon;  Das, was Man sieht, aber nicht glauben Kann;  Niemand Tanzt II;  Nachts II;  Cherrystone Hater;  Movies 8 / Ich moechte;  Obst Obscure
Oo h Zoo Z oo L a la (Mr. S. & K. - piano, stimme, tonbaender, Braunschweiger - orgel, stimme, tonbaender, Serge Corteyn - gitarre, stimme, sampler, Stuart Grimshaw - bass, melodica, stimme, Hans-Jürgen Kanty - schlagzeug, sangschlag, stimme)
z. o. o. verlag [19-1], Germany  150.00


KIVINIEMI Kalevi (1958-)


"Magic Pipes"
Variations sur un Noel (Hommage a Pierre Cochereau);  Rhapsodie ueber den Choral "Wie schoen leuchtet der Morgenstern";  Berceuse Du pays d'Auvergne (Hommage a Eugene Reuchsel, 1900-1988). Thema aus: Bouquet de France;  Noel (Hommage a Edwin Lemure). Ding Dong Merrily on High;  Fantasie ueber den Choral "Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan";  Tambourin (Choral "Hilf Herr, meines Lebens");  Meditation (nach einem Thema von Flor Peeters);  Choralfantasie "Eine feste Burg";  La Mystere (Hommage a Olivier Messiaen);  Sounds of North ("Magic Pipes");  Magic Drums under the northern Sky (or northern light?);  Piece - Introduction e Gigue (Hommage a Pierre Cochereau)
Organ - Kalevi Kiviniemi
Griola [GRCD 1010KK], Germany  150.00

КЛОССЕК Маркус и ВЕРНЕР Мартин Пауль

KLOSSEK Marcus & WERNER Martin Paul

KLO-WER-001            НЕМЕЦКИЙ ДЖАЗ

Trainer;  Soulfood;  Little Song;  Lazy;  Did You Know;  Again;  Serious Business;  Winterlied
Martin Paul Werner - electric and nylon-string acoustic guitars, Marcus Klossek - electric and steel-string acoustic guitars, Johannes Gunkel - bass, Rainer Winch - drums and percussion
M&M, Germany  150.00


CONNOR Bill (1949-)

CONNOR-001             МУЗЫКА К ФИЛЬМУ

"Resort To Murder"
A Thief In The Night;  A Kiss In The Dark;  Tides Turning;  Hands Touching: Hearts Beating;  Whispered Promises;  With A Smile You'd Take Me... Right Out;  No Place Else To Go;  Your Love Took Hold Of Me;  Dawn Rising: Night Sinking: Tide Turning
Bill Connor - keyboards, synths, Dave Hassel - percussion, Richard Simpson - oboe, Mike Timoney - programming, synths, Emma Naylor - vocals
Debonair Records [CDDEB1002], UK  150.00



CONST-ES-002           ФЛЕЙТА

"The Dancing Turtle and Other Flute Works"
"The Dancing Turtle" for Reader, Flute and String Quintet (text and reading - Judy Constantinides);  Storytelling for Solo Flute (six character pieces);  "Family Triptich" for Flute, Oboe and String Quartet;  Rhapsody II for Flute and Piano;  "Inaugural Images" for Flute and Strings;  Homage - A Folk Concerto for Flute and Piano
Flute - Sarah Beth Hanson, storyteller - Judy Constantinides, piano - Jan Grimes, oboe - Lisa Lalev, violins - Kelly Smith Toney, Lauren Davis, viola - Maria Traykova, cello - Ivan Lalev, string bass - Robert Nash, Louisiana Sinfonietta
Vestige Recordings [GR 0001-2], USA  150.00



CONTE-001                МЮЗИКЛ

Razzmatazz;  Paris, les Paris;  Guaracha;  La reine noire;  It's a green dream;  Ca depend;  Talent scout man;  Aigrette et sa valse;  The yellow dog;  La danse;  The black queen;  La Java javanaise;  That's my opinion;  Guitars;  La petite tendresse;  Pasta "diva";  It's a green dream;  Mozambique fantasy (ouverture)
Vocals - Paolo Conte, Ginger Brew, Nathalie Cerda, Cheryl Porter, Lucia Minetti, Michella Martelli, Pola Lorenzi, Daniela Panetta, Laura Conti, Piero Luccarelli
Orchestra Filarmonica di Torino (cond. Giancarlo Gazzani), Orchestra Sinfonica di Pesaro (cond. Daniele di Gregorio)
Platinum - Warner Music [8573 85709-2], Germany  200.00


KOPAČ Peter (1949-)

KOPAC-001                КАМЕРНАЯ МУЗЫКА

"Solisticna in komorna glasba"
Sonatina for Flute Solo;  Five Rubaiyat of Omaar Khayyam for Soprano and Piano;  Concertino for Flute and Strings "Pour le Temps Passe";  String Quartet;  Three Paintings by Edvard Munch for Violin and Piano
Flute - Irena Grafenauer, violin - Tomaz Lorenz, soprano - Zlata Ognjanovic, pianos - Peter Kopac, Alenka Scek, Slovene Philharmonic Chamber String Orchestra (cond. Marko Letonja), Tartini String Quartet
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200440], Austria  200.00


COPLAND Aaron (1900-1990)


"The Legacy of Aaron Copland"
Selections from The Tender Land: Stomp Your Foot, The Promise of Living;  Lark;  Old American Songs: Set One;  Old American Songs: Set Two;  Four Motets;  Las Agachadas;  Canticle of Freedom
The Soldiers' Chorus (dir. Lieutenant Colonel Robert A. McCormick), The United States Army Field Band (cond. Colonel Finley R. Hamilton)
The United States Army, USA  150.00


COULTER Phil (1942-)


"The Magic of Ireland"
Planxty Irwin;  Tears On The Heather;  Ar Eirinn;  The Battle of Kinsale;  The Road To Glenaan;  The Ghost Ships Of Troy;  The Year Of The French;  A Thiarna;  The Wounded Hussar;  The House Of The Planter;  Towards The Mist;  Tune For A Found Harmonium
Edel [0158252ERE], Germany  200.00

КОЭН Авишай

COHEN Avishai (1970-)

A-COHEN-001            ДЖАЗ

"Gently Disturbed"
Seattle;  Chutzpan;  Lo Baiom Velo Balyla;  Pinzin Kinzin;  Puncha Puncha;  Eleven Wives;  Gently Disturbed;  The Ever Evolving Etude;  Variations in G Minor;  Umray;  Structure In Emotion
Avishai Cohen Trio (bass - Avishai Cohen, drums - Mark Guiliana, piano - Shai Maestro)
RazDaz Recordz [SSC 4607], USA  150.00


"Sensitive Hours"
Yo M'enamori D'un Ayre;  Ahava Hadasha;  Azamer Bishvahin (Adama);  Shuvi Elai;  Yad Anuga;  Shalom Aleihem;  Shaot Regishot;  Dror Ikra;  El HaTzipor;  Si Kanamaya;  Tzaadi;  Puncha Puncha;  Shalom Aleihem (Radio Version)
Helicon Records [HL 02-8289], Israel  150.00


KREISLER Georg (1922-)


Tauben vergiften;  Bidla Buh;  Muetterlein;  Opernboogie;  Fruehlingsmaerchen;  Zwei alte Tanten tanzen Tango;  Barbara;  Als der Zirkus in Flammen stand;  Der General;  Der Musikkritiker;  Blumengiessen;  Schuetzen wir;  Was fuer Ticker ist ein Politiker;  Der Hund;  Geisenkirchen;  Der guate alte Franz;  Die Wanderniere;  Das Maedchen mit den drei blauen Augen;  Das Triangel;  Max auf der Rax;  Telefonbuchpolka;  Alpengluehn;  Lied fuer Kaerntner Maennerchor;  Wien ohne Wiener;  Der Tod, das muss ein Wiener sein;  Der Bluntschli;  Der schoene Heinrich;  Bessarabien;  Sport ist gesund;  Wo sind die Zeiten dahin
Stereo. ADD. Recording: 1971 and 1975. Wien
Preiser Records - DADC Austria [90306], Austria  400.00


KREK Uroš (1922-)

KREK-001                  СТРУННЫЕ

String Quartet (1979);  String Sextet on a theme by Frank Martin (1990);  Mouvements concertants for String Orchestra (1955)
Symphony Orchestra of RTV Slovenia (cond. Samo Hubad), Tartini String Quartet
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200025], Austria  200.00


KUMAR Aldo (1954-)


Post Art Or Look, Wolfgang Is Writing To You;  Yarda Concerto;  Suite Of Nine Views;  The Front Of The Alps
Chamber Orchestra Slovenicum (cond. Uros Lajovic), Symphony Orchestra of RTV Slovenia (cond. Anton Nanut), Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra (conds. Uros Lajovic, Marko Letonja)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 998012], Austria  200.00


Strastra;  Istralja;  Istrian Suite;  Improstrastra
Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra (cond. Loris Voltolini), Slovenian Philharmonic String Orchestra (cond. Marko Letonja), Big Band RTV Slovenia (cond. Milko Lazar)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200030], Austria  200.00


COURVOISIER Sylvie (1968-)


Ianicum for Violin, Cello and Piano "In Memory of Gerald Beal" (2000);  Orodruin for Violin, Cello and Piano (2000);  Poco a poco for Violin and Cello (1999);  Abaton for Vioilin, Cello and Piano (2001);  Icaria 1;  Imke's;  Icaria 2;  Clio;  Nova Solyma;  Spensonia;  Octavia;  Icaria 3;  Sonnante;  The Scar of Lotte;  Turoine;  Archaos;  Ava's;  Brobdingnag;  Calonack;  Precioso;  Sekel;  Izaura;  Narnia
Piano - Sylvie Courvoisier, violin - Mark Feldman, cello - Erik Friedlander
ECM Records [ECM 1838/39], USA  400.00


KAY Don (1933-)


"There is an Island"
Tasmania Symphony - The Legend of Moinee (cello - Christian Wojtowicz, conductor - Richard Mills);  There is an Island (Australian Rosny Children's Choir, conductor - Georg Tintner)
Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
Australian Broadcasting Corporation - Universal Music [ABC 476 5253], Australia  200.00




"Thin Shoes In June"
Single Light;  Cat On The Fence;  Lady From The Swamp;  Run, Alive, Run;  Under The Carpet;  Last Sigh;  Squeaky Toys;  Thin Use For Shoes;  Brake Take Make;  Tomorrow Perhaps...;  Bats In My Hair;  Hopeful;  Step Two;  Calls From The Wire?;  456 And Other Places
African Dope Records [ADOPECD003], South Africa  150.00


LAVISTA Mario (1943-)

LAVISTA-001             А КАПЕЛЛА. МЕССА

"Missa Brevis ad Consolationis Dominam Nostram" for Chorus A Cappella (1995)
Contemporary Vocal Ensemble of Indiana University (cond. Carmen Tellez)
Latin American Music Centre [LAMC9701], USA  150.00




Afawu;  Kpomegbe;  Gota;  Tokoe;  Kpatsa;  Agahu;  Agbeko;  Agbeko
Chris Armstrong, Erin Barnes, Ned Clark, Blake Colie, Alfred Ladzekpo, Dan Morris, Kali Paguirigam, Phil Schmidt, Dave Shaffer, Nico Spezzacatena
CalArts Academic Council, USA  150.00


LAZAR Milko (1965-)


"Album 1999-2002"
Cam Agas Gust Cister Azip Com;  Concerto for Saxophone Quartet No.1;  Music for String Trio;  Triple Concerto
Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra (cond. Marko Letonja), Zagreb Saxophone Quartet, Amnesty Trio, RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, RTV Slovenia Big Band (cond. Walter Proost)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200031], Austria  200.00




"The Drowsy Chaperone"
Book by Bob Martin and Don McKellar
Aldolpho - Danny Burstein, Mrs. Tottendale - Georgia Engel, Janet Van De Graaff - Sutton Foster, Underling - Edward Hibbert, Robert Martin - Troy Britton Johnson, George - Eddie Korbich, Gangster #1 - Jason Kravits, Gangster #2 - Garth Kravits, The Drowsy Chaperone - Beth Leavel, Trix - Kecia Lewis-Evans, Man in Chor - Bob Martin, Kitty - Jennifer Smith, Feldzeig - Lenny Wolpe
Drowsy Ensemble, Drowsy Orchestra (cond. Phil Reno)
Original Broadway Cast Recording
Ghostline - Sh-K Boom Records [7915584411-2], USA  200.00


LEBIČ Lojze (1934-)


November Songs for Voice and Orchester (1981/82);  Queensland Music for Symphony Orchestra (1989);  Nicina for Symphony Orchestra (1971)
Symphony Orchestra of RTV Slovenia (conds. Anton Nanut, Marko Letonja), Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra (cond. Uros Lajovic)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200336], Austria  200.00




"The Healing Power Of Tranquility"
Liquid Feelings;  Daydreams;  Fountain Paradise;  Waterspell;  Distant Waves;  Nature Clusters;  Distant Origins;  Tides At Dawn;  Dew Diamonds;  Seawings;  Diamonds Of Light
All tracks performed by Levantis
MCPS [HEAL012], Netherlands  150.00



LEVIN-001                 ФЬЮЖН

"Can't Hold Back"
In Your Car (Original);  Everybody;  You Know What You Want (But You Won't Get It) (Album Version);  When I'm With You;  Everything;  Insider;  A Bad Thing;  Can't Hold Back;  I'll Be;  (I Got) Somebody New;  In Your Car (Reprise);  Polar Odyssey;  Mrs. Superficial
Sabine Ahrendt - violin, Christian Ahrens - trumpet, fluegelhorn, Thomas Barnstedt - bass, Celina Bostic - vocals, Fred - background vocals, Goldfingha - programming, Clara Hill - background vocals, Andre Ihlenfeld - drums, Kalle Kalima - guitar, Roskow Kretschmann - programming, Philipp Kullen - percussion, Georg Levin - sax, piano, programming, bass, synthesizer, rhodes, clavinet, vocals, Nadir Mansouri - adlibs, background vocals, Andrew McGuiness - drums, Volker Meitz - synthesizer, programming, Sascha Nicolic - background vocals, Rob Sartorius - guitar, Benja Schlez - guitar, Lisa Weiss - violin
Sonar Kollektiv [SK009CD], Germany  150.00




"Sea Breeze"
Sea Breeze Part 1;  Sea Breeze Part 2;  Sea Breeze Part 3;  Sea Breeze Part 4;  Sea Breeze Part 5;  Sea Breeze Part 6;  Sea Breeze Part 7
The Nature Orchestra
MCPS [BTN006], Netherlands  150.00


LILBURN Douglas (1915-2001)


Symphony No.1;  Symphony No.2;  Symphony No.3
New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (cond. James Judd)
Naxos [8.555862], Hong Kong  150.00

ЛИНН Дэвис

LYNN Davis

LYNN-001                  СИМФОНИЧЕСКИЙ РОК

"Poetic Justice"
Crystal Palace;  Song of the Wayfarer;  Solar Bare;  In Your Dreams;  New Guitar;  Over Time;  Free Flight;  Shining;  A Folk Song
Laurel Zucker - flute, Davis Lynn - guitars, mandolin, programming, keyboards
Cantilena Records [66003-2], USA  150.00


LIPOVŠEK Marijan (1910-1995)


Seven Miniatures for Strings;  Second Suite for Strings;  Rhapsody for Violin and Orchestra;  "The Minstrel" Cantata for Chorus, Four Soloists and Orchestra
Symphony Orchestra of RTV Slovenia (conds. Samo Hubad, Jakov Cipci), Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra (cond. Samo Hubad), Chamber Choir of RTV Slovenia (dir. Lojze Lebic)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 998013], Austria  200.00


LLOYD WEBBER Andrew (1948-)


The Phantom of the Opera
The Phantom of the Opera - Michael Crawford, Christine Daae - Sarah Brightman, Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny - Steve Barton, Monsieur Firmin - John Savident, Monsieur Andre - David Firth, Carlotta Giudicelli - Rosemary Ashe etc.
Phantom Orchestra (cond. Michael Reed)
The Really Useful Group - Polydor [831 273-2], Germany  400.00



LOVLAND-001           СКРИПКА

"Once In A Red Moon"
Awakening;  You Raise Me Up;  Silent Wings;  Greenwaves;  Invitation;  Duo;  Belonging;  Gates Of Dawn;  The Promise;  Fairytale;  Once In A Red Moon;  Elegie
Violin - Fionnuala Sherry, Secret Garden (backing vocals - Marian Lisland, Per Øystein Sørensen, Rolf Lovland, bass - Per Elias Drabløs, cello - Julian Lloyd Webber, clarinet - John Finucane, concert harp - Andrea Marlish, cor anglais - Simon Emes, guitars - Des Moore, Steve Cooney, harmoniums - Bjørn Ole Rasch, Kjettil Bjerkestrand, Rolf Lovland, harp - Andrea Marlish, irish harp - Laoise Kelly, keyboards - Bjørn Ole Rasch, Kjettil Bjerkestrand, keyharp - Åsa Jinder, mandolin - Des Moore, oboe - Simon Emes, organ - Bjørn Ole Rasch, percussion - Noel Eccles, piano - Rolf Lovland, tin whistle - Liam O'Flynn, uileann pipes - Liam O'Flynn, Mick O'Brien, vocals - Brian Kennedy, Karen Matheson, Tracey Campbell-Nation, whistle - Hans Fredrik Jacobsen, willow whistle - Hans Fredrik Jacobsen, zither - Rolf Kristensen)
Anuna (dir. Michael McGlynn), London Community Gospel Choir (dir. Principal Bazil Meade), Irish National Symphony Orchestra (conds. Elaine Clark, Threse Timoney)
Universal Music Norway [548 678-2], EU  200.00

LOVLAND-002           СКРИПКА

Sometimes When It Rains;  Fields Of Fortune;  The Reel;  Always There;  When Darkness Falls;  Sleepsong;  Lotus;  Searching For The Past;  Silence Speaks;  Daughters Of Erin;  Half A World Away;  Canzona;  Sarabande;  Grace;  Raise Your Voices
Violin - Fionnuala Sherry
Secret Garden, Irish Film Orchestra (cond. John Finucane)
Universal Music Norway [986 940-1], EU  200.00

ЛОУБ Дэвид

LOEB David (1939-)

LOEB-002                   ФОРТЕПИАНО

"From Ancient Times and Places. Piano Music of David Loeb"
Fantasias on East Asian Modes;  Three Fantasias on Sephardic Melodies;  The Twilight Bell;  Edo Revisited
Piano - Ishmael Wallace
Vienna Modern Masters [VMM 2038], USA  150.00

LOEB-003                   ТРОМБОН + ФОРТЕПИАНО

"Five Sonatas for Trombone and Piano"
Sonata No.1 (1998);  Sonata No.2 (2000);  Sonata No.3 (2003);  Sonata No.4 (2004);  Sonata No.5 (2005)
Trombone - Haim Avitsur, piano - Kyle Adams
Vienna Modern Masters [VMM 2041], USA  150.00

ЛЬЕН Аннбьёрг и РАСК Бьёрн Оле

LIEN Annbørg & RASCH Bjørn Ole


Tekster av Sven Henriksen
Annbjørg Lien - hardingfele og nykkelharpe, Bjørn Ole Rasch - tangentinstrumenter, Alf Emil Eik - mandola, nylongitar, stålstrengsgitar og perkusjon, Hans Fredrik Jacobsen - kantele, østerdalsklarinett, oud, torader, seljefløyte, bukkehom og div. stål og trefløyter
Barnekor (dir. Ellen Frøysaa Utne)
Polyvox, Norway  150.00




"African Variations"
Wenn Du weite Wege gehst;  Noumou-Variationen;  Kora Suite;  Mandare Ndare-Variationen;  Der weiche Mond;  Chigwaya-Variationen;  The Virtual Piano I;  Warum? Warum nur? (Helena)
Piano, virtual piano, clavichord - Hans Luedemann
RISM-Edition [RISM 3001], Germany  150.00


MADSEN Trygve (1940-)


Preludes & Fugues NN.1-24
Piano - Jens Harald Bratlie
SACD Lindberg Lyd - 2L [2L33], Norway  400.00


MACMILLAN James (1959-)


Tryst (1989);  Adam's Rib for Brass Quintet (1995);  They Saw the Stone had been Rolled Away (1993);  I (A Meditation on Iona) (1996)
Scottish Chamber Orchestra (cond. Joseph Swensen), Scottish Chamber Orchestra Brass
BIS - DADC Austria [BIS-CD-1019], Austria  200.00


MARTIN Philip (1947-)

P-MARTIN-001          ПЕСНИ

"The Songs of Philip Martin"
I am of Ireland (W.B. Yeats);  The Fiddler of Dooney (W.B. Yeats);  The Stolen Child (W.B. Yeats);  He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven (W.B. Yeats);  The Lake Isle of Innisfree (W.B. Yeats);  This is just to say... (William Carlos Williams);  The Bereaved Swan (Stevie Smith);  Four Convictions (Stevie Smith);  The Warden (Stevie Smith);  Love Song (Philip Martin);  Birthright (John Drinkwater);  A Thomas Moore Medley;  Rest Sweet Nymphs (anon);  Winter (Shakespeare);  Under the Harvest Moon (Carl Sandburg);  Be Still as you are Beautiful (Patrick MacDonogh);  The Wayfarer (Padraig Pearse);  On Wings of Ebony (J.B. Keane);  Echoes under the Stones (Moya Cannon)
Soprano - Penelope Price Jones, piano - Philip Martin
Altarus [AIR-CD-9009], USA  150.00


MACIAS Enrique (1958-)


Jubilaeum (1993) (Trio de cordas: violin - Maryvonne Le Dizes, viola - Sabine Toutain, cello - Pierre Strauch);  La chambre dans l'espace (1992/93) (Trio do Ensemble Multifonia: flute - Isabelle Duval, viola - Genevieve Strosser, guitar - Caroline Delume);  Sonata (1986-89) (piano - Roberto Bollea)
Miso Records [MCD 006], Portugal  150.00


MATHEY Paul (1909-)


Tristan op.7;  Les Moines op.11;  Le Phenix op.36;  Melodies spirituelles d'apres J.P. Zimmermann op.45
Baryton - Claude Gafner, piano - Paul Mathey
Disques VDE-Gallo [CD-1098], Switzerland  150.00

MATHEY-003             ФОРТЕПИАНО

"Pieces pour piano"
Preludes op.10;  Lyrische Stuecke op.35;  Sonate estivale pour piano op.44;  Quatre morceaux pour piano op.42;  Trois esquisses neuchateloises op.18
Piano - Charles Dobler, Harry Datyner
Disques VDE-Gallo [CD-1099], Switzerland  150.00


MATIČIČ Janez (1926-)


Concerto No.1 for Piano and Orchestra;  Concerto No.2 for Piano and Orchestra;  Concerto for Violin and Orchestra
Piano - Janez Maticic, Symphony Orchestra of RTV Slovenia (cond. Samo Hubad), Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra (cond. Uros Lajovic)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 998014], Austria  200.00

MATICIC-002             ФОРТЕПИАНО

"Klavirska glasba"
Piano Sonata No.1;  Piano Sonata No.2;  Piano Sonata No.3;  Resonances for Piano;  Palpitations for Piano;  Toccata-Fantasia for Piano;  Geode for Piano and Percussion
Pianos - Milanka Cresnik, Tatjana Kaucic, Janez Maticic, percussion - Andraz Poljanec
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200032], Austria  200.00


MENGELBERG Misha (1935-)


Viva Angelica (piano - Misha Mengelberg);  Sulla strada for Orchestra (saxophone - Ed Boogaard, Orchestra del Teatro Comunale di Bologna - cond. Ernst van Tiel);  Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra (saxophone - Ed Boogaard, Orchestra del Teatro Comunale di Bologna - cond. Ernst van Tiel);  Salta, oh il romanticismo della Lepre (piano - Misha Mengelberg)
Pierrot Lunaire - DADC Austria [AI 010], Austria  200.00


MENDEL Erich (1902-1988)


"Herr der Welt. Musik der Synagoge"
Adon Olam;  Ein Keloheinu;  V'Shom'Ru;  Magen Avot;  Ahavas Olom;  Hanerot Halalu;  En Komoho;  Adonai Z'Kharanu;  Sholom Alehem;  Adon Olam;  Erich Mendel - Ein Portrait
Ensemble Mendels Toechter
Evangelische Stadtakademie Bochum, Germany  150.00


MENKEN Alan (1949-)


"King David"
Highlights from the Live Performance
Book and lyrics by Tim Rice
David - Marcus Lovett, Bathsheba - Alice Ripley, Young Solomon - Daniel James Hodd, Joab - Stephen Bogardus, Samuel - Peter Samuel, Saul - Martin Vidnovic, Agag - Timothy Robert Blevins, Jesse - Michael Goz, Abner - Timothy Shew, Jonathan - Roger Bart, Michal - Judy Kuhn, Goliath - Bill Nolte, Young Absalom - Dylan Lovett, Absalom - Anthony Galde, Uriah - Peter C. Ermides, Abishag - Kimberly JaJuan
King David Orchestra (cond. Michael Kosarin)
Disney [60944-7], USA  200.00


MERKÙ Pavle (1927-)


Concertino per piccola orchestra;  Concerto lirico per clarinetto e orchestra;  Concerto per violino e orchestra;  Epistola a Giampaolo de Ferra per violoncello e cinque;  Concerto per tromba e orchestra;  "Ali sijaj, sijaj, sonce" - Rhapsody for Strings
Symphony Orchestra of RTV Slovenia (conds. Samo Hubad, Uros Lajovic), Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra (conds. Anton Kolar, Uros Lajovic), Ensemble Slavko Osterc (cond. Ivo Petric)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200026], Austria  200.00


MERCURE Pierre (1927-1966)


"Anthology of Canadian Music"
Kaleidoscope (1948), Pantomime (1949), Ils ont detruitla ville (1950), Dissidence (1955), Cantate pour une joie (1955), Divertissement (1958), Triptique (1959), Incadescence (1967), Structures metaliques II (1967), Psaume pour abri (1963), Tetrachromie (1963), Manipulations (1963), Surimpressions (1964), Lignes et points (1964), La forme des choices (1965), H2O per Severino (1965)
Orchestre symphonique du Montreal (cond. Charles Dutoit), Orchestre et choeur de Radio-Canada a Toronto (cond. Geoffrey Waddington)
Radio Canada International [ACM 35], Canada  600.00


MIKKELBORG Palle (1941-)


"Anything But Grey"
Prince of Peace;  Glass Painting;  Queen of the Night;  A Time to keep;  The Naked Facts;  Miles to go;  Concrete Muse;  Capricorn;  Smile (composed by Charles Chaplin)
Palle Mikkelborg - trumpet, flugelhorn, keyboards, handclaps, Helen Davies - harp, Gunnar Andreas Berg - guitar, Bo Stief - bass, Mehmet Ozan - percussion, Jan Lysdahl - drums, Oli Poulsen - bass, programming, Safri Duo - marimbas, handclaps, Dino Saluzzi - bandoneon, Ars Nova Vocal Group (cond. Bo Holten)
Columbia [471614 2], Austria  200.00




"The Music Program for the Guangdong Acrobatic Troupe of China"
The Song of the chinese Latern Festival;  Ode to the Chinese Bride;  Ode to the Sun;  Aerial Fancy Free;  Flight;  Jumping-up;  Sonata of Bowis;  Whirling;  Voice of Balls;  Happy & Brave Girls
Pacific Audio & Video [GOO-ZJ01], China  150.00


MISSON Andrej (1960-)

MISSON-001               ХОР

The Seasons;  Motets;  Folk Songs
Slovenian Chamber Choir (cond. Marko Vatovec), Carinthia Cantat Chamber Choir (cond. Gasper Tone), Ljubljana Madrigalists (cond. Matjaz Scek), De profundis Chamber Choir (cond. Branka Potocnik Krajnik), Domzale Chamber Choir (cond. Tomaz Pirnat)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200446], Austria  200.00


MIHELČIČ Pavel (1937-)


Sinfonietta for Woodwind, Brass and Percussion;  Exposition and Reflections for 9 Horns;  Games and Reflections for Cello and Piano;  Blow Up for Piano and 2 Bongos;  Free Lancing for Trumpet and Piano;  "Solange" Concerto for Oboe, Harp, Strings and Percussion;  Return to Silence for Symphony Orchestra
Symphony Orchestra of RTV Slovenia (cond. Anton Nanut), Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra (cond. Marko Letonja)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 997009], Austria  200.00


Exercises in melody - Delia for Cello and Piano;  Blow Up for Piano and Two Bongos;  Hunting for Horn and Piano;  Sarabande, to touch... for Accordion;  Limita for Piano;  Shadows for Flute Solo;  Music for Cello and Orchestra;  When The Whole World Goes Orange for Middle Voice and Orchestra;  Concerto grosso for Orchestra
Cello - Igor Mitrovic, pianos - Mojca Pucelj, Jernej Gregoric, Klemen Golner, Hinko Haas, horn - Bostjan Lipovsek, accordion - Franc Zibert, flute - Ales Kacjan, RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra (cond. David de Villiers), mezzo-soprano - Barbara Jernejcic, Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra (cond. Marko Letonja)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200554], Austria  200.00

МУТШПИЛЬ Вольфганг и МУТШПИЛЬ Кристиан

MUTHSPIEL Wolfgang (1965-) & MUTHSPIEL Christian (1962-)


"Music on Works of Cy Twombly"
Tiznit;  Solon I;  Min-Oe;  Night Watch;  Gaeta Set II;  Winter's Passage Luxor;  Letter of Resignation XIV;  Letter of Resignation VII;  Letter of Resignation XIX;  Turn and Coda;  Rotalia;  Wilder Shores of Love;  Virgil
Wolfgang Muthspiel - acoustic and electric guitars, violin, Christian Muthspiel - trombone, piano, prepared piano, small pipe organ
Lotus Records - DADC Austria [LR 9826CD], Austria  200.00


"Echoes of Techno"
Actione - Ave. A;  Voyager - Transit #2;  Messiaen Remixed;  Episode;  Ach, Sirenen, ach;  A-Girls;  I Never Played With Miles;  Tourists
Wolfgang Muthspiel - guitars, violin, voice, electronics, Christian Muthspiel - trombone, piano, prepared piano, recorder, voice, electronics
Material Records - DADC Austria [MRE 003-2], Austria  200.00


"Early Music"
Rolling;  Dancing and Jumping;  My Dark Heart;  Can't Get U (out of my mind);  Shining;  Fallallallaa;  Bless You;  Calling You;  Du Annamirl Du;  First Snow;  Melting Snow
Wolfgang Muthspiel - guitars, violin, voice, electronics, Christian Muthspiel - trombone, piano, recorder, voice, electronics
Material Records - DADC Austria [MRE 007-2], Austria  200.00


MUTHSPIEL Christian (1962-)


"Parts of a Shattered Love Story"
When You Need Them;  The End;  Thesis;  An Aftermath;  The Beginning;  What Your Friends Say I;  Aphorism;  What Your Friends Say II
DK Dyson - vocals, Anna Hauf - vocals, Matthieu Michel - trumpet, flugelhorn, Benjamin Schmid - violin, Gerald Preinfalk - bassclarinet, soprano and alto saxophones, Christian Muthspiel - trombone, Wolfgang Muthspiel - guitar, Reinhard Micko - piano, Peter Herbert - bass, Alex Deutsch - drums
Lotus Records - DADC Austria [LR 9928CD], Austria  200.00


"Harmonices Mundi"
Urknall;  Part I;  Part II;  Part III;  Part IV;  Part V;  Part VI;  Part VII;  Part VIII;  Part IX;  Part X;  Part XI;  Part XII;  Part XIII;  Part XIV
Brucknerorchester Linz (cond. Christian Muthspiel)
Blue Danube - Edel [0000882X], Austria  200.00


NIELSEN Tage (1929-)


"Chamber works"
Five Operafragments for 12 Instruments and Percussion (Aarhus Sinfonietta - cond. Soren K. Hansen);  Fantasy-piece for Cello (cello - Harro Ruijsenaars);  Drei Lieder fuer Sopran und Orgel (soprano - Birgitte Frieboe, organ - Anders Riber);  Konzertstueck fuer Klavier und Ensemble (cond. Soren K. Hansen, piano - Erik Kaltoft);  Recitative and Elegy for Guitar (guitar - Erling Moldrup);  Five Romantic Songs for Mezzo-soprano and Guitar (mezzo-soprano - Birgitte Frieboe, guitar - Erling Moldrup);  Two Pieces for Solo Flute (flute - Thomas Jensen);  Nocturne for Mixed Choir and Two Cymbales Antiques (The Danish National Radio Chamber Choir - cond. Kaare Hansen)
Classico [CLASSXS 397], Denmark  150.00


NUYTS Frank (1957-)

NUYTS-001                ФОРТЕПИАНО

"Sonatas & Prelude"
Rastapasta for 2 Pianos (1986);  3rd Sonata for Piano " voces, praetereaque nihil..." (2002);  2nd Sonata for Piano "Nomen Nudum" (2002)
Pianos - Saori Oya, Benjamin Van Esser
Coda BVBA [KTC 1231], Netherlands  150.00


O'KEEFE Laurence & BENJAMIN Nell


"Legally Blonde"
Based upon the novel by Amanda Brown and The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer motion picture. Lyrics by Laurence O'Keefe and Nell Benjamin
Elle Woods - Laura bell Bundy, Warner Huntington III - Richard H. Blake, Vivienne Kensington - Kate Shindle, Emmett Forrest - Christian Borle, Professor Callahan - Michael Rupert, Paulette - Orfeh, Serena - Leslie Kritzer, Margot - Annaleigh Ashford, Pilar - DeQuina Moore, Shandi / Brooke Wyndham - Nikki Snelson, Kate / Chutney - Kate Wetherhead, Leilani - Becky Gulsvig, Cece - Michelle Kittrell, Kristine - April Berry, Gabby - Beth Curry, Veronica / Enid - Natalie Joy Johnson, Judge - Amber Efe, Mom / Whitney - Gaelen Gilliland, Kyle / Grandmaster Chad / Dewey - Andy Karl, Dad / Winthrop - Kevin Pariseau, Padamadan / Nikos - Mauel Herrera, Lowell / Carlos - Matthew Risch, Pforzheimer - Jason Gillman, Aaron / Guard - Noah Weisberg
Delta Nus / Greek Chorus, Ensemble (cond. Michael Keller)
Original Broadway Cast Recording
Ghostline - Sh-K Boom Records [7915584423-2], USA  200.00

ОРТИС Энджела

ORTIZ Angela

ORTIZ-001                  ДЖАЗ, СОУЛ

"All About You"
Everyone Changes;  Dustpan;  Days of Lemonade;  Finish What You Started;  Mr. Thomas;  Steven;  Last of Who You Are;  We Must Be All Right;  Cheshire Cat;  All About You;  Song for Lost Friends
Angela Ortiz - piano, organs, vocals, Ryan Scott - acoustic and electric guitars, Dimitri Moderbacher - saxophone and clarinets, Andre Canniere - trumpet and flugelhorn, Michael Blanco - bass, Marco Panascia - bass, Bill Campbell - drums and percussion
Random Chance Records [RCD-31], USA  200.00


PETRIČ Ivo (1931-)


Meditations for Violin, Cello and Piano;  Woodwind Quintet No.3;  Les paysages - esquisses poetiques pour piano;  Cadenza for Trombone Solo;  Concerto for Five Percussionists;  The Games - electroacoustic metamorphoses after "The Games" for Voice and Harp
Trio Tartini, RTV Slovenia Woodwind Quintet, piano - Aci Bertoncelj, trombone - Kiril Ribarski, Percussion Studio, mezzo-soprano - Eva Novsak-Houska, harp - Paula Ursic, narrator - Danilo Benedicic, Ensemble Slavko Osterc
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200549], Austria  200.00


PIACENTINI Riccardo (1958-)


"Mal' akhim"
Dramma spirituale in un atto e tre quadri per Quattro voci soliste, cori, organo e nastro magnetico
Libretto di Gabriella Bianco
Dio Metatron - Giovanni Moretti, Asbeel - Luca Dordolo, Tamiel - Tiziana Scandaletti, Arcangelo Michele - Mario Tento, Arcangelo Gabriele - Lorella D'Amico
Coro degli Angeli - Associazione Incontrocanto Corale Universitaria di Torino Coro 900, organo - Massimo Nosetti
Nuova Era [7336], Italy  150.00

ПИКЕТ Роберта

PIKET Roberta (1965-)

PIKET-001                  ДЖАЗ, ГРУВ

"I'm Back In Therapy And It's All Your Fault"
Conclusive Evidence;  Unfair Competition;  I'm Back In Therapy And It's All Your Fault;  A Scene Of One;  Mixed Signals;  Fatherless Figure;  Just A Blues;  Somethin' Easy;  Speak, Memory;  Bad Mistake;  Blue Slipper Frogs
Alternating Current (Roberta Piket - Wurlitzer electric piano with effects, Bruce Arnold - electric guitar, Cliff Schmitt - electric basses, Kirk Driscoll - drums)
Thirteen Note Records [TNR 0102], USA  150.00




"The Film Music of Terry Plumeri"
Final Judgement - Main Title;  Suspect;  Following Rob;  Daydream;  The Chase;  The Fight / End Title
Stepmonster - Main Titles;  Goodnight Mom;  Reinforcements;  Narrow Escape;  Getting Ready;  End Titles
The Terror Within 2 - Main Title;  Ariel and David / The Burial;  Lusus Attack / Ariel's Rape;  Sharon's Discovery / David's Fight;  End Credits
All music composed, orchestrated and conducted by Terry Plumeri
Southwestern Master Symphonia
Edel [CD 0022242CIN], Germany  200.00

ПОЛОЗ Николай

POLOZ Nikolai (1936-)


Концерт No.7 ("Парадоксальный");  Концерт No.6;  Концерт No.4;  Струнный квартет No.1
Государственный заслуженный Академический симфонический оркестр Украины (дир. Юрий Никоненко), Заслуженный симфонический оркестр Национальной радиокомпании Украины (дир. Владимир Сиренко)
Украина  150.00


POTOČNIK Milan (1936-)


"Solisticna glasba"
Three Miniatures-Nocturnes for Piano op.2;  Three Capriccios for Piano op.4;  Three Songs in modo di musica populare op.12;  Sonatine for Piano op.5;  Nocturne for Violin and Piano op.13;  Suite pour les temps passes for Piano op.3;  Three Evening Songs for Mezzo-Soprano and Piano op.8;  Three Preludes for Piano op.1;  Three Ballads of Petrica Kerempuh for Baritone and Piano op.11;  Suite for Piano
Pianos - Andrej Jarc, Ljubo Rancigaj, Alenka Scek Lorenz, Aci Bertoncelj, mezzo-sopranos - Eva Novsak Houska, Alenka Dernac-Bunta, baritone - Neven Belamaric, violin - Tomaz Lorenz
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200033], Austria  200.00

ПРАДУ Алмейда

PRADO Almeida (1943-)


"O som de Almeida Prado"
"Ilhas" para piano (1973) (Ana Claudia de Assis);  "Savanas" Mural sonoro baseado na musica de algumas regioes da Africa para piano (1983) (Ana Claudia de Assis);  "230 East, 51st, New York" para sax em sib e piano (1983) (Alexandre Caldi e Jose Wellington dos Santos);  "Tres Profecias em Forma de Estudio" para piano (Ana Claudia de Assis);  Sonata No.9 para piano (1992) (Jose Wellington dos Santos);  Sonata No.10 para piano (1996) (Robervaldo Linhares Rosa);  "Sonata Tropical" para dois violoes (Carlos Chaves e Paulo Aragao);  "Toccata da Allegria" para piano (1996) (Flavia Vieira Botelho);  "Quatro poemas de Manuel Bandeira" para soprano e piano (1998) (Mirna Rubim e Robervaldo Linhares Rosa);  "Variacoes sobre o tema de Xango" para fagote e piano (1998) (Ariane Petri e Robervaldo Linhares Rosa);  "Moto Perpetuo" para piano (1998) (Ana Claudia de Assis)
NovoDisc [SIMB-01], Brazil  300.00


PFIFFNER Ernst (1922-)


"Bernhard Laudes" und "Bernhard Vesper" fuer Choere, Kantor, Streichquintett, Blaese, Orgel und Schlagzeug
Kloster und Internatsschule Wurmsbach (conds. Sr. Sylvia Rogger, Sr. Monika Thumm)
Magnon [PN 2515], Germany  150.00


PIAZZOLLA Astor (1921-1992)


"Best Tangos"
Balada para un Loco;  Milonga del Angel;  La muerte del Angel;  Resurreccion del Angel;  Vardarito;  Primavera Portena;  Verano Porteno;  Otono Porteno;  Invierno Porteno;  Zum;  Calambre;  Michelangelo 70;  Retrado de Alfredo Gobbi;  Tristano
Piano - Dana Protopopescu
Discover International [DICD 920139], Austria  150.00


PAVIOUR Paul (1931-)


"His Greatest Hits"
"Twenty Fifth Of The Fourth" March (Royal Australian Navy Band - cond. Lieutenant-Commander Phillip Anderson);  "And The River Flows" (Berrima Chamber Players - cond. Dalzell Oldham);  Symphony No.2 ("An Urban Symphony") (1957) (Adelaide Symphony Orchestra - cond. Patrick Thomas);  Emerald Isle Jig (Berrima Chamber Players - cond. Dalzell Oldham);  "When Austral Sang" (The Carl Linger Ensemble of Adelaide - cond. Wayne Hancock);  A Four Piece Suite for String Orchestra (Berrima Chamber Players - cond. Dalzell Oldham);  Music for Ceremonial (Royal Australian Navy Band - cond. Lieutenant-Commander Phillip Anderson)
Si-Phonic Studios, Australia  150.00


RUBBRA Edmund (1901-1986)


Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in A Flat Major op.65;  Missa in honorem Sancti Dominici op.66;  Prelude and Fugue on a Theme of Cyril Scott op.69 (organ arr.);  Tenebrae Motets op.72: First Nocturn, Second Nocturn, Third Nocturn;  Meditation for Organ op.79;  Missa Cantuariensis op.59
Organ - Robert Houssart, tenors - Edward Lyon, Jonathan Bungard, treble - Laurence Keegan-Fischer, alto - Thomas Williams
St. John's College Choir, Cambridge (cond. Christopher Robinson)
Naxos [8.555255], EC  150.00




"Double U. Life Behind A Window"
In Vain;  Relax;  There Is A Chance;  Never Feel;  Darker;  Blind Colors;  Back To Reality;  Walking;  Hypocrisy;  Hard Times;  Wondering;  Pressure;  Sick;  Secret Love;  Story About
Produced and played by Franck Rabeyrolles
Sonar Kollektiv [SK029CD], Germany  150.00


RADOVANOVIC Vladan (1932-)


"Kosmicka muzika / Cosmic music"
Evolution for 18 strings;  Constellations;  Audiospatial for female choir and electronic sounds;  Stringent for 15 strings;  Mix;  Vocalinstra for mixed choir and orchestra
Belgrade Chamber Ensemble (conds. Mladen Jagust, Boris Vinogradov), RTB Female Choir (dir. Borivoje Simic), RTB Choir and Symphony Orchestra (cond. Vanco Cavdarski)
SOKOJ [CD 202], Yugoslavia  150.00

РАЙТ Гленн



"Relax. Body & Mind Collection. The Healing power of soothing music"
Rebecca;  Contemplation;  A whisper;  Shoreline;  Fiona;  Sands of time;  Tranquility;  Traveller;  Crystal Waters;  Journey;  Explorer;  Valley Stream;  Paradise;  Gentle Winds;  Mountain Brook;  Scenica;  Panorama;  Passages
Luxury Multimedia [2040222], Ireland  150.00


REITER Martin (1978-)

REITER-001                АВСТРИЙСКИЙ ДЖАЗ

Principessa;  Shabanac;  Phenomenon;  Alma;  Minas Waltz;  Pra Frederic;  Ana;  Tupinamba
Martin Reiter - piano, keyboards, Ana Paula da Silva - vocals, percussion, Alegre Correa - vocals, guitar, percussion, Matthieu Michel - flugelhorn, Bertl Mayer - harmonica, Matthias Pichler - acoustic bass, Peter Kronreif - drums, Judith Reiter - viola, Juan Garcia Herreros - electric bass
Material Records - DADC Austria [MRE 018-2], Austria  200.00

РАЙЧЕВ Александр

RAYCHEV Alexander (1922-2003)

RAYCHEV-001           2-Я И 6-Я СИМФОНИИ

"Orchestral Works"
Symphony No.2 "The New Prometheus";  Symphony No.6 "Liturgical"
The Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra (conds. Vasil Stefanov and Milen Nachev)
Union of Bulgarian Composers [15105], Bulgaria  150.00


RAMOVŠ Primož (1921-1999)


Organophony;  Concerto Doppio for Recorder, Flute and Orchestra;  Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra;  Per aspera ad astra
Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra (conds. Uros Lajovic, Christian Kluttig, Nikolaj Aleksejev)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 998015], Austria  200.00


Pianissimo for Flute, Horn, Piano, Violin and Double Bass;  Elements for Brass Quintet;  D-S for Clarinet and Piano;  Triptychon for String Quartet;  Answers for Woodwind Quintet;  Signals for Piano and Chamber Ensemble
Ensmble "Slavko Osterc" (cond. Ivo Petric), Slovene Brass Quintet, Zagreb String Quartet, The Radiotelevision Ljubljana Wind Quintet
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200021], Austria  200.00


RANČIGAJ Ljubo (1936-)


"Solisticna in komorna glasba"
Tre Composizioni in modo classico for Piano (1965-1989);  Five Songs for Mezzo-soprano and Piano (1971);  Metamorphoses for Piano Trio (1994);  Passacaglia for Two Pianos (1995);  Three Monothematic Pieces for Piano (1996);  Four Piano Metamorphoses on an Own Theme (2001)
Pianos - Ljubo Rancigaj, Aci Bertoncelj, Hinko Haas, Zoltan Peter, mezzo-soprano - Eva Novsak-Houska, Arcadia Trio
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200337], Austria  200.00


RAPF Kurt (1922-)

RAPF-001                    ОРАТОРИЯ

"Passio Aeterna" (Oratorium fur Soli, Sprecher, gemischten Chor, Cembalo, Orgel, Tonband und Orchester)
Tenor Evangelist (tenor solo) - Thomas Moser, Jesus (baritone) - Martin Egel, Petrus, Pilatus, Hohepriester, Hauptmann (bass) - Peter Wimberger, Magd (sopran) - Maria Venuti, Bernard (sprecher) - Ernst Meister, cembalo - Marek Kudlicki, orgel - Rudolf Scholz, ORF-Chor (cond. Gottfried Preinfalk), ORF-Symphonieorchester (cond. Kurt Rapf)
Classic Amadeo - DADC Austria [437 488-2], Austria  200.00


RUTTER John (1945-)


"Three Musical Fables"
The Relictant Dragon (words by David Grant, based on a story by Kenneth Grahame)
Narrator - Richard Baker, The King's Singers, City of London Sinfonia (cond. Richard Hickox)
Brother Heinrich's Christmas (story and music by John Rutter)
Narrator - Brian Kay, The Cambridge Singers, City of London Sinfonia (cond. John Rutter)
The Wind in the Willows (words by David Grant, based on the book by Kenneth Grahame)
Narrator - Richard Baker, The King's Singers, City of London Sinfonia (cond. Richard Hickox)
Collegium Records [COLCD 115], USA  150.00


REID Alan (1950-)

REID-001                    ШОТЛАНДСКИЙ ФОЛК

"The Sunlight Eye"
Iolair Na Mara;  The Sleeping Warrior;  Whit Can a Lassie Dae?;  Just A Boy;  The Million Dollar Sweetie;  Feiger's Warning;  Rantin' Rovin' Robin;  Five Bridges To Cross;  Cumbernauld House;  Pinky, Porky and Jim;  Renaldo the Rebounder;  Love No More;  The Wilton Street Dawdle;  Norman MacAskill of Lochinver;  Mary Morison
Alan Reid - vocals, keyboard, guitar, John McCusker - cittern, fiddle, accordion, Mike Katz - small pipes, Eilidh Mackenzie - additional vocals, Arthur Cormack - additional vocals, Christine Primrose - additional vocals, Eric Rigler - uillean pipes, Iain MacDonald - bodhran, whistles, Duncan MacGillibray - whistle, guitar, James MacKintosh - percussion, Wendy Weatherby - cello, Gillian MacDonald - harmony vocal
Temple Records - DADC Austria [COMD2072], Austria  200.00


ROJKO Uroš (1954-)


"Inner Voices" (flute - Mateja Haller, Symphony Orchestra of RTV Slovenia - cond. Marko Letonja);  "Glass Voices" (flute - Mateja Haller, piano - Bojan Gorisek);  "Luna, Acqua e Chiara" (guitar - Klara Tomljanovic);  "...fuer eine Piccolospielerin" (piccolo - Mateja Haller);  "Evocation" (Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra - cond. Alexander Drcar);  "Atemaj" (flute - Mateja Haller, oboe - Matej Sarc)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200027], Austria  200.00


RUDERS Poul (1949-)


"Tjenerindens Fortaelling - The Handmaid's Tale" ("История служанки")
Libretto - Paul Bentley
Offred - Marianne Rorholm, Offred in the time before - Hanne Fischer, Luke - Poul Elming, Offred's mother - Ulla Kudsk Jensen, Aunt Lydia - Anne Margrethe Dahl, Moira - Dijina Mai-Mai, Janine - Lise-Lotte Nielsen, Serena Joy - Susanne Resmark, Rita - Karl Hamnoy, The Commander - Aage Haugland, Nick - Gert Henning-Jensen, Ofglen - Elebeth Lund, New Ofglen - Pia Hansen, The Doctor - Bengt-Ola Morgny
Royal Danish Opera Chorus, Royal Danish Orchestra (cond. Michael Schonwandt)
Dacapo [8.224165-66], Germany  400.00




A mass of debris, comprising;  loose fragments of rock that;  covers a steep, bare slope;  or is piled up in;  a conical or fan shaped mass at its foot.;  The particles are detached;  from the rock walls by the;  action of rain and frost,;  and they fall or slide downslope;  until they interlock with;  other fragments.
Acoustic guitar - Olaf Rupp
GROB [433], Germany  150.00




"Keine Haie"
Keine Haie;  Amsterdam;  Saskia;  Steppenfeuer;  Leuchttturmwaerter;  Taschenlampe;  Tausend Voegel;  Baeckerblues;  Lied fuer's All;  Feuer im Kuehlschrank;  Monstera;  Sommerlied
Martin Ruehmann Band (Martin Ruehmann - gesang, gitarre, Lorenz Wuehler - gesang, schlagzeug, Dirk Rudolf - gitarre, trompete, Lars Dueseler - bass)
Womsie Records [HOA223633], Germany  150.00


SALVATORI Tom (1958-)


"Under Cover of Darkness"
Overture;  Rain Song;  Mirrors;  Channels To The Sea;  Echoes Response;  Tell Me A Story;  I Can't Stop Thinking About You
+ бонус-треки + LINNELL / FLANSBURGH - Hide Away Folk Family;  ROTA - Music for Nono
Guitar - Tom Salvatori
Salvatori Productions [BDS9502], USA  150.00


SVETE Tomaž (1956-)

SVETE-001                 КРИТОН

Oper in 2 Tellen nach dem gleichnamigen Dialog von Platon
Kriton - Cheol Hwang, Sokrates - Kyoung-Min Park, Xanthippe - Saule Seryte
Opernchor und Opernorchester der Universitaet fuer Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz (cond. Wolfgang Schmid)
Kunstuniversitaet Graz - DADC Austria [KUG 21], Austria  200.00


SILIOTTO Carlo (1950-)


"Julius Caesar"
Original soundtrack from Uli Edel's film
Music composed, orchestrated and conducted by Carlo Siliotto
Warner Music Group Germany [5050466-2847-2-3], Germany  200.00

СИМОНСЕН Анкер Фьелль

SIMONSEN Anker Fjeld (1944-)


"Greek Alphabet"
1. alpha. 11.59. Introduction, onevoice theme, variations and canon;  2. beta. 10.37. Introduction, theme and variations;  3. gamma. 14.29. 12-voice equalproportiones time-pitch canon; 14.14. Intonation and traid;  5. epsilon. 12.27. Analogue vs. digital;  6. vau-stigma. 12.43. Introduction and mephistomusic;  7. zeta. 25.51. Introduction, blue-note and non-math-alea
mp3 Pauliström Musik, Denmark  150.00



SINGS-001                  ФЬЮЖН

"I Love You"
Little Donna;  Below the Waterfall;  New Bed;  So Light;  Yours;  No More Drinks;  Follow the Light;  Get There;  Me and my Guitar;  Make a Rainbow
Benny Sings - vocals, keyboards, guitar, drumprogramming, Andy Birnbaum - grand piano, Wurlitzer piano, Glen Gaddum - bassguitar, Tim Dudek - drums, Rebekka Thenu - backing vocals, Giovanca Ostania - backing vocals, DJ Extraa - turntables, Sanne van Hek - trumpet, Benjamin Herman - flute, Bart Suer - alto- and baritone saxophone, Hermine Deurloo - chromatic harmonica
Sonar Kollektiv [SK051CD], Germany  150.00


SINGLETON Alvin (1940-)


Shadows (conds. Robert Shaw);  After Fallen Crumbs;  A Yellow Rose Petal (cond. Louis Lane)
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Elektra Nonesuch [9 79231-2], USA  200.00


SKROWACZEWSKI Stanislaw (1923-)


Concerto Nicolo for Piano Left Hand and Orchestra;  Concerto for Orchestra
Minnesota Orchestra (cond. Stanislaw Skrowaczewski)
Reference Recordings [RR-103CD], USA  200.00

СОЛ Уолтер

SAUL Walter

SAUL-001                   ПЕСНИ

"Songs of Requited Love"
Thank You Jesus (2003);  Songs of Love (1979);  Five Songs for Daphne (1981);  Psalm 23 (2000);  Songs of Requited Love (2000);  Somewhere Beyond (2006)
+ бонус-треки + WARKENTIN Larry - Eleven Little Love Songs (2002)
Sopranos - Daphne Saul, Charity McCallum, baritone - Milton Friesen, pianos - Walter Saul, Larry Warkentin
Tarsus Music [TMCD 1003], USA  150.00



SPRUK-001                 ДЖАЗ

"Without Return"
Somerset's Demolition;  Vision in White;  Without Return;  The Silver Zone;  Out of Junction;  Double Gup;  Sail in
Big Band RTV Slovenia (cond. Emil Spruk)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200441], Austria  200.00


SREBOTNJAK Alojz (1931-)


Microsongs for Soprano and 13 Instruments;  Episodes Concertantes for Orchestra;  Slovene Folk Dances for String Orchestra;  Concerto for Harp and Orchestra
"Chamber Scene" Ensemble (cond. Ciril Cvetko), Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra (conds. Marko Letonja, Uros Lajovic), Symphony Orchestra of RTV Slovenia (cond. Samo Hubad)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 999019], Austria  200.00


"Vokalna glasba"
Ver redit optatum;  Kresnice;  Bori;  Kraska vas I;  Vecerja;  Ne, jaz nocem se umreti;  Kraska jesen;  Pesem;  Kdo je hodil;  Morendo;  Pridi dobri oce;  Oktober;  Rezijanska;  Oce nas;  Bilo je Mojzes! Tebi naroceno;  Vijolica;  Vecerne sence;  Novoletni sonet;  Gospod, podaril si mi odpuscanje
Zenski pevski zbor "Rotovz" iz Maribora (dir. K. Silec), Ljubljanski madrigalisti (dir. M. Seek), Slovenski oktet (dir. Anton Nanut), Slovenski komorni zbor (dir. M. Vatovec), Akademski pevski zbor Tone Tomsic (dir. M. Munih), Komorni zbor RTV Slovenija (dir. M. Munih)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200028], Austria  200.00


STRMČNIK Maks (1948-)


Afresco Concertante for Flute Solo;  Astralni Koncertantni Dialogi for Two Violins and Piano;  Simple Cantata "Creation of a Child" for the Soprano, Cembalo, Musical Saw and String Chamber Orchestra
Flute - Luisa Sello, violin - Crtomir Siskovic, piano - Vladimir Mlinaric, Symphony Orchestra of RTV Slovenia (cond. Anton Nanut)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200022], Austria  200.00


STANTON Dominic (1978-)


"Enter The Umod"
Rest With You;  Still Afraid;  Tromboline;  All In My Mind;  Cowboy Lovin;  On The Down Low;  Just4Funksake;  Love Devine;  Facade;  What Melody
Sonar Kollektiv [SK030CD], Germany  150.00


TACUCHIAN Ricardo (1939-)


"Terra dos Homens / The world of Man"
Ciclo Lorca / Lorca Cycle (1979) (Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Alphonsus de Guimaraens Filho, Murilo Mendes);  Terra dos Homens / The World of Man (2006) (Gerson Valle);  Tres Cantos de Amor / Three Love Songs (2002) (Carlos Drummond de Andrade);  Pimenta do Reino / Black Pepper (1995);  Sonatina para Clarone e Piano / Sonatina for Bass Clarinet and Piano (1963/2006);  Delaware Park Suite (1998)
Piano - Sara Cohen, bass clarinet, clarinet, alto saxophone - Paulo Passos, baritone - Marcelo Coutinho
ABM Digital - Sony DADC Brasil [122197], Brazil  200.00




"Kumi Ori - Arise Shine"
Modeh Ani;  Eshet Chayil;  Essa Enai;  E-l Adon;  Venatati Shalom;  Baruch Boneh Yerushalayim;  Kumi Ori;  Adon Olam;  Zacharti Lach;  Anu Amecha
Vocal - Naomi Teplow, keyboards - Moshe Wohl, guitars - Aharoni Benari, Uri Bracha, bass - Victor Azus, percussion - Chen Zimbalista, drums - Asher Pedi, Oleg Acopov, flute - Yael Schechter, trumpet - Mayor Bukin, trombone - Alexander Klopov
CDI, Israel  150.00


TIRPAK Stephen

TIRPAK-001               ДЖАЗ

"Who Cares?"
Pure Silver;  Who Cares?;  Maybe One Day;  Horizon;  Blazin' Blues;  Bom Mesmo E Amar;  Last Call;  Asesino Fuerte;  No Se Que Hacer;  Indefinite;  Found Away;  The Late Show
Stephen Tirpak - flugelbone, trumpet, bass trumpets, trombone, piano, flugelhorns, Ross Bellenoit - guitar, Jose Berrios - vocal, Ali Bervine - bass, Adam Blackstone - bass, Jon Botbyl - trompbones, Mike Cemprola - alto saxophone, Carl Cox - tenor saxophone, Orlando Haddad - vocal, Brian Howell - bass, Mike Jarosz - trumpets, Aaron Marisi - alto and tenor saxophones, Steve Marr - baritone saxophone, Raymond Noel - percussion, Ben O'Neill - guitar, Charlie Patierno - percussion, Tony Perez - background vocals and guiro, Earl Phillips - bass trombone, Maeve Royce - bass, Cheryl Tirpak - flute, Joe Truglio - drums, Bobby Whitt - bass, Eric Wortham - piano, rhoads
MQG [MQG0302], USA  150.00


THOMPSON Ross (1967-)


Overture;  Cantabile;  Andantino;  Sonata II;  Waltz;  Shakespeare Suite;  Fantasia II;  Lyric Dance III
Guitar - Ross Thompson
VGo Recordings [ERT3CD], USA  150.00




"Of The Air"
Wishing Well;  It's Late;  Before Day;  Inner Lining;  Caterpillar Crossing;  Power Trip;  It's A Dream;  Ambrosia
+ бонус-треки + THE CURE - Close To Me;  WALLER Thomas "Fats" - The Jitterbug Waltz
Pyeng Threadgill - lead vocals, Lisa Mezzacappa - acoustic bass, Shelley Doty - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals, Micha Patri - drums, percussion, backing vocals, Dana Leong - cello, Dimitri Moderbacher - saxophone, clarinet, Ryan Scott - electric and acoustic guitar, Nikolai Moderbacher - backing vocals, Jason Levis - marimba, Ward Spangler - castanets, Myra Melfrod - harmonium
Random Chance Records [RCD-26], USA  200.00




"Come Along With Me"
Can't Nobody;  I Know the Lord;  Come Along With Me;  Greater is He;  Believe;  I'll Fly Away;  I am Blessed Every Morning;  The Prayer
Delma Troclair & The Heaven Seekers
Rampart Street Music [RS-100-016], USA  150.00

УИКС Кристофер Майкл

WICKS Christopher Michael (1975-)

WICKS-001                 ПЕСНИ

Twelve Songs of Sappho;  Sonatina for Solo Harp;  Six Songs on Poems of William Shakespeare;  Ode on a Grecian Urn;  Three Songs of Christmas;  The Ballad of the Harp-Weaver;  Renascence
"I Sonatori" (violin - Eadie Anelli, harps - Bethany Evans, Karen Almquist, baritone - Christopher Wicks)
Nettle Ingham Audio [8006621], USA  150.00


URBANNER Erich (1936-)


"Johannes Stein oder der Rock des Kaisers" ("Иоханнес Штайн или мундир императора")
Monodram von Richard Bletschacher
Tenor - Michael Jankowitsch, baritones - Christian Huemer, Walter Wegscheider, bass - Robert Florianschutz, ORF-Chor, Ensemble des 20 Jahrhunderts (cond. Peter Burwik), Rezitation - Brigitta Furgler
Classic Amadeo - DADC Austria [437 491-2], Austria  200.00


WESTLAKE Nigel (1958-)


Starfield;  Solarmax;  First Light;  Inti Huatana;  Crystal Spheres;  Aurora;  Now Voyager;  The Greenland Colony;  The Great Observatory;  A Pyramid in Space;  S.O.H.O.;  Shrine of the Sun Godess;  Missa Solis
Harp - Genevieve Lang, percussion - Rebecca Lagos, Daryl Pratt, Alison Eddington, timpani - Richard Miller
Solarmax Orchestra (cond. Nigel Westlake)
Australian Broadcasting Corporation - Universal Music [ABC 476 176-1], Australia  200.00


FAMBROUGH Charles (1950-)


"Upright Citizen"
Fun City;  Bright Eyes;  D's Song;  It's Not Easy Having Fun;  In Stride;  Disguises;  Dina;  Down The Way;  Main Street
Gerald Albright - alto sax, Bruce Barth - piano, keyboards, Poogie Bell - trumpet, programmed drums, Gerald Brown - drums, Rich Budesa - piano solo, Alex Bugnon - piano, keyboards, N'Dugu Chancelor - drums, Edson D'Silva - percussion, George Duke - piano, keyboards, Charles Fambrough - bass, keyboards, programmed drums, Joe Ford - soprano sax, Munyungo Jackson - percussion, Jon Lucien - vocals, Mulgrew Miller - piano, keyboards, Bill O'Connell - piano, Marlon Simon - percussion, Nick Sistrun - guitar, John Swana - trumpet, muted trumpet, EUI, Pete Vinson - drums, Grover Washington Jr. - soprano sax
Random Chance Records [RCD-7], USA  200.00


FARREYROL Jacqueline


"Cabaret Creole"
Aidee;  Rend a moins;  Fleurs de cannes;  Maloya l'amour;  Tant que n'aura soleil;  Mamzelle Babouk;  Z'enfants la misere;  Sega rebours;  Les vieux de mon ile;  Cocoloque in son;  Ti cabot d'fond;  Zero calbasse;  Roule ton mayola;  Mon ile;  Cadense;  Dans l'temps longtemps;  Gramoune creole;  Fleur capucine;  L'epoque poc poc;  Oukile moins;  La pas moins ca;  O toue mon ti caf;  Laisse a moins cause creole;  Mi conne pi personne;  Sefout pas;  Sur la mer;  Soleil la poncore leve;  Pour l'amour de mon ile
Chant - Jacqueline Farreyrol, percussions - Jean-Louis Begue, Patrick Begue, Max Dalleau, basse - Eric Payet, accordeon, chant, choeurs - Jean-Marc Pounoussamy, guitare, banjo - Gillaume Legras, guitare, chouers - Eric Fruteau, choeurs - Catherine Fruteau, Claudine Tarby, trompette - Roger Caprin, saxophone - Luc Joly, flute - Maguy Etchard, violons - Catherine Gerard, Gaeli Beauperin
Discorama [CD 96.15], France  300.00


VELTMAN Michael (1960-)

VELTMAN-001           АВАНГАРД

"Ja" for Oboe and Cello;  "Dem Rhein Entgegen" - Jonathan Borofskys schwebender Mann;  "To C." - 3 Songs for Soprano and Piano;  "Trio" for Violin, Viola and Cello
Ensemble Tra I Tempi
Haenssler Classic [98.324], Germany  200.00


VONDERAU Christof (1960-)


Soria Moria;  Ad Narragonia;  Panorama;  Wild Forms;  Blaues Abendlicht;  Havet;  Tarleton Variation;  Polar;  Prelude;  Wellen;  Complaint Variation I;  Variation II;  Mitsommer
+ бонус-треки + DOWLAND John - Mr. Dowland's Midnight;  Complaint;  NARVAEZ Luys de - Quatro Diferencias
Guitar - Christof Vonderau
Fresko Music [CD 014], Germany  150.00




"King Island Christmas"
Libretto by Deborah B. Brevoort. Based on the book by Jean Rogers
Ooloranna - Chuck Cooper, Narrator - Paolo Montalban, Little Eir's Mother - Marin Mazzie, Father Carroll - Frank D'Ambrosio, Captain Crawford - J.K. Simmons, Little Eir - Jonathan Bleicher, Oomiak - Bonnie Gleicher, Newlywed Woman - Nancy Anderson, Diet Woman and Clapping Storyteller - Eleanor Glockner, Walrus Storyteller - Ray Evans Harrell
Chorus, children's chorus and orchestra (cond.David Friedman)
King Island Record Company [KIC 1001], USA  150.00


FRAMPTON Roger (1948-)


"Live at Wangaratta"
Jazznost;  Randomesque;  The Dramatic Balladeer;  Sorry My English;  Separate Reality
Ten Part Invention (John Pochee - drums / leader, Roger Frampton - piano / sopranino saxophone, Steve Elphick - double bass, Miroslav Bukovsky - trumpet / flugelhorn, Werwick Alder - trumpet, James Greening - trombone, Bernie McGann - alto saxophone, Sandy Evans - tenor saxophone, Ken James - tenor and soprano saxophones, Bob Berties - baritone saxophone)
Australian Broadcasting Corporation - Universal Music [ABC 983 4640], Australia  200.00

ХАБЕ Томаж

HABE Tomaž (1947-)


"Cvetovi kosenin"
Ad hominem for Violin, Cello and Piano;  Three Humoresques for Violin, Guitar and Accordion;  Folk Tune and Scherzo for Horn and Orchestra;  Arcor Concert for Horn and Strings;  Meadowland Flowers for Middle Voice, Horn and Orchestra;  Prelude and Caprice for Tenor Tuba (Trombone) and Orchestra
Trio di Allegro, Trio Marakle, RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra (conds. Marko Letonja, En Shao, David de Villiers, Marko Hribernik)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200555], Austria  200.00


HARTZELL Eugene (1932-2000)


Nine Uncritical Pieces for Piano;  Five Songs for Baritone and Piano (words by John G. Mills);  Twelve Poems by Jehane Markham for Mezzo-soprano, Viola and Piano
Piano - Lisa Nadel, mezzo-soprano - Patricia Caya, viola - Hatto Beyerle, baritone - Peter Neff
Preiser Records - DADC Austria [91044], Austria  200.00


HEITZEG Steve (1959-)


"Earthworks. Music in Honor of Nature"
O, Colored Earth;  Endangered;  Hurt not the Earth;  Webassin;  Istimbe;  Pipestone Peace Pipe;  Raven and Crow: Medicine Birds
Flute - Julia Bogorad, harp - Susan Ennen, percussion - Paul Gunther, acoustic guitar - Steve Heitzeg, soprano - Maria Jette, alto saxophone - David Milne, cello - Laura Sewell, House of Hope Children's Choir, Ensemble Zeitgeist
innova Recordings [514], USA  200.00


"Death of the Dream: Farmhouses in the Heartland"
Farmhouse Memoires;  Opening Title;  Fiddle Improvisation;  Tallgrass Prairie Waltz (mandolin version);  Sawmills and Trains;  Bluestem Dance;  Tallgrass Prairie Waltz (fiddle version);  Peter's Polka Improvisation (traditional);  Waltz for a Lonely Farmhouse (piano improvisation);  Ruins;  Sawmills and Trains (piano improvisation);  Waltz for a Lonely Farmhouse;  Farmhouse Elegy (fiddle version);  Parlor Piano;  Farmhouse Elegy (mandolin version);  Threshing Time Memoires;  Abandoned Farmhouse Drone;  Tallgrass Prairie Waltz (cello and piano version);  Ending Title
Fiddle and mandolin - Peter Ostroushko, cello - Laura Sewell, piano - Tom Linker, acoustic guitar - Steve Heitzeg, Ensemble Zeitgeist
innova Recordings [533], USA  200.00



HECKEL-002               ДЖАЗ, ФЬЮЖН

"News From The Royal Alpine Music Factory"
Chance of Rain;  Poly Popper's Tune;  Chilling Me Softly;  BIT 5;  Devet;  Not a Blues;  Major and Minor;  Lost & Found;  Ballard's Ballad;  Good Start;  For Good;  Doing
Stefan Heckel Group (Julian Argüelles - tenor/soprano saxophone, Agnes Heginger - vocals, Christian Weber - double bass, Reinhard Winkler - drums, Stefan Heckel - piano, melodica)
Extraplatte - DADC Austria [EX 698-2], Austria  200.00

ХЕНЦЕ Ханс Вернер

HENZE Hans Werner (1926-)

HENZE-001 (3CD)      ОПЕРА

"Il re cervo oder Die Irrfahrten der Wahrheit"
Oper in drei Akten von Heinz von Cramer
Leandro - Martin Fournier, Costanza - Min-Joung Sim, Tartaglia - David Park, Scolatella I - Michiko Echigoya, Scolatella II - Jelena Radojcic, Scolatella III - Ann-Juliette Schindewolf, Scolatella IV - Jaroslava Romancakova, Checco - Laszlo Gyuker, Coltellino - Jung-Yoon Kim
Opernorchester KlangImPuls (cond. Wolfgang Schmid)
Kunstuniversitaet Graz - DADC Austria [KUG 32], Austria  600.00


HERRLICH Carl (1956-)

HERRLICH-001          ДЖАЗ

A true story;  World in a window;  Shadowland;  A summerdance;  Close to zero;  Moments;  Minimal art;  Ulysses;  Soon forgotten;  Ulysses (Reprise)
Lighthouse (Carl Herrlich - soprano/tenor saxophones, Wolfgang Haas - vibraphone, Wilhelm Geschwind - bass), percussion - Harald Klugt
ELK Music [ELK 10026], Germany  150.00




"Borealis. The Wind Music of Soren Hyldgaard"
Rapsodia Borealis;  Surround Sound;  Bagatelle;  Tivoli Festival Overture;  Hans Christian Andersen Suite;  Marche Americana
The Danish Concert Band (cond. Jorgen Jensen), trombone & euphonium - Jesper Juul Sorensen
Amstel Classics [CD 2002-01], Netherlands  150.00




"This, That and the Other"
Fly and See;  Television;  Waltz, Fantasies and Traffic;  Museum;  Wind;  Ethicologic
Katie Duck - danza, voce, Rick Parets - attore, voce, Peggy Larson - voce, Sean Bergin - sax alto, flauto, voce, Tobias Delius - sax tenore, voce, Augusto Forti - clarinetto, voce, Tristan Honsinger - violoncello, voce, Joe Williamson - contrabbasso, Alan "Gunga" Purves - percussioni, voce
Pierrot Lunaire - DADC Austria [AIAI 009], Austria  200.00




"Little Woman"
Based on the novel Little Woman by Louisa May Alcott. Book by Allan Knee, lyrics by Mindi Dickstein
Jo - Sutton Foster, Marmee / The Hag - Maureen McGovern, Aunt March / Mrs. Kirk - Janet Carroll, Laurie / Rodrigo - Danny Gurwin, Professor Bhaer - John Hickok, Amy / The Troll - Amy McAlexander, Beth / Rodrigo Too - Megan McGinnis, Meg / Clarissa - Jenny Powers, Mr. Laurence / The Knight - Robert Stattel, Mr. Brooke / Braxton - Jim Weitzer
The Orchestra (cond. Andrew Wilder)
Original Broadway Cast Recording
Ghostline - Sh-K Boom Records [7915584405-2], USA  200.00




"Eavesdropping. Live at St. Stephen's Church 2005"
Underneath;  Mind You Do;  Catch Me If You Can;  Faraway Castle;  Never Stops To Wait;  Thirteen;  Decipher The Crooked Ways
Sunwrae Ensemble (Rae Howell - piano, vibraphone, Natalia Mann - harp, Karen Heath - clarinets, Joel Bloom, Alies Sluiter, Rachel Kim, Russell Fawcus - violins, Luoise Woodward - viola, Tim Blake, Caerwen Martin - cellos, Luke Richardson - double bass, Neda Rahmani, Naomi Jean - percussions)
Sunwrae [SWR001], Australia  150.00

ХЬЮЗ Энтон



"Chakra's Dream. Sensual Massage"
Pleasurable Contact;  The Importance Of Touch;  Close Your Eyes;  Genuine Warmth;  Flicker Of Light;  Tactile Therapy;  Legitamate Healing;  Secret Of The Senses;  Lotions Of Life;  Sensual Atmosphere;  Health Benefits;  Ultimate Pleasure;  Blessed Release;  Warm Hands
Time Music International [TMI266], EC  150.00


"Chakra's Dream. Peaceful Sleep"
Sleep Easy;  Relax And Drift;  Warm And Secure;  Falling Asleep;  A Restful Place;  Best Assured;  Lullaby Of Tranquility;  A Good Night;  Clear Your Thoughts;  Unwinding;  Peaceful Dreams;  Night Calls;  Between The Sheets;  Bedtime Story;  Rejuvenating;  Idylic Moments
Time Music International [TMI293], EC  150.00


"Chakra's Dream. Calm"
A Sense Of Calm;  Pleasing Thoughts;  Move Slowly;  Coping;  Well Balanced;  The Lavender Bath;  Listen To The Quiet;  Deeper Calm;  Breathe Deeply;  Calm For Life;  Take It Easy;  Relax The Tension;  Instant Calm;  Essential Meditation;  Banish Anxiety;  Letting Go
Time Music International [TMI332], EC  150.00




"Healing Forces"
Healing Forces;  My Giraffe;  A Short Cat Dream;  Hymn For Peace;  Jana's Blues;  Der Hirsch;  Dwarf Dance;  Bavarian Blues
Trumpet - Stephan Zimmermann, tenor sax - Jason Seizer, double bass - Thomas Stabenow, piano - Markus Becker, drums - Rick Hollander
Bassic Sound [025], Germany  150.00

ЧАЙЛДС Кирстен

CHILDS Kirsten

CHILDS-001               МЮЗИКЛ

"The Bubbly Black Girl Sheds Her Chameleon Skin"
Book, music and lyrics by Kirsten Childs
Cheryl Alexander - Miss Pain, Secretary 2, Chorine, Ensemble, Natalie Venetia Belcon - Emily, Ensemble, Fred Carl - Daddy 4, Ensemble, Darius de Haas - Gregory Robinson, Daddy 5, Falsetto, Ensemble, Angel Deasi - Chitty Pal 1, Hippie Flower Child 2, Secretary 1, Chorine, Ensemble, Jerry Dixon - Lucas, Daddy 3, Ensemble, Jonathan Dokuchitz - Angry Neighbor, Cosmic, Policeman, Ensemble, Felicia Finley - Chitty Pal 2, Hippie Flower Child 1, Secretary 3, Chorine, Ensemble, Robert Jason Jackson - Daddy, Policeman's Partner, Ensemble, LaChanze - Viveca, Adriane Lenox - Mommy, Ensemble, Shayna Steele - Yolanda, Chorine, Ensemble
The Band (musical director / flute - Fred Carl, piano - Randall Eng, Bass - Damon Duewhite, percussion - Diana Herold, drums - Calvin Jones, guitar - Glenn Alexander, clarinet / bari saxophone - Jerry Vivino)
Ghostline - Sh-K Boom Records [7915584419-2], USA  200.00


ŠAVLI Peter (1961-)


"Devant Une Neige"
Spumato for Guitar Quartet;  The Road Less Travelled for Saxophone Quartet;  Devant Une Neige for Chamber Orchestra;  Saxophonia Concerto for Saxophone and Symphony Orchestra;  Piano Concerto
Aleph Guitar Quartet, Zagreb Saxophone Quartet, Chamber Orchestra of RTV Slovenia (cond. Alexander Livenson), Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra (cond. Simon Robinson), Symphony Orchestra of RTV Slovenia (cond. Uros Lajovic)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200034], Austria  200.00

ШВАБ Зигфрид

SCHWAB Siegfried


Potatoe Ball Queen;  Canterbury Tales;  Bluesy Lucy;  Toscana;  Los Generations;  No Petrol - Walkin' Blues;  Escorial;  Martinique;  Trifels;  Khyber Pass Blues
Guitar - Siegfried Schwab
Extra Records & Tapes [9.660], Germany  150.00




Geschichte einer Liebe;  Erinnerung;  Merci Beaucoup;  Leidenschaft;  Erwachen
Kai Kranner - sopransaxophon, perkussion, Bernhard Talamas - sopransaxophon, perkussion, Hermine Koenigsegger - altsaxophon, perkussion, Vera Binder - altsaxophon, perkussion, Nico Fedrigotti - tenorsaxophon, perkussion, Andreas Hadl - tenorsaxophon, perkussion, Birgit Boehm - baritonsaxophon, perkussion, Michael Faimann - schlagzeug, Christian Frank - klavier, synthesizer, Wolfgang Koeck - gitarre, bass, Werner Koeck - gitarre, bass, perkussion
Shamrock Records - DADC Austria [1034-2], Austria  200.00


SKJERVE Heidi (1979-)

SKJERVE-001             ДЖАЗ

"Coming Home"
Have you forgotten?;  Travel;  Coming Home;  The Gypsy;  Sunny Side;  Legend;  Hush Now;  Subway Song;  Solitude;  Love's Philosophy;  Spring
Vocal - Heidi Skjerve, bass clarinet, flute, tenor saxophone - Espen Reinertsen, piano, fender rhodes - Erlend Slettevoll, bass - Roger Arntzen, drums - Truls Rønning
Curling Legs [CLP CD 96], Norway  150.00

SKJERVE-002             ДЖАЗ

"Morning News of the Woods"
My Heart Is Heavy;  The House by the Edge of the Woods (feat. Thom Hell);  Remember Me;  Snow;  Come What May;  Morning Hour;  Work;  Uphill;  The Parting;  Is the Moon Tired?;  White Paper;  Vugge
Vocal, harmonium - Heidi Skjerve, bass clarinet, flute, tenor saxophone, vocal - Espen Reinertsen, piano, fender rhodes - Erlend Slettevoll, double bass - Rune Nergaard, drums - Gard Nilssen, Nidaros String Quartet
Curling Legs [CLP CD 109], Norway  150.00

ШИБУЯ Кейичиро

SHIBUYA Keiichiro (1973-)

SHIBUYA-002            ДЖАПАНОЙЗ

"ATAK010 filmachine phonics"
data logi/ tm_vertical and diffusion;  jet horizontal/variation of aggression;  CA_ r18;  CA_r110/guernica_war piece;  logistic white haze_invisible film and machine
ATAK [ATAK010], Singapore  150.00


ŠIVIC Pavel (1908-1995)


"Cortesova vrnitev" ("The Return of Cortes")
Opera in Three Acts
Libretto based on the radio play by Andrej Hieng, adapted by the composer
Donna Maria - Zlata Ognjanovic, Don Francisco - Samo Smerkolj, Don Antonio - Dragisa Ognjanovic, Cortes - Ivan Sancin, Chincho - Karel Jeric, the nurse - Milka Evtimova, the woman - Dolores Budal, first guest - Joe Gaspercic, second guest - Jaka Jerasa
Chorus and Orchestra of the SNG Opera and Ballet, Ljubljana (cond. Ciril Cvetko)
+ бонус-треки + Alternations for Symphony Orchestra;  Frescoes for Symphony Orchestra
Symphony Orchestra of RTV Slovenia (cond. Samo Hubad), Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra (cond. Marko Letonja)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 999020], Austria  400.00

ШКЕРЛ Даниел Дане

ŠKERL Danijel Dane (1931-)


Serenade for Strings;  Intonazioni Concertanti for Orchestra;  Symphony No.7 "Trentana" for Orchestra;  Symphony No.8 "With Bells" for Orchestra;  Musica Funebre for Trombone and Orchestra
Symphony Orchestra of RTV Slovenia (cond. Samo Hubad), Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra (conds. Nikolaj Aleksejev, Loris Voltolini, En Shao, Uros Lajovic)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 997010], Austria  200.00


Concerto for Orchestra;  Symphony No.4 "Abbreviata";  Contrasts for Orchestra;  A School Simfonietta No.2 for Strings;  Concerto No.2 for Orchestra
Symphony Orchestra of RTV Slovenia (conds. Samo Hubad, Neeme Jarvi, Milan Horvat), Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra (cond. Anton Kolar)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200029], Austria  200.00

ШКЕРЬЯНЦ Луциян Мария

ŠKERJANC Lucijan Marija (1900-1973)


Marenka;  Concerto for Violin and Orchestra;  Gazelles
Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra (cond. Samo Hubad), Symphony Orchestra of RTV Slovenia (cond. Marko Munih)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 996005], Austria  200.00


SCHRADER Barry (1945-)


First Spring;  Beyond;  Duke's Tune;  Death
Electronics - Barry Schrader
innova Recordings [640], USA  200.00


"Fallen Sparrow"
Love, In Memoriam (voice - Frank Royon Le Mee);  Fallen Sparrow (violin - Mark Meuzies);  Five Arabesques (clarinet - William Powell);  Ravel (piano - Vicki Ray)
Electronics - Barry Schrader
innova Recordings [654], USA  200.00


"Monkey King"
Wu Xing - Cycle of Destruction;  Monkey King
Electronics - Barry Schrader
innova Recordings [703], USA  200.00




"City Guide"
Oxford Street;  Boiling Water;  Houston Street;  Schwarz;  Electric City;  m d;  Lifting the Veil;  Standing Together;  Arrested;  Blond;  New Substitude;  On Wings;  Sonnenschein;  Jam;  The Dragon;  48th Street
Jochen Schrumpf - guitars, electronics, Rupi Schwarzburger - bass, electronics, Dirk Brand - percussion, electronics
Scales Records [sc-1-025], Germany  150.00


STEIN Arnd (1946-)


"Top-Hits zum Entspannen"
Gelassenheit (Atlantis);  Sommerwind (Inspiration);  Strandspaziergang (Am Meer);  Weites Land (Phantasie);  Sonnenaufgang (Jahreszeiten);  Tagtraeume (Inspiration);  Daemmerung (Horizont);  Abendstille (Waldlichtung);  Nordlichter (Arktika);  Sehnsucht (Traeume);  Leidenschaft (Horizont);  Grenzenlos (Galaxis)
Keyboards - Dr. Arnd Stein
Verlag fuer Therapeutische Medien [3-89326-901-0], Germany  150.00



STAPEL-001               МЮЗИКЛ

"Der Nachtschwaermer"
Text und Musik von Thomas Stapel
Chor des Lesing-Gymnasiums Hoyerswerda, Jugend-Projektorchester (cond. Thomas Stapel)
Milan Edition, Germany  150.00


ŠTUHEC Igor (1932-)


Sonata for Piano;  Art for Violin, Cello and Piano;  "Platero y yo" - Cantata for Soprano, Tenor and Chamber Orchestra;  Ction for Chamber Orchestra;  Enthusiasms for Large Orchestra;  Poesies for Symphony Orchestra and Tenor
Piano - Aci Bertoncelj, Trio Lorenz, Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra (cond. Marko Munih), Ensemble "Slavko Osterc" (cond. Ivo Petric), Symphony Orchestra of RTV Slovenia (conds. Luca Pfaff, Anton Nanut)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200023], Austria  200.00




texassunset_in_cologne;  folkdance_edition;  jazzspirit;  transmission_to_cracovia;  oriental_compound;  andrejana;  violent_beginning;  alowy_b_strip;  industrialplasma;  quickly
Jan Sczepanski - harmonicas, programming, Harry Alfter - slide, acoustic-guitar, guitars, keyboards, programming, Pano Petrakakis - bass, Michael Ritter - bass, fretless bass, Stephan Brings - bass, Christian Bluem - drums, Joerg Frohn - drums, Jan Bledowski - violin, Winfried Schuld - piano
Zwei-Music, Germany  150.00




Messiyah, a re-written version of Handel's Messiah by Paul Ayres
Live concert recording from St George's Church Hanover Square London, May 2006
Queldryk Chamber Choir, Solaris Quartet, double bass - Alexander L'Estrange, percussion - Graham Instrall, piano - Benjamin Frost, organ - Simon Williams
Conductor - Paul Ayres
MCPS, UK  150.00


ELLINGTON Duke (1899-1974)


In A Mellow Tone;  In My Solitude;  Chelsea Bridge;  Take the "A"-Train;  Nighttime;  In A Sentimental Mood;  Prelude to A Kiss;  Don't Take That Train (based on Take the "A"-Train);  La Plue Belle Africaine;  Come Sunday;  It Don't Mean A Thing (if it Ain't Got That Swing);  Watanaue Panguela (inspired by Fleurette Africaine)
Bigband von Jazz Departament der Universitaet fur Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz
Kunstuniversitaet Graz - DADC Austria [KUG 17], Austria  200.00




"Hot 'n' Heavy. Live at the Ascension Loft"
Major to Minor;  MT;  Hot 'n' Heavy;  There is a Place;  Black as Vera Cruz
Ethnic Heritage Ensemble (Kahil El'Zabar - earth drums, kalimba, drums, percussion, Corey Wilkes - trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion, Ernest "Khabeer" Dawkins - alto and tenor sax, percussion, Fareed Haque - electric and acoustic guitar)
Delmark Records [DVD 1574], USA  200.00



ENOCHSON-001         ХАУС

"Night Games"
How Good Is Your Imagination feat. Rachel Wilkie;  Keep On Getting By feat. Masaya;  Thought I Saw;  Love Is On The Way feat. Demetreus;  Hear Me feat. Caroline;  For You To See feat. Masaya;  Day And Night feat. James Ingram;  Endless Dance feat. Jocelyn Mathiue;  Spaced Out;  You Got It feat. Cornelia;  No Stoppin' This feat. Masaya;  Tonight The Nite feat. Jocelyn Mathiue;  Take Me Away feat. Cornelia;  Done Excursion;  Dub The Noize feat. Rachel Wilkie
Sonar Kollektiv [SK112CD], Germany  150.00


ERÖD Ivan (1936-)

EROD-001                   ЛУЧШЕЕ

2 Trio fur Violine, Violoncello und Klavier op.42 (Haydn-Trio: violine - Michael Schnitzler, violoncello - Walter Schulz, klavier - Heinz Medjimorec);  Schnappschusse. Funf Portraits op.52 fur Flote und Blaseroktet (Flote - Meinhart Niedermayr, Ensemble Kontrapunkte - cond. Peter Keuschnig);  Minnesota Sinfonietta fur Orchester op.51 (ORF Symphonieorchester - cond. Pinchas Steinberg);  Vox Lucis - Kantate fur Bariton-Solo, Oboe und Orchester op.56 (Bariton - John Shirley-Quirk, oboe - Sara Watkins, ORF Symphonieorchester - cond. Steuart Bedford)
Gesellschaft zur Foerderung Oesterreichischer Musik - DADC Austria [830 004-2], Austria  200.00

ЭССИЛЬ Жан Брюно

ESCYLE Jean Bruno


"Apolonia. Promie Zistoir 1990-1992"
I fo vive;  Saint Paul;  Mi chante po ou Manman;  Dans mon pays;  Mi di azot adie;  Derniers mots;  Zordi nou la marie;  Fe pas semblant
Batteries - Dominique Tilin et Eddy Abolet, basses - Bernard Permal, voix, guitares et claviers - Bruno Escyle, saxo solo - Lalah, section cuivres - Thierry Hesler, Yoann Delors et Giovanni Hector
JBE Muzik [CD JBE007], Reunion - France  150.00


HETU Jacques (1938-)


"Anthology of Canadian Music"
Symphonie pour cordes op.2 (1959) (Orchestre de Radio-Canada a Montreal - cond. Jacques Beaudry);  Sonate pour deux pianos op.6 (1962) (pianos - Victor Bouchard, Renee Morisset);  Petite Suite op.7 (1962) (piano - Josephte Dufresne);  Variations op.8 (1964) (piano - Andre-Sebastien Savoie);  Quintette pour vents op.13 (1967) (Quintette a vent Avorama - flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon);  Cycle op.16 (1969) (piano- John Hawkins, Ensemble de la SMCQ - cond. Serge Garant);  Concerto op.15 (1969) (piano - Irma Vallecillo, The Louisville Orchestra - cond. Pierre Hetu);  Symphonie No.3 op.18 (1971) (National Arts Centre Orchestra - cond. Franco Mannino);  Quatuor a cordes op.19 (1972) (Oxford String Quartet - 2 violins, viola, cello);  Aria op.27 (1977) (flute - Lise Daoust, piano - Suzanne Blondin);  Ballade op.30 (1978) (piano - Jane Corp);  Les Clartes de la nuit op.20a (1972, 1986) (soprano - Colene Boky, Orchestre Metropolitain de Montreal - cond. Jacques Beaudry);  Prelude et danse op.24 (1977) (piano - Robert Silverman);  Les Abimes du reve op.36 (1982) (bass - Joseph Rouleau, Orchestre symphonique de Quebec - cond. Simon Streatfield);  Antinomie op.23 (1977) (Orchestre Metropolitain de Montreal - cond. Serge Garant);  Missa pro trecentesimo anno op.38 (1985) (Orchestre Metropolitain de Montreal, Ensemble vocal de Radio-Canada, Les Chanteurs de Sainte-Therese, organ - Pierre Grandmaison, conductor - Otto-Werner Mueller)
Radio Canada International [ACM 31], Canada  600.00



"Neue Musik fuer Akkordeon" ("Новая музыка для аккордеона")
PADE Steen (1956-) - Udflugt med omveje (1984) (Akkordeon - Martin Veszelovicz);  DE KINKELDER Dolf (1953-) - Als je d'r houdt… (1996) (Trompete - Martin Angerer, Akkordeon - Angelika Schlager);  GANZER Juergen (1950-) - Phantasie 84 (1984) (Akkordeon - Gerd Wildbacher);  LINDBERG Magnus (1958-) - Jeux d'anches (1990-91) (Akkordeon - Hubert Kellerer);  KAGEL Mauricio (1931-) - aus zungen stimmen (1972) (Akkordeon - Sylvia Lichtenegger, Uwe Schmidt, Angelika Schlager, Hubert Kellerer, Margit Painsi);  HAAS Georg Friedrich (1953-) - … (1994) fuer Akkordeon, Bratsche und Kammerensemble (Akkordeon - Krassimir Sterev, Bratsche - Lucas Schurig, Ensemble fuer Neue Musik der Abteilung 1 - cond. Edo Micic)
Kunstuniversitaet Graz - DADC Austria [KUG 13], Austria  200.00


(3CD) "My Favourite Memories"
CHUCK BERRY - Maybelline;  Johnny B.Goode;  Roll Over Beethoven;  LITTLE RICHARD - Good Golly Miss Molly;  Tutti Frutti;  Keep A Knockin';  THE PLATTERS - Twilight Time;  My Prayer;  FATS DOMINO - Blue Monday;  THE SPANIELS - Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight;  RITCHIE VALENS - Donna;  PHIL PHILIP - Sea Of Love;  FABIAN - Turn Me Loose;  BROOK BENTON - It's Just A Matter Of Time;  THE CLOVERS - Love Potion No.9;  PAT BOONE - Speedy Consalez;  BUDDY KNOX - Party Doll;  DANNY & THE JUNIORS - At The Hop;  THE CORSAIRS - Smokey Places;  FONTELLA BRASS - Rescue Me;  THE TURTLES - Happy Together;  DUANE EDDY - Because They're Young;  THE DELLS - Oh What A Night;  THE FLAMINGOS - I'll Be Home;  BILL HALEY & THE COMETS - Shake Rattle & Roll;  ETTA JAMES - At Last;  LLOYD PRICE - Personality;  LITTLE ANTHONY & THE IMPERIALS - Goin' Out Of My Heart;  THE DRIFTERS - There Goes My Baby;  This Magic Moment;  SPANKY & OUR GANG - I'd Like To Get To Know You;  THE ANGELS - My Boyfriend's Back;  THE SHIRELLES - Baby It's You;  JIMMY CASTOR BUNCH - Troglodyte;  CARLA THOMAS - B.A.B.Y.;  CADILLACS - Betty My Love
ABC Records [ARC 91501, ARC 91502, ARC 91505], The Netherlands  450.00


BERNSTEIN Leonard (1918-1990) - "Candide" - Overture;  GERSHWIN George (1898-1937) - Medley - "Porgy and Bess";  GRONDAHL Launy (1886-1960) - Concerto for Trombone and Orchester;  JAEGGI Stephan (1903-1957) - "Titanic" dramatic fantasie op.4;  KAMEN Michael (1948-2003) - "Robin Hood" - Melody;  VLAK Kees (1938-) - "Las Playas de Rio" - Copacabana Playa
Sinfonisches Blasorchester der Musikschule Dortmund (cond. Heinz Kricke), trombone - Olaf Ott
Gema [7554-8788-2], Germany  150.00


M035  ХОР
BRITTEN Benjamin (1913-1976) - A Ceremony of Carols op.28 (harp - Honor Wright);  A Hymn to the Virgin;  GORECKI Henryk Mikolaj (1933-) - Totus Tuus op.60 (1987);  BLATCHLY Mark (1960-) - Give us the wings of faith (organ - Jonathan Bielby);  MOORE Philip (1943-) - It is a thing most wonderful (organ - Jonathan Bielby);  Through the Day thy Love has Spared Us (organ - Jonathan Bielby);  TAVENER John (1944-) - Today the Virgin;  The Lamb;  Ikon of St Hilda
Wakefield Cathedral Girls' Choir and Lay Clerks (cond. Louise Marsh)
Regent [REGCD138], UK  150.00


"Touched by Tango"
PIAZZOLLA Astor (1921-1992) - Lo que vendra;  Tres tangos;  Triunfal (1954);  Los Paraguas de Buenos Aires);  Five Tangos Sensations;  MARCUCCI Carlos (1903-1957) - Esta noche;  Aires Espanoles;  CARO Francisco de (1898-1976) - Un poema;  Ideal;  MORES Mariano (1922-) - Taquito militar
Bendoneon - Alfredo Marcucci
Ensemble Piacevole (violins - Nico Baltussen, Gudrun Vercampt, viola - Yves Cortvrint, cello - Luc Dewez, double bass - Ludo Joly)
Channel Classics [CCS 17298], Germany  150.00


BELLEMARRE Gilles - Le Sapin de Jeanne (text - Claire De);  BERNIER Leon - Antoine et le bonhomme de neige (text - Louis-Georges Carrier)
Narrator - Louisette Dussault, soprano - Claudine Cote, Orchestre de chambre du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean (cond. Jacques Clement)
OSSL [OSSL-2], Canada  150.00


"Por Tabernas y Cantinas"
Los mocitos;  Meudino;  El Bodeguero;  El Arbolito;  A la cola de Carrillo;  Tango del borracho;  Jota de la cantina;  Maria Mia;  Las Vinas;  La ley seca;  De tabernas;  A lo amarillo;  Fandango "Robao";  Ole anda;  La Vendimia;  La hija de la tabernera;  Las penas
Candeal (laud, requinto, bandurria, guitar - Alfonso Gato, accordion, teclados - Nicolas Falagan, percussion, flute, tuba - David Merino, cello - M.Diaz, oboe - J.M.Urban)
Several Records [SRD-245], Spain  150.00


GOLDSTEIN Perry (1952-) - Fault Lines (1998);  Motherless Child Variations (2002);  FROOM David (1951-) - Saxophone Quartet (1998);  RADIOHEAD - Paranoid Android;  LANTIER Pierre (1910-) - Andante et Scherzetto (1942);  KECHLEY David (1947-) - Rush (2002);  KLENNER John/LEWIS Sam M. - Just Friends (1931)
West Point Saxophone Quartet
USMA [WPSQ01], USA  150.00


"A Hero For Today"
Heroic Fanfare (SFC Paul A.Murtha);  Hymn To The Fallen (from the motion picture Saving Private Ryan) (John Williams);  A Hero For Today (Marlene and Derek Floyd);  Battle Hymn of the Republic (William Steffe, Julia Ward Howe);  America The Beautiful (Samuel A.Ward);  God Bless The U.S.A. (Lee Greenwood);  Here's To America (SFC Louis Durham);  The Last Full Measure of Devotion (Larry Grossman, Buz Kohan);  We Were There (David Buskin, Pat Cunningham);  Duty, Honor, Country (Harold L.Walters);  This Is My Country (Al Jacobs, Don Raye);  Ragged Old Flag (Traditional / Frank Tichell / Text by Johnny Cash);  The Flag Still Flies High (SFC Louis Durham);  God Bless America (Sgt. Irving Berlin, U.S. Army);  The Service Medley (adapted by SSG Michael C.Brown);  The Stars and Stripes Forever (John Philip Sousa)
The United States Army Concert Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Chorale, Brass Quintet and Herald Trumpets
The United States Army, USA  150.00


(24CD) Набор включает в себя гимны, марши, темы для проведения различных церемоний, а также лёгкий джаз, блюз и мелодии из популярных кинофильмов.
01. "A Hero For Today"
The United States Army Band "Pershing's Own"
02. "Dances around the World"
The United States Army Band "Pershing's Own"
03. "Things Ain't What They Used to Be"
The United States Army Band "Pershing's Own"
04. "American Hero"
Band of The United States Air Force Reserve
05. "Settin' the Standarts"
The United States Army Chorale
06. "Tribute"
The 101st Army National Guard Band
07. "Premiere!"
The 101st Army National Guard Band
08. "Invictus"
The 214th Army Band
09. "The Jazz Guardians. Changing Times"
The 214th Army Band
10. "Americana"
The Unites States Coast Guard Band
11. "American Journey"
The Unites States Coast Guard Band
12. "The Fifty-Sixth Annual Midwest Clinic 2002"
The Unites States Coast Guard Band
13. "Salute to the American Spirit"
The United States Air Force Band of Liberty
14. "New England Holidays"
The United States Air Force Band of Liberty
15. "Ain't Nothin' Nu"
The United States Air Force Band of Liberty
16. "Midnight Sun"
The United States Air Force Band of the Pacific
17. "Top Cover. Northern Reflections"
The United States Air Force Band of the Pacific
18. "Windswept"
The United States Air Force Heartland of America Band
19. "Top Cover... for America"
The United States Air Force Band of the Pacific
20. "Happy Holidays"
The United States Air Force Band of the Pacific
21. "Tattoo at the Taj"
The United States Air Force Band of the West
22. "NightHawk"
The United States Air Force Band of the West
23. "Reserved for You"
The United States Air Force Reserve Dixie Express
24. "Land of the Free"
The United States Air Force Heartland of America Band
The United States Army, USA  3120.00


REBELLO Jason - A Secret Place;  ALBENIZ Isaac - Leyenda;  YUYAMA Akira - Divertimento for Marimba and Alto Saxophone (with Andrew Scott, saxophone);  MOLENHOF Bill - Saturday's Child (with Liz Gilliver, marimba);  MANCINI David - Suite for Solo Drum Set and Percussion Ensemble (with Kalngo Percussion Ensemble and guests Eryl Roberts, John Melbourne, Chris Bastock and Richard Dyson);  STOCK Chris - Jupiter's Dance;  MIKI Minoru - Marimba Spiritual (with Kalengo Percussion Ensemble)
Percussion - Simone Rebello
Doyen [DOY CD 040], UK  150.00


(3CD) "Moderne in Oesterreich. 30 Jahre Musikprotokoll"
ABLINGER Peter (1959-) - Weiss/Weisslich 22a;  CZERNOWIN Chaya (1957-) - Afazim;  ESSL Karlheinz (1960-) - consumimur igni...;  FURRER Beat (1954-) - Ultimi Cori;  GLOBOKAR Vinko (1934-) - Freu(n)de;  HAAS Georg Friedrich (1953-) - Nacht-Schatten;  HASELBOECK Martin (1954-) / JANDL Ernst (1925-) - Weltgebraeuche;  HOELSZKY Adriana (1953-) - ...getraeumt;  JARELL Michael (1958-) - ...chaque jour n'est qu'une treve entre deux nuits;  KAUFMANN Dieter (1941-) - Billige Lieder;  KUBO Mayako (1947) - Yasuko;  KUEHR Gerd (1952-) - Eso es;  LOURIE Arthur (1892-1966) - Prelude op.12;  MITCHELL Roscoe (1940-) / MITTERER Wolfgang (1958-) / REISINGER Wolfgang (1955) - Improvisations;  MUNDRY Isabel (1963-) - no one;  NEUWIRTH Olga (1968-) - Sans soleil;  PAGH-PAAN Younghi (1945-) - ma-um;  RIHM Wolfgang (1952-) - Monodram;  SCELSI Giacinto (1905-1988) - Yliam
ORF - DADC Austria [ORF MP 30 / 4-6], Austria  600.00


"Christmas under Capricorn. Carols arranged for orchestra by 19 Australian composers"
VINE Carl - God Rest ye Merry, Gentlemen;  SCULTHORPE Peter - Awake, Glad Heart!;  BROADSTOCK Brenton - Away in a Manger;  KERRY Gordon - Once in Royal David's City;  FORD Andrew - Patapan;  HENDERSON Moya - I Wonder as I Wander;  BOYD Anne - We Three Kings;  MILLS Richard - Carol of the Drum;  BUTTERLEY Nigel - Poverty;  CONYNGHAM Barry - Silent Night;  SCHULTZ Andrew - Stille Nacht;  KAY Don - Infant Holy;  EDWARDS Ross - Ave Maria Canon;  WHITEHEAD Gillian - Qui Natus est;  CLINGAN Judith - Es ist ein' Ros'entsprungen;  PEARCE Trevor - Carol of the Birds;  HOLLIER Donald - Unto us a Boy is Born;  SITSKY Larry - At the Gate - Collage;  CARY Tristram - God Rest ye Merry, Gentlemen
Australian Youth Orchestra (cond. Graham Abbott)
Tall Poppies Records [TP016], Australia  150.00


CD1 (LSU Composers): WILKS Kenneth - Cloudea Memories;  FRIZZO Carlo Vincetti - Sfogato;  LEDEE Mikel - Shadow Casting;  BENNER Al - Etude on 3-Tones;  CARASTATHIS Aris - Contortions;  CRABTREE John - Beasts in the Window;  HILLMAN Jonathan - They're Green;  HAARHUES Charles - Song of the Ugiusu;  JOHNSON Aaron - Spins and Turns for Flute;  PITOMBEIRA Liduino - Seresta No.2;  PRICE William - Strata I;  CONSTANTINIDES Dinos - Fantasia
CD2 (Greek Composers): KALOGERAS Alexandros - Proimion;  FOURNARAKIS Panagiotis - Iliostalagma;  ATHANASSOULAS Stamatis - Ibonera;  KONITOPOULOS Iakovos - Skolion;  MOUZAS Alexandros - Ad Lumina;  LIAROPOULOS Panagiotis - Projection;  HATZIMICHELAKIS George - Ney;  SYKIAS Dimitris - Sonata;  ANTONIOU Theodore - Lament
Flute - Iwona Glinka
Magni [MP-0002], USA  300.00


"Impulse 1. Vokalmusik"
GRASSL Herbert (1948-) - "Tras la pared ha sonado" fuer Altstimme, Violoncello und Klavier;  BAUER Guenter (1953-) - Lieder von Kindern und vom Himmelszelt;  NIESSNER Wolfgang (1953-) - In Mundhoehe op.26 - Liedzyklus fuer Sopran und Kammerensemble;  AGER Klaus (1946-) - "La regle du jeu" fuer Sopran, Floete, Klarinette, Violine, Violoncello und Klavier;  REGNER Hermann - "Im Bannkreis der Sonne" - Drei Gedichte von Catarina Carsten fuer Sopran, Floete, Voloncello und Klavier
Ensemble Kaleidocollage, Orpheus-Ensemble
ORF - Hochschule "Mozarteum" - DADC Austria [HSMOZ 6], Austria  200.00


(2CD) "Tangomania"
La Cumparsita tango;  Ventanita Florida tango (è1981);  Barrio de Tango tango (è1943);  Casas Viejas tango (è1957);  Pregonera tango (è1945);  Lacrimas y Sonrias vals (è1941);  Francia vals (è1943);  Organito de la Tarde tango (è1956);  La Fulana milonga (è1957);  La Punalada milonga (è1950);  La Morocha tango (è1964);  A Media luz tango (è1964);  Caminito tango;  Yo Tambien Sone tango (è1981);  La Ultima tango (è1975);  Volver tango (è1935);  El dia que me quieras tango (è1935);  La Guitarrera de San Nicholas vals (è1916);  Noches de Estio tango (è1929);  Se dice de mi milonga (è1954);  El Choclo tango;  Jueves tango (è1981);  Comme il faut tango (è1966);  Romance de Barrio vals (è1969);  Pobre flor vals (è1946);  Quejas de Bandoneon (è1975);  Rodriguez Pena tango (è1953);  Yida Mia tango (è1952);  Adios Muchachos tango (è1939);  La Cumparsita tango (è1916);  Bandoneon Arrabalero tango (è1979);  Mi Buenos Aires querido tango (è1994);  La Cachila tango (è1977);  Uno tango (è1957);  La Punalada milonga (è1974);  Baile de Los Morenos milonga candombe (è1944);  De Puro Guapo tango (è1972);  Gallo Ciego tango (è1959);  La Beba tango (è1972);  Cafetin de Buenos Aires tango (è1994);  Ojos Negros tango (è1980);  Milonga del Angel (è1992);  Tanguera tango (è1957);  Taquito Militar milonga (è1957);  Azabache milonga (è1958);  Adios Nonino tango (è1993);  Oro y Gris tango (è1970);  Libertango tango (è1994)
EMI Electrola [7243 4 78400 2 9], Netherlands  400.00


DEFAYE Jean-Michel (1932-) - Six Pieces D'Audition (1987);  SCHICKELE Peter (1936-) - Dances for Three (1980);  KULESHA Gary (1954-) - Political Implications (1987);  KIBBE Michael (1945-) - Ebony Suite (1992);  FOX Frederick (1931-) - Time Weaving (1993)
Trio Indiana (James Campbell - clarinet, Eli Eban - clarinet and Eb clarinet, Howard Klug - clarinet and bass clarinet)
Crystal Records [CD734], USA  150.00


"Set me as a seal upon thine heart. 20th century choral masterpieces"
WALTON William (1902-1983) - Set me as a seal upon thine heart;  The Twelve;  FINZI Gerald (1901-1956) - Lo, the full, final sacrifice;  LANGLAIS Jean (1907-1991) - Messe Solennelle;  COPLAND Aaron (1900-1990) - In the beginning (for mixed chorus with mezzo-soprano solo)
Organ - Allan Walker, mezzo-soprano - Kathryn Turpin
St. John's College Choir, Cambridge (cond. Christopher Robinson)
Lindenberg - Sentinel [LBCD 55], Netherlands  150.00


"Garden of Beauty"
BRUNNER David - O Music;  CLAUSEN Rene (1953-) - Garden of Beauty;  Peace I Leave With You;  CASALS Pablo (1876-1973) - Nigra Sum;  THOMPSON Randall (1899-1984) - Pueri Hebraeorum;  The Place of the Blest;  Alleluia;  DALEY Eleanor (1955-) - My Master From a Garden Rose;  MANZ Paul (1919-) - E'en So, Lord Jesus, Quickly Come
Atlanta Boy Choir, USA  150.00


"Dancing Day"
VENI EMMANUEL - O Come, O Come Emanuel;  BRITTEN Benjamin (1913-1976) - A Ceremony of Carols;  LAURIDSEN Morton (1943-) - O Magnum Mysterium;  BIEBL Franz (1906-2001) - Ave Maria;  RUTTER John (1945-) - Dancing Day;  SWEELINCK Jan Pieterszoon (1562-1621) - Hodie Christus Natus Est
Atlanta Boy Choir (cond. David R. White), harp - Ellen Heinicke Foster
Atlanta Boy Choir, USA  150.00


"De Vaert Er In"
O Lui O Lui;  Uut de weg;  De 06-lijn;  Moeders wist het niet;  Gina Lalo;  Richamunde;  Hele nachten met mij dansen;  Beautiful Joyce;  Antoichero;  Frankie Pink;  Ronaldo's Country;  Unforgattable;  Kameraadje;  Tommy Lover;  Schafttied!;  Go Dance;  Rok en blijf rollen;  De Boer'n rock;  Hoor je het ruisen der golven;  Kleine cafe aan de Hoofdvaart;  Aufwiedersehen;  Uut de weg
Deurbloazers Deaventer
Fictoor Projects - DADC Austria [C6514], Austria  200.00


"Parade des Poules"
Parade des Poules (J. P. Guiran);  Helena (J. P. Guiran);  Tres Corazones (Trad. Tex-Mex / J. P. Guiran);  Takirari del Regreso (A. Baldassari);  Zemer Atik (Traditional Yiddish);  Mango (J. P. Guiran);  Volver (Carlos Gardel);  Cafe Vert (J. P. Guiran);  Petite Fleur (Sidney Becher);  Tarantella (Traditional Italian);  Oye Diosa y Fe (Traditional Cuban);  Highland Reel (Traditional Scottish);  Une Valse Anglaise S.V.P. (J. P. Guiran);  Penawar Dukar (Traditional Indonesian);  Amorcito (Leoncito Borgschot);  Quinta Anauco (Aldemaro Romero);  Olijven Vallen (Traditional Italian)
Accordeon Melancolique (Jean-Pierre Guiran & Cherie de Boer)
Sterkenburg Records [Stam 006], Netherlands  150.00


"Slovenska zborova tvorba 20. storocia"
HRUSOVSKY Ivan (1927-2001) - Iseu Macek;  Ked ja pojd'em;  Nevandruj, mily moj;  Zahucali chladne vjetry;  Psalmus 120;  Rytmus;  Zalm 23;  FERENCZY Oto (1921-2000) - Verbunk;  SCHNEIDER-TRNAVSKY Mikulas (1881-1958) - Anicka, Anicka, ty si trucovita;  TRADITIONAL - Oddavac se budu;  Kysuca, Kysuca;  SUCHON Eugen (1908-1993) - Ej, dziny, dziny, dom;  Bodaj by vas certi vzali;  CIKKER Jan (1911-1989) - Za horami, za dolami;  CON Peter (1949-1992) - Isol mili orac;  Tempus;  ZELENKA Ilja (1932-) - Bagately
Miesany spevacky zbor Tirnavia (cond. Andrej Rapant)
Slovart Records - DADC Austria [SR-0054], Austria  200.00


"Contemporary British Piano Music"
PITFIELD Thomas - Prelude, Minuet and Reel;  FORSHAW David - Four Piano Pieces after Charles Messier;  WILLIAMSON John - Three Palindromatic Preludes For Piano (Nos. 2, 6 & 8);  RAWSTHOME Alan - Theme and Four Studies;  BEARDSLEY Christopher - Diptych No.1 (Stars in a Dark Night);  ELLIS David - Piano Sonata No.1;  GOLIGHTLY David - Piano Sonata No.1
Piano - John McCabe
ASC Records [ASC CS CD3], UK  150.00


(2CD) "In Flanders' Fields Vol.22. Music for Children's and Girls' Choirs by Flemish Composers"
VAN DER ROOST Jan - Met Annie in Toverland - With Annie in Magic Land for Children Choir, Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Piano, Double Bass and Percussion (1991);  COECK Jan - Dat stuk met die Fagot - The Bassoon Story for Children Choir, Piano and Bassoon (1994);  PIETERS Peter - Hekserijen - Surcery and Witchcraft for Children Choir, Clarinet, Violin, Piano and Percussion (1998);  BIKKEMBERGS Kurt - Het Prinsesje met de blauwe ogen - The Princess with Blue Eyes for Children Choir, Flute, Oboe, Piano and Percussion (1995);  VALCKE Martin - Rossekruisnor - Redbeard's Treasure for Children Choir, Accordion, Violin and Recorder (1996);  NEES Vic - Memoria Justi for Girl Choir a capella (1989)
De Arnoudjes, Die Ghespeelkens, Londerzeels Kinderkoor, Ensemble Oxalys, Clari Cantuli, Bondinella, Cantitare, In Dulci Jubilo, Innamorati di Musica
ISP [PHAEDRA 92022], Belgium  300.00


"Arnold Schwarzenegger Super Hero"
True Lies - Main Title;  Escape From The Chateau;  Juno's Place;  Causeway / Helicopter Rescue;  Nuclear Kiss (Brad Fiedel);  Last Action Hero - Big Gun (A. Young / M. Young - J. Albert);  Predator - Main Title (Alan Silvestri);  The Terminator - Main Theme (Brad Fiedel);  Kindergarten Cop - Medley (Randy Edelman);  Conan - The Barbarian - Main Title (Basil Poledouris);  Twins - Main Title (Georges Delerue);  Total Recall - Main Title (Jerry Goldsmith);  Raw Deal - Kaminsky's Stomp (Randy Kerber, Tom Bahler, Chris Boardman, Albhy Galuten, Steve Lukather, Jerry Hey);  Red Sonja - Main Title (Ennio Morricone);  Commando - Medley (James Horner);  Conan The Destroyer - The Crystal Palace (Basil Poledouris);  Red Heat - Russian Streets (James Horner);  The Running Man - Mick's Broadcast / Attack (Harold Faitermeyer);  Last Action Hero - Two Steps Behind (S. Clark / P. Collen / J. Elliott / R. Lange);  Terminator II: Judgement Day - Main Title (Brad Fiedel)
Edel [CD 0022232CIN], Germany  200.00


"Regionals 2004"
VINTER Gilbert - Vizcaya (Scottish Co-op Band - cond. Nicholas J. Childs);  GREGSON Edward - Partita (Black Dyke Band - cond. James Watson);  SPARKE Philip - Kaleidoscope - Five Variations on the Brugg Song (Fodens Richardson Band - cond. Richard Evans);  TOVEY Bramwell - Coventry Variations (Buy As You View Cory Band - cond. Robert B. Childs);  ELLERBY Martin - Tristan Encounters (Fodens Courtois Band - cond. Nicholas J. Childs)
Doyen - DADC Austria [DOY CD157], Austria  200.00


BELLINATI Paulo - Jongo;  EDWARDS Ross - Celebration;  Circle Dance;  HOUGHTON Phillip - Hope;  BRITTEN Benjamin - The Water is Wide;  SCARLATTI Domenico - Sonata K380;  SOLER Antonio - Sonata R92;  ANDIA Rafael - Anda Jaleo from Canciones Flamencas Antiguas;  Las Tres Hojas;  Los Cuatro Muleros;  STANGER Philip - Cancion del Naranjo Seco;  WINGFIELD Stephen - Teyata;  KOHACHIRO Miyata - Time of the North Wind;  CHARLTON Richard - Spiral Ellipse;  Drifting;  Updraft;  CARDOSO Jorge - Milonga
Z.o.o. Guitar Duo (Peter Constant & Marion Schaap)
Disc Print [Zoo EC01], Netherlands  150.00


(3CD) "Contemporary Music From Flanders: Composers At The Lemmensinstituut"
SWERTS Piet - Motion;  HENDERICKX Wim - Saeta;  STEEGMANS Paul - Tombeau de J. S. Bach;  OUDERITS Leo - Per Aspera ad Astra;  VAN DER ROOST Jan - Contemplations;  PIETERS Peter - Gitanjali;  CLAESEN Ludo - Syntagma;  VERVENNE Hans - Elpida;  BIKKEMBERGS Kurt - Un arco iris tendido;  HADERMANN Jan - Guernica;  DE NEF Dirk - Pain'things;  VAN EYNDHOVEN Carl - Carry on!
Percussion Orchestra Lemmensinstituut (cond. Leo Ouderits), Chamber Choir Lemmensinstituut (cond. Erik Van Nevel), Symphonic Orchestra Lemmensinstituut (cond. Edmond Saveniers), Harmony Orchestra Lemmensinstituut (cond. Jan Van der Roost)
Flanders Music Centre [FMC 2005/01], Belgium  450.00


"Shades of a Rainbow. 1992-2002"
Jikela emaweni hamba!;  Umtwana wa Afrika;  Balefatse;  Ngwana mo Afrika;  Plea from Africa;  Ngqongqo;  Dubula;  Arihe Morija;  Ingolovane;  Walamba;  Come Coulours Rise;  Jikela emaweni hamba!;  Uqongqothwane;  Nuwejaar;  Appelblou Skimmel;  Potjiekos - uit die Vrystaat;  Boetie sy's 'n perskeblom;  Koop 'n bossie blomme;  Die Spook;  Stuur groete aan Mannetjies Roux;  Heimwee;  Hosanna, Sy lieflike Naam;  Masithi Amen
Bloemfontein Children's Choir (cond. Huibrie Verster)
Bloemfontein Children's Choir [BLOEMCD001], South Africa  150.00


SHIBUYA Keiichiro, MOSLANG Norbert and NAKAMURA Tosjimaru - 3'42;  3'57;  3'49;  2'39;  6'20;  7'32;  1'17;  SHIBUYA Keiichiro - 10'30;  4'09;  MOSLANG Norbert - 5'30;  5'52;  NAKAMURA Toshimaru - 3'29;  10'00
ATAK [ATAK008], Singapore  150.00


WILLIAMSON Malcolm (1931-) - Lento for Strings;  Camargue Scenes;  MOZART Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791) - Piano Concerto in A Major K414;  SILVESTRI Constantin (1913-1969) - Three Pieces for Strings;  TURINA Joaquin (1882-1949) - "Rapsodia sinfonica" for Piano and Strings
The London Schubert Players, piano - Anda Anastasescu
Cressidia Classics [CRES CD 196], UK  150.00


"Tongyeong International Music Festival 2003"
GRIEG Edvard - Holberg Suite;  PENDERECKI Krzysztof - Sinfonietta for Strings;  BACH - Concerto for Two Violins and Orchestra;  CHIN Gordon - Formosa Seasons;  SARASATE - Encore
International Sejong Soloists (cond. Hyo Kang)
Tongyeong International Music Festival, Korea  150.00


"Songs of American Women Composers"
LARSEN Libby - De toda la eternidad (2002);  Songs from Letters: Calamity Jane to her daughter Janey, 1880-1902 (1989);  TALMA Louise - Five Songs (1941-1973);  THOMAS Augusta Read - among dawn flowers (2001);  BONDS Margaret - Three Dream Portraits (1959);  FRANK Gabriela Lena - Cuatro Canciones Andinas (1999)
Soprano - Bonnie Pomfret, piano - Laura Gordy
ACA Digital Recording [CM20090], USA  150.00


"Masses of the 20th Century"
LANGLAIS Jean (1907-1991) - Missa "in simplicate" op.75 (1952);  STOCKMEIER Wolfgang (1931-) - Sonate III ("Missa brevis") op.150 (1970);  LINKE Norbert (1933-) - Chorale Variations on the ancient ecclesiastical "Gloria in excelsis" (1979);  KARLSEN Kjell Mork (1947-) - Messe over norske folketoner ("Missa norvegica") op.59 (1979);  PART Arvo (1935-) - Annum per annum - Missa pro organo (1980)
Mezzo-soprano - Ingeborg Hischer, organ - Joachim Dorfmueller
Sicus Klassik - Sonopress [sic 006-2], Germany  150.00


DALLAPICCOLA Luigi (1904-1975) - Quattro liriche di Antonio Machado (1964);  Rencesvals (1946);  HARTMANN Karl Amadeus (1905-1963) - Lamento (Andreas Gryphius) (1936-1937, rev. 1955);  VON SCHWEINITZ Wolfgang (1953-) - Papiersterne op.20 (Sarah Kirsch) (1981)
Sopranos - Mojca Erdmann, Claudia Barainsky, mezzo-soprano - Doris Soffel, bariton - Dietrich Henschel, pianos - Axel Bauni, Aribert Reimann
Orfeo [C 558 061 A], Germany  150.00


"Scenes from Jewish Operas"
SCHIFF David (1945-) - "Gimpel the Fool" (excerpts);  SIEGMEISTER Elie (1909-1991) - "Lady of the Lake" (excerpts);  WEISGALL Hugo (1912-1997) - "Esther" (excerpt)
University of Michigan Opera Orchestra and Chorus (cond. Kenneth Kiesler), Seattle Symphony (cond. Gerard Schwarz)
Naxos [8.559450], Canada  150.00


MACHADO Celso (1953-) - Pacoca;  Sambamar;  Quebra Queixo (choro);  Chorinho pra loria;  Sao Paolo a Noite;  RAVEL Maurice (1875-1937) - Chanson Italienne;  Kaddish;  Piece en forme de Habanera;  ASSAD Sergio (1959-) - Circulo Magico (2001);  PIAZZOLLA Astor (1921-1992) - Histoire du Tango (1986);  La Muerte del Angel;  Oblivion;  CORDERO Ernesto (1946-) - Fantasia Mulata (1986)
Flute - Wally Hase, guitar - Thomas Mueller-Pering
Animato [ACD6100], Germany  150.00


"Hungarian Songs Popular All Over The World"
Pretty Kati - inn scene;  Blue Forgetmenot;  The Fiddle, They Make Fine Music;  Down at the End of the Village;  Come Tonight, Late at Night;  Ten Pairs of Kisses All in One;  The Leaves of the Shimmering Aspen Fell;  The Wheat it's Ripening;  My Sweetheart Sent Word;  All, All, All I Feel Bitter for;  My Tiny Wee Dove;  My Fiddle's Broken;  My Saucy Rose;  Listen My Rose, My Little Kati;  It's No Good, Standing at the Gate Every Night;  Three Pretzeis;  The Cane Starts Out;  Little Girl, Do You Hear the Music;  Pretty Girls, Pretty Girls Have Blue Eyes;  Harken, Gypsies;  May Bug, Yellow May Bug;  There's Only One Girl in All the World;  Girls, Girls, Simongat Girls;  Blonde is Pretty, Dark Hair's Pretty;  The Are No Rosenbushes in the Puszta;  I had Thirteen Lovers;  Badacsony Csardas;  My Lover Comes from Transdanubia;  It's Over, Over, Over
Antal Szalai and His Gypsy Band
Hungaroton Records - Sanyo [HCD 10211-2], Japan  150.00


"World Hits"
I Will Follow Him - Chariot;  Sunny;  Girl;  Eleanor Rigby;  Try To Remember;  Michelle;  Yesterday;  Let It Be;  Lady Madonna;  The Last Waltz;  Somethin' Stupid;  San Francisco;  El Condor Pasa;  Delilah;  Bridge Over Troubled Water;  My Sweet Lord
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul Mauriat (cond. Paul Mauriat)
Philips [32PD-58], Japan  200.00


"Gnawa Njoum Experience"
Bateau Rouge;  Kami Ni Mantara;  Byrika /Red Eyes;  Baba Arabi;  La Voisine (Roc);  Leila n Kanour Jak;  I Lalla Dub;  Moussaka (Benediction version);  100 Owich;  Berkilia Foufou Den Ba;  Marhaba;  Sourie;  Sassadi Manayo;  Charme de la France
Maalem Sedik Laarch - guimbri / vocals / t'bel, Khalid Amarhouch - karkabas / vocals / k7, Abderrahim Boutazar - bendir / vocals / karkabas / k7, Thomas Calegari - drums, Cyril Atef - drums, K. Mille - double bass / melodica / programming, DJ Click - programming, Nino Korta - scratches, Paul Lazar - violin, Sista Scotie - vocal, Black Sifichi - spoken word, DJ Ben - programming, Jahbass - didgeridoo
No Fridge [NDCD 097], France  150.00


DJ CLICK - Malful Reaction;  Samra;  Labesse;  DJ CLICK & D. KRUPINSKI - La Dame En Rouge (Dub Mix);  MAGIC MALIK - Solo Morning;  DJ CLICK & BLACK SIFICHI - 1001 Rugs;  MEI TEI SHO & GANOUB - Shalawiya;  GNAWA NJOUM EXPERIENCE - Kami Ni Mantadub;  Tura Tura (break dance rmx);  HIGH TONE - Bad Weather (DJ Click rmx);  NINO KORTA - The A La Menthe;  U-CEF feat. AMINA - Kalzoom;  SHAGARA - Ya Rababa;  MAZAHER & PASCO - Interlude;  SMADJ AKA YAAKOV - Take It
No Fridge [CDN04], France  150.00


"Ghost Forest"
UHT° Jazz Club;  Bluenvironment;  Ham"Mond" Burger;  Nino's Breaks2;  Rock It BB;  Alternate Take;  Dersou Ouzala;  Ghost Forest;  Ibama Em Acao;  1979 Ixtog 1;  Beaute Verite Et Amour;  Ritmos Motivados;  Sex Dub & Jazz'n'Roll;  Tchernobyl Lies
Composed by UHT°
UHT° (DJ Click - programming, percussion, keyboards, turntables, theremin, vocals, Nino Korta - turntables, cutz, Lawkyz - double bass, electric bass, Cat's Eyes - flute, bansuri, keyboards)
No Fridge [CDN08], France  150.00


PABLO Luis de (1930-) - "Las Orillas" (1990);  DVORAK Antonin (1841-1904) - Symphony No.8 in G Major op.88
Orquesta Sinfonica de Tenerife (cond. Victor Pablo Perez)
Col Legno - Aurophon [AU 31818 CD], Germany  200.00


"Slovaks for the Warsaw Autumn"
KMITOVA Jana (1976-) - Wound;  PAPANETZOVA Lucia (1978-) - Zahir;  KUPKOVIC Ladislav (1936-) - Sketch;  KORNOWICZ Jerzy (1959-) - Dawning Light IV "Melos Ethnos"
Melos Ethons Ensemble (cond. Marian Lejava)
BENES Juraj (1940-2004) - Piano Concerto No.3
Piano - Veronika Lackova, National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra (cond. Gabriel Chmura)
Polish Music Information Centre [polmic 018], Poland  150.00


"Sound Fantasies"
SINGLETON Alvin - Argoru III for Solo Flute (1971);  COATES Gloria - Reaching for the Moon for Flute Solo (1988);  TRAIGER Laurence - Notion for Solo Flute (2001);  BACH Carl Philipp Emanuel - Sonate in A Minor for Flute Solo Wq132;  TANN Hilary - Lief for Flute and Cello (1995) (cello - Christopher Barritt);  KUHLAU Friedrich - Fantasie in D Major for Flute alone;  BOZZA Eugene - Image pour Flute Solo op.38;  PAGANINI Nicolo - Caprice No.11
Flute - Sara Vargas-Barritt
HOA [HOA222114], Germany  150.00


"An American Recital"
ZUCKER Laurel (1955-) - Aviary for Solo Flute (1982);  Effect Out for Solo Flute (1982);  Shining for Solo Flute (1982);  COPLAND Aaron (1900-1990) - Duo for Flute and Piano (1971);  WILDER Alec (1907-1980) - Sonata No.2 for Flute and Piano (1965);  KENNAN Kent (1913-) - Night Soliloquy for Flute and Piano (1936);  BLOCH Ernest (1880-1959) - Suite Modale for Flute and Piano (1956);  KINGMAN Daniel (1924-) - Scenario Musical II for Flute and Piano (1992)
Flute - Laurel Zucker, piano - Marc Shapiro
Cantilena Records [660022], USA  150.00


"Serenades for Flute & Harp"
ROXLO Guillermo S. (1890-1956) - Bajo la reja for Flute and Harp;  Playera for Flute and Harp;  HOVHANESS Alan (1911-) - Sonata for Flute and Harp;  BACH-GOUNOD (1810-1856) - Ave Maria for Flute and Harp;  NIELSEN Carl (1865-1931) - The Fog is Lifting for Flute and Harp op.31;  INGHELBRECHT Desire-Emile (1915-1987) - Scaphe for Flute and Harp;  Driades for Flute and Harp;  ZUCKER Laurel (1955-) - Sailing for Flute and Harp;  PERSICHETTI Vincent (1915-1987) - Serenade No.10;  FAURE Gabriel (1845-1924) - Sicilienne op.78 for Flute and Harp;  BACH Johann Sebastian (1685-1750) - Arioso for Flute and Harp;  IBERT Jacques (1890-1962) - Entr 'Acte for Flute and Harp;  SAINT-SAENS Camille (1835-1921) - The Swan for Flute and Harp;  MASSENET Jules (1842-1912) - Meditation from Thais for Flute and Harp
Flute - Laurel Zucker, harp - Sara Cutler
Cantilena Records [66008-2], USA  150.00


"Images for Flute & Harp"
GOTKOWSKY Ida (1933-) - Eolienne for Flute and Harp (1976);  FRANCAIX Jean (1912-) - Cinque piccoli duetti for Flute and Harp (1975);  SIBINGA Theo Smit (1899-1958) - Trois Images for Flute and Harp (1954);  FROST Victor (1952-) - Sonatine for Flute and Harp (1998);  HOOVER Katherine (1937-) - Dances & Variations for Flute and Harp (1996)
Flute - Laurel Zucker, harp - Susan Jolles
Cantilena Records [66016-2], USA  150.00


"Sonata da Camera for Flute & Harp"
SIERRA Roberto (1953-) - Flower Pieces for Flute and Harp (1994);  ALWYN William (1905-1985) - Naiades-Fantasy Sonata;  MONDELLO Nuncio F. (1912-1993) - Poem for Flute and Harp;  FLOTHUIS Marius (1914-2001) - Sonata da Camera op.42 (1943);  NOON David (1946-) - Sonata da Camera for Flute and Harp
Flute - Laurel Zucker, harp - Susan Jolles
Cantilena Records [66035-2], USA  150.00


"Pollack Plays Jazz - Flute & Guitar Duo"
ZUCKER Laurel (1955-) - The Yearling for Flute and Guitar (1989);  SIERRA Roberto (1953-) - Primera Cronica del Descubrimiento;  Segunda Cronica del Descubrimiento;  Tercera Cronica del Descubrimiento (2000);  PERLA Jack (1960-) - Pollack Plays Jazz (2006);  MOWER Mike (1958-) - Suite for Flute and Guitar (2006)
Flute - Laurel Zucker, guitar - Mark Delpiora
Cantilena Records [66036-2], USA  150.00


"Schubert Dialog"
WIDMANN Joerg (1973-) - Lied fuer Orchester (2003);  RIHM Wolfgang (1952-) - "Erscheinung" Skizze ueber Schubert fuer 9 Streicher und Klavier ad lib. (1978);  MANTOVANI Bruno (1974-) - "Mit Ausdruck" pour clarinette basse et orchestre (2003);  SCHNEBEL Dieter (1930-) - Schubert-Phantasie (Re-Visionen I5) fuer geteiltes grosses Orchester (1978, revidiert 1989)
Bamberger Symphoniker (cond. Jonathan Nott)
Tudor - DADC Austria [TUDOR 7132], Austria  200.00


CHOPIN Frederic (1810-1949) - Etudes op.10 (1829-1832);  CORIGLIANO John (1938-) - Etude Fantasy for Solo Piano (1976);  Fantasia on an Ostinato for Solo Piano (1985)
Piano - Ragna Schirmer
Berlin Classics [0017602BC], Germany  200.00


(2CD) "Neue Kammermusik des 20. und 21. Jahrhunerts"
VOSSEBRECKER Roland (1965-) - Deutsche Volkslieder;  Uebungen in Brahms'schem Stil;  Sechs Stuecke fuer Klarinette und Klavier op.17;  HOPPE Frank (1962-) - Sonatine fuer Floete und Klavier;  Humoreske fuer Fagott und Klavier op.24;  Poeme und Rondeau fuer Violoncello und Klavier op.33;  Rhapsodie fuer Viola und Klavier op.29;  PHILIPPI Raimund (1963-) - Distancen fuer Violine und Klavier;  BAUR Juerg (1918-) - Fuehe Lieder;  DEJONGHE Koen (1957-) - Drei Miniaturen fuer Floete und Klavier;  BRESGEN Cesar (1913-1988) - aus: Studies 4 fuer Floete und Klavier;  LUETTER Johann (1913-1992) - Sonatine fuer Violine und Klavier;  REZLAS Sabine (1958-) - Aus dem Leben eines jungen Elefanten op.28 fuer Waldhorn und Klavier;  ERNST Christian (1967-) - Konzertrhapsodie fuer Violoncello und Klavier;  KEUSEN-NICKEL Ursula (1932-) - Fantasie und Sardana fuer Piccolo, Floete, Violine und Violoncello;  Mosaik;  Sonatine fuer Altfloete und Klavier;  Drei katalanische Marienlieder
Musikwerkstatt Siegburg [NM 00133], Germany  300.00


"Remember the Thirties"
MOYZES Mikulas (1872-1944) - Wind Quintet in F Major;  MOYZES Alexander (1906-1984) - Wind Quintet in B Flat Major op.17;  RAJTER Ludovit (1906-2000) - Wind Quintet No.1 - Serenata;  SUCHON Eugen (1908-1993) - Serenade for Wind Quintet op.5;  KARDOS Dezider (1914-1991) - Quintet for Winds op.6
Istropolis Quintet (flute - Marian Turner, bassoon - Roman Mesina, oboe - Igor Fabera, clarinet - Jozef Luptacik, french horn - Branislav Hoz)
Radio Bratislava [RB 0227-2031], Slovakia  150.00


(VHS) "austrian abstracts 00"
Otexvertices (epy - epy);  aka (Skot - Skot, MEGO);  Disembodies (Markus Degen - Markus Degen);  mobile V (reMI - Renate D. Oblak, Michael R. Pinter);  notdef./version one (maia./notdef - maia gusberti);  overfart (Ben Pointeker - General Magic (©Mego));  relifted (tinhoko - Hans Kulisch);  rewind ([n:ja] - M. Shabotinski);  rla (farmers manual - farmners manual);  timbased_body (Einar - Felder, Eckmayr / Dank an Kreimel);  tixotorp (lia - lia);  Unterwerk (dariusz - dariusz)
lanolin [lanolin 002], Austria  150.00


(VHS) "austrian abstracts 02"
1TexCoord (epy - epy);  sub_species (Axel Stockburger - Techno Animal);  <frame> ([n:ja] - Radian);  Key West (Thomas Aigelsreiter - Rudi Aigelsreiter);  wir alle (Joerg Piringer - Joerg Piringer);  lb (Sabine Stuller - Sabine Stuller);  blinq (Billy Roisz - Burkhard Stangl, Akoasma, Boris Hauf, Sachiko M., Martin Siewert, Christof Kurzmann, Toshimaru Nakamura, dieb13, Werner Dafeldecker, el);  G.S.I.L.XII / + (lia - @c);  take the bus (Michaela Schwentner - General Magic);  mir mig men (Karoe Goldt - rashim);  Vague Nouvelle (reMI - reMI);  cubica (m.ash - Chris Janka)
lanolin [lanolin 005], Austria  150.00


"Music from Six Continents. 1997 Series"
KOYAMA Kaoru (1955-) - Violin Concerto (1994) (Japan Shinsei Symphony Orchestra - cond. Kazumasa Watanabe);  RABUSHKA Aaron (1958-) - Concerto for Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Chamber Orchestra op.20 (1977) (Bohuslav Martinu Philharmonic Orchestra - cond. Milos Machek);  FLEISCHER Tsippi (1946-) - Salt Crystals (1995) (Warsaw Philharmonic - cond. Gerard Wilgowicz);  VAN DE VATE Nancy (1930-) - Suite from Nemo (1996) (Ruse Philharmonic Orchestra - cond. Tsanko Delibozov)
Vienna Modern Masters - DADC Austria [VMM 3038], Austria  200.00


"Music from Six Continents. 1997 Series"
SZETO Caroline (1956-) - ABC Fanfare (1992);  Energy (1990);  MILLS Barry (1949-) - Tartano (1991);  TANNER Jerre (1939-) - The Warrior's Aria from The Naupaka Floret (tenor - Jeffrey Springer);  PARKER Charles Stephen Lawrence (1961-) - Sinfonietta (1996-);  HEARD Alan (1942-) - Symphonic Etude No.2 (1995);  CLEARY Siobhan (1970-) - Threads (1994)
Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra (cond. Jiri Mikula)
Vienna Modern Masters - DADC Austria [VMM 3041], Austria  200.00


"Dialogues of the Heart"
Beautiful Love (Yong, King, Vaan Alstyne, Gillespie);  Like Someone In Love (Van Heusen/Burke);  Summer Nights (Dubin/Warren);  You Must Believe in Spring (Legrand, Demy, M. Bergman/A. Bergman);  Isfahan (Billy Strayhorn);  Jazz Passacaglia (Larry Koonse);  Everything I Love (Cole Porter);  Django (John Lewis);  Minority (Gigi Gryce);  Young and Foolish (Horwitt/Hague)
Guitars - Larry and Dave Koonse
Jazz Compass [JC1005], USA  200.00


"Back Nine"
Back Nine (Tom Warrington);  Light and Shadow (Larry Koonse);  Nardis (Miles Davis);  Labyrinth (Larry Koonse);  You Know I Care (Duke Pearson);  Whisper Not (Benny Golson);  What Might Have Benn (Tom Warrington);  Sour Owl (Tom Warrington);  Dear Donna (Joe La Barbera);  My One and Only Love (Guy Wood and Robert Melin)
Guitar - Larry Koonse, bass - Tom Warrington, drums - Joe La Barbera
Jazz Compass [JC1010], USA  200.00


Vignette;  For Chopin;  Between Nowhere and Goodbye;  Candle;  Island Song;  Beautiful Eyes;  Seventh Heaven;  Harlequin;  Senegal Trance Dance;  Valentine
Composed by performers
Acoustic and electric guitars - Larry Koonse, bass - Darek "Oles" Oleszkiewicz, percussion - Munyungo Jackson
Jazz Compass [JC1013], USA  200.00


(4CD) "Contemporary Music from Ireland. Volumes 1-4"
SWEENEY Eric - Duo;  GARDNER Stephen - The Milesian Equation;  MARTIN Philip - Serendipity (excerpt);  BARRY Gerald - Sextet;  O'LEARY Jane - Silenzio della Terra;  DEANE Raymond - After-pieces 1;  KINSELLA John - Nocturne;  BUCKLEY John - Sonata for Solo Horn (first movement);  BOYDELL Brian - Adagio & Scherzo for String Quartet;  GUILFOYLE Ronan - Sonata for Violin and Piano (second movement);  WILSON James - For Cliodhna;  HAYES Paul - The Love Sonata;  WILSON Ian - Timelessly this;  BODLEY Seoirse - String Quartet No.2 (third movement);  CORCORAN Frank - Three Pieces for Guitar No.2;  JOHNSTON Fergus - Kaleidophone;  FARRELL Eibhlis - Skyshapes;  DOYLE Roger - Under the Green Time (excerpt);  VOLANS Kevin - This is how it is;  CLEARY Siobhan - Deuce;  INGOLDSBY Marian - Red Shoes;  HELLAWELL Piers - Sound Carvings from the Water's Edge (excerpt);  HOLOHAN Michael - O Breath;  GOBSON John - Sliabh Luachra (excerpt);  BRENNAN John Wolf - Bow Road;  CLARKE Rhona - The Old Men Admiring Themselves in the Water;  MULVEY Grainne - Sextet Uno (excerpt);  HURLEY Donal - Suspended Sentence;  MCGLYNN Michael - From Nowhere to Nowhere;  DENNEHY Donnacha - Work for Organ;  HAMILTON Andrew - above under now;  MCLACHLAN John - Here be Dragons (excerpt);  CANNING Rob - Myriorama (Penelope Sleeps);  RIAIN Ailis Ni - DON'T!;  DWYER Benjamin - Afterjoyce I;  HOLSTEAD Rachel - Enchant;  FENNESSY David - felt (excerpt);  O'CONNELL Kevin - Slaetter;  RING Judith - phorM (excerpt);  SIMPSON Juergen - Unlocking;  POWER Gerard - Gelert;  WALSHE Jennifer - unbreakable line. hinged waist (excerpt)
The Contemporary Music Centre Ireland [CMC CD01-04], Ireland  600.00


"Contemporary Music from Ireland. Volume 4"
HAMILTON Andrew - above under now;  MCLACHLAN John - Here be Dragons (excerpt);  CANNING Rob - Myriorama (Penelope Sleeps);  RIAIN Ailis Ni - DON'T!;  DWYER Benjamin - Afterjoyce I;  HOLSTEAD Rachel - Enchant;  FENNESSY David - felt (excerpt);  O'CONNELL Kevin - Slaetter;  RING Judith - phorM (excerpt);  SIMPSON Juergen - Unlocking;  POWER Gerard - Gelert;  WALSHE Jennifer - unbreakable line. hinged waist (excerpt)
The Contemporary Music Centre Ireland [CMC CD04], Ireland  150.00


"Gott segne Afrika"
Nsi Na Beto (popular);  Yoka Liloba (Ndomatesco Lufulu);  Bikelamu (Nseka Luyeye);  Aleluya (Tandu Sila/Nseka Luyeye);  Pasi Na Afrika (Tandu Sila/Chorus);  Sequor o senhor (Tandu Sila/Roberto Miguel);  Nakotika Mabe (Matumona/Mbuta/Ndombele);  Jesus Vient (popular);  Tuenda Kua Mfumu (Tandu Sila);  Napesi (popular);  Balula Mabanza (Joao Zanquila);  Jesus Coming Soon (Tandu Sila);  Masithi (Tandu Sila/S.C. Molefe);  Libala (Tandu Sila);  Nous te couronons (Tandu Sila);  Landa Nzila (Roberto Miguel);  Percussion;  Nzambi Sambula (popular)
Rhythm-/solo guitars - Joao Zanquila, percussion - Tandu Sila, Roberto Miguel, Joao Zanquila, Malungisi Mbela, Ndomatesco Lufulu, Bikindu Phillipe
Afrikanischer Boboto Chor
Art Beat, Germany  150.00


"Flauta v komornej tvorbe L. Kupkovica & I. Parika"
PARIK Ivan - Sonata pre flautu solo;  Epitaf pre flautu a gitaru;  Arietta (Pospevovanie) pre flautu solo;  Meditacia pre flautu a organ;  KUPKOVIC Ladislav - Sonata G dur pre flautu a klavir
Flute - Milos Jurkovic, piano - Helena Gafforova, organ - Ivan Sokol, guitar - Jozef Zsapka
Radio Bratislava [RB 0265-2131], Slovakia  150.00


"Konkurs kompozytorski Musica Sacra 2000-2005"
WROBEL Piotr - Z glosow Pisma Swietego;  SZYDLOWSKA Agnieszka - Veniet Dominus;  KAWALSKI-BANASEWICZ Bartosz - Sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth;  Lacrimosa;  LEE Mi-Jin - Psalmus 84;  Pater noster;  GARBACZ Joanna - Ave Regina coelorum;  Sanctus;  NAWROCKA Aldona - Agnus Dei;  PASTERNAK Klaudia - Ave vere;  FARCINKIEWICZ Lukasz - Prosby wygnanca;  ROZYCKI Patryk - Credo;  BLECHARZ Wojciech - Psalmus 82
Zespol Spiewakow Camerata Silesia, Chor Filharmonii Krakowskiej, Polski Chor Kameralny Schola Cantorum Gedanensis, Chor Polskiego Radia
Acte Prealable [AP0196], Poland  150.00


"Polska wspolczesna muzyka sakralna"
LUCIUK Juliusz - Magnificat na chor mieszany a cappella;  MKATUSZCZAK Bernadetta - Libera me suplikacje na baryton solo i tasme;  LUKASZEWSKI Marcin - Motet maryjny na chor mieszany a cappella;  JASINSKI Marek - Stabat Mater na chor mieszany i orkiestre;  BOGUSLAWSKI Edward - Psalmy Dawida na chor mieszany a cappella;  LUKASZEWSKI Pawel - Exsuliet na sopran, mezzosopran, chor zenski i orkiestre;  SAWA Marian - Tota pulchra es Maria na chor mieszany a cappella;  BORKOWSKI Marian - Dies irae na chor mieszany i orkiestre
Polski Chor Kameralny Schola Cantorum Gedanensis, Chor Polskiego Radia, Zespol Spiewakow Camerata Silesia
Orkiestra Filharmonii Czestochowskiej (cond. Jerzy Swoboda)
Acte Prealable [AP0197], Poland  150.00


"Zum Jahr der Russisch-Deutschen Begegnungen"
KHODOSCH Vitali (1945-) - "Die russische Pasion nach Anna (Das Memorial)" fuer Sprecher, Streichorchester und Chor nach dem Requiem von Anna Achmatova und Texten des russischen orthodoxen Gottesdienstes;  BLARR Oskar Gottlieb (1934-) - "Nes Ammim (Zeichen der Voelker)" nach einem Text von Jesaja 11 und 12 fuer Sopran und 16 Streicher
Kammerchor Nowosibirsk (dir. Igor Judin), Mendelssohn-Kammer-Philharmonie (cond. Michael Hain)
Kulturstiftung NRW, Germany  150.00


(2CD) "Long Walk To Freedom. A celebration of 4 decades of South African Music"
Free Nelson Mandela (The Specials);  1960s: Chaka (Manhattan Brothers);  Umfaan (Ricardo Bornman);  Isonto Lezayoni (Phineas Mkhize);  Banjo Special (Spokes Mashiyane);  Laku Tshoni "Langa" (Miriam Makeba and The Manhattan Brothers);  Zulu Boy Kwela (Toko Tomo and The Bachelors);  Midnight Ska (Reggie Msomi's Hollywood Jazz Band);  Ulova (The Young Stars);  1970s: Shosholoza (Johannesburg African Choir);  Click Song (Miriam Makeba);  Mary (Soul Brothers);  Mama Thembu's Wedding (Margaret Singana);  Tula Baba (Bekithemba Heralds);  Give (Harari);  Thakane (Mpharanyana and The Cannibals);  1980s: Gazette (Mahlathini & The Mahotella Queens);  African Changes (Stimela);  Tumelo (IPCC);  Remember Me (Lucky Dube);  Burn Out (Sipho Mabuse);  Hellfire (African Jazz Pioneers);  Homeless (Ladysmith Black Mambazo);  1990s: Umathimula (Bayete);  Mbube (Mahotella Queens);  Tomorrow Nation (O'Yaba);  Afrikan Dream (Vicky Sampson);  The Prince (Jabu Khanyile);  Nkosi Sikele'l Afrika (Ame Church);  African Spirit (West Nkosi);  Taxman (Lucky Dube);  Kweloa Hotspot (Big Voice Jack Lerole);  Isitimela Sangena (Wrasse Man);  Sophiatown (Soweto String Quartet);  Congratulations South Africa (Ladysmith Black Mambazo)
Wrasse Records [WRASS 021], UK  400.00


"Mek It Bun"
Mek It Bun;  Horse With No Name;  Mr Wicked Man;  Livin Upright (with U Brown);  Empress Lady;  Ital Is Vital 2002;  Johnny Awful;  Dancing Shoes;  Night Nurse;  Babylon You Lose;  Old Marcus;  We Nah Run;  Satta Massa Gana
Composed by Horace Hinds, Guillaume Briard, Thomas Semence, Dewey Bunnell, Jerome Rebotier, Hughford Brown, Pierre Fouchard and others
Horace Andy
Wrasse Records [WRASS 090], UK  200.00


"Together As One"
Lullaby to An Anxious Child (feat. Sting);  Midnight Flyer (feat. Novecento);  Live As One (feat. Novecento);  Wake Up The Morning (feat. Des'Ree & Gabrielle);  Shadow;  World Spirit (feat. Novecento);  Sky Flower (feat. Stanley Jordan);  Aya A (feat. Airto Moreira);  Tender Eyes (feat. Dominic Miller);  Je fre me kofi
Gregg Kofi Brown & friends
Wrasse Records [WRASS 173], UK  200.00


TRADITIONAL - Orovela;  KETCHAKHMADZE Yosif (1939-) - Lotsva (Prayer);  Archaica I;  Archaica II (Lasharis Gzade) (On the Way of Lashari);  Chorali (Chorale);  BEGLARISHVILI Djemal (1940-) - Romansi (Romance);  Khsovna (Memory);  TCHLAIDZE George (1943-) - Tchuti Sevdiani Simtchera (Five Funeral Songs);  KOTCHLAMAZASHVILI Yekutime (1940-) - Upalo tchemo Jeso (Christ, my Lord)
Gori Women's Choir (dir. Shalva Mosidze)
Sony [SMK 66 924], Austria  200.00


"...and we also caught a fish"
Composed by performers
Fredrik Soegaard - electric guitar, MIDI fractal, Eventide H3000, Hasse Poulsen - Guild Jumbo guitar, occasionally prepared with objects, sometimes used with effects
Leo Records [CD LR 436], UK  150.00


"off the map"
Off the map;  Unstrung 01;  Map;  Abstract 0 9;  October 2007;  Diagram;  Space in a can;  Diagram 1978-2056;  Now;  In a field
Composed by performers
Steve Parry - guitars, ukulele, violin, preparations, adaptations, electronics, Fredrik Soegaard - guitar, MIDI fractal converter, TC FireworX, tambourabox
HWYL [HWYLNOW01CD], EU  150.00


"Another Quiet Sunday"
Mooney's Jig;  Isabelle Blackley;  The Ass in the Graveyard;  Highland Wedding;  Dora MacLeod;  Mrs MacPherson of Inveran;  Drum Fanfare;  Ian Ruadh's Lament;  Jig in the Middle;  Ian Ruadh's Lament;  The Friendly Piper;  The Black Isle;  Abbieville;  Taimse Im, Chuodladh;  Miss Campbell of Sheerness;  Bill Harte's Jig;  Rory MacLeod;  Commander Rodger Reid;  The Magpie;  MacNeil's of Ugadale;  The Highland Circus;  Kenneth G. MacLeod;  The Hen and the Turkey;  The Cockerel and the Creel;  Kiss the Train Goodbye;  The Barmaid;  The Swalloe Tail Coat;  The Wise Maiden;  The Bagad Reel;  Colin's Cattle;  The Heroes of Vittoria
Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band
Temple Records - DADC Austria [COMD2037], Austria  200.00


"...mairidh gaol is ceol"
Illean Bithibh Sunndach;  Seann Oran Seilge;  Griogal Cridhe;  Puirt-a-beul;  Crodh an Tailleir;  Barcelona;  Allein Duinn;  Mrs. Jamieson's Favourite;  Puirt-a-beul;  A Chailin Aluinn;  Togail Curs air Leodhas;  Braigh Ulge
Temple Records - DADC Austria [COMD2054], Austria  200.00


"The Portraits and the Music"
Chapel Keithack;  Ode on the death of Francois II;  Sean Trews/The Bungalow/Miss Shepherd;  Mo Run Geal Og;  Twa Bonnie Maids;  Caoineadh Rioghail;  The Atholl and Breadalbane Gathering/The Boat Leaks/Nighean bhan a' mhuilleir;  Jock o' Hazeldean;  Hill House/The Philosopher's Chair;  Montrose;  The Massacre of Glenoce;  Rantin' Rovin' Robin;  Neil Gow's Lament for the death of his brother Donald;  Norland Wind
Temple Records - DADC Austria [COMD2093], Austria  200.00


(2CD) "Music in Trust"
The Sweet Maid of Mull;  MacLeod of Mull;  Frideray;  Cro Cinn t-Saile;  The Kilbarchan Weaver;  Lady Haddo;  The Silver Darlin's The Duchess of Gordon;  The St Kilda Girl's Lament;  The St Kilda Wedding March;  Anst'er Market;  The East Neuk of Fife;  Brodick Castle;  Dunkels Steeple;  Killiekrankie;  Mo Run Geal Og;  Glennfinnan Highland Gathering;  Lady MacKenzie of Gairloch;  The Five Sisters;  The Laird O'Brodie;  Danzig Willie;  The Merchant's Jig;  A'Chlach Uaine;  I Ha'e A Wife;  The Tarbolton Jig;  Tarbolton Lodge;  The Massacre of Glencoe;  Falkland Palace;  Lawer's Loup;  Miss Jane Fraser;  Mrs Maule's Reel;  Goat Fell;  Farewell To Glen-Shalloch;  The Fruiting Branch;  Gledstanes' March;  Pitmedden;  The Mote of Mark;  The Grey Mare's Tail;  Held In Trust;  Peace and Plenty;  Fingal's Weeping;  The Maids of Kintail;  Hill House;  The Philosopher's Chair
Battlefield Band (Brian McNeill - fiddle, viola, concertina, cittern, guitar, Dougie Pincock - Highland bagpipes, flute, whistle, Alan Reid - keyboards, vocal, Alison Kinnaird - Scottish Harp, vocal
Temple Records - DADC Austria [COMD2097], Austria  400.00


"The Road of Tears"
The Road of Tears;  Ely Parker;  The Emigrant;  The Highlander's Farewell to Ireland;  The Slaves Lament;  The Moleskin Kilt;  Out In Australia At Last;  The Patagonia Islanders;  Haro Strait;  To A Mouse;  Take To The Sea;  Plane Wreck at Los Gatos;  Sweet Molly;  I Cried;  Mary's Dream;  Five Bridges To Cross;  The Green & The Blue
Battlefield Band (Mike Katz - Highland and small pipes, whistles, bass guitar, bouzouki, Sean O'Donnell - vocals, guitar, Alan Reid - vocals, keyboard, accordion, melodica, Alasdair White - fiddle, whistles, bouzouki
Temple Records - DADC Austria [COMD2098], Austria  200.00


"Passion Argentina"
PIAZZOLLA Astor (1921-1992) - Milongas;  GINASTERA Alberto (1916-1983) - Pampeana No.2;  Canciones argentinas;  Ballet Estancia;  GUASTAVINO Carlos (1912-2000) - Canciones populares
Cello Octet Conjunto Iberico (cond. Elias Arizcuren), mezzo-soprano - Elena Gragera
Challenge Records - DADC Austria [CC72170], Austria  200.00


The Joy Of Life;  Forever In Love;  In The Rain;  Sentimental;  By The Time This Night Is Over (with Peabo Bryson);  End Of The Night;  Alone;  Morning;  Even If My Heart Would Break (with Aaron Neville);  G-Bop;  Sister Rose;  A Year Ago;  Homeland;  The Wedding Song
Saxophone - Kenny G
Arista - BMG [07822-18646-2], USA  200.00


"Konzerte 2001"
HYLDGAARD Soren - Hans Christian Andersen Suite;  LARSSON Lars-Erik - Liten Serenad;  JARNEFELT Armas - Korsholm
Thurgauer-Jugend-Symphonieorchester (cond. Hartmut Wendland)
TGJSO [TGJSO-60-01-58], Switzerland  150.00


"Who Nose"
GERSHWIN George (1898-1937) - Three Preludes (1926);  BERNSTEIN Leonard (1918-1990) - Sonata (1941/42);  SCHNYDER Daniel (1961-) - Who Nose;  Sonata (1984);  HOROVITZ Joseph (1926-) - Sonatina (1981);  BOLLI Frederic (1953-) - Ruelpsodie, schon blau (1994);  AGRELL Jeffrey (1948-) - Aviary Divertimento (1997);  Blues for D.D. (1993)
Clarinet - Bernhard Roethlisberger, piano - Simon Andres
Disques VDE-Gallo [CD-951], Switzerland  150.00


(2CD) "5. Internationaler Wettbewerb Franz Schubert und die Musik der Moderne. 2003, Graz, Austria"
SCHUBERT - Aus Streichquartett d-Moll D.810 - 1.Satz;  Streichquartett c-Moll D.703 "Quartettsatz";  Variationen in e-Moll fuer Floete und Klavier D.802 op. posth. 160;  Paraphrase des Liedes "Du bist die Ruh'" op.59.3 D.776;  Der Wanderer op.4. D.493;  Totengraeberlied D.38;  Der Musensohn op.92.1 D.764;  LIGETI - Teil aus Streichquartett Nr.1;  SHOSTAKOVICH - Streichquartett Nr.9 Es-Dur op.117 - 5.Satz;  ZENDER - Horch, horch, die Lerch' im Aetherblau;  LIEBERMANN - aus Sonata fuer Floete und Klavier op.23;  MARTIN - Ballade fuer Floete und Klavier (1939);  BIALAS - Haiku-Folge II;  EGGERT - Don Juan kommt am Vormittag;  FORTNER - aus Shakespeare-Songs "Epilogue";  SCHOENBERG - aus Sechs Lieder op.3 "Warnung";  EISLER - Unter den gruenen Pfefferbaeumen;  Hotelzimmer 1942;  Der Kirschdieb;  IVES - Ann Street;  The Circus Band;  RIHM - aus Gesaenge op.1/2 "Geistliche Daemmerung"
Kunstuniversitaet Graz - DADC Austria [KUG 24], Austria  400.00


(2CD) "6. Internationaler Wettbewerb Franz Schubert und die Musik der Moderne. 2006, Graz, Austria"
SCHUBERT - Aus Streichquartett d-Moll D.810 - 2.Satz;  Naehe des Geliebten op.5/2 D.162;  Der Wanderer an der Mond D.870;  Totengraebers Heimweh D.842;  Trio in B-Dur D.898;  JOST - Der explodierende Kopf - Fragment aus "Das Urteil" von Franz Kafka;  BRITTEN - Songs and Proverbs of William Blake op.74 - Proverbs III und IV;  RIHM - das rot (1990) - Nr.1, Nr.4, Nr.6;  SZYMANOWSKI - Streichquartett Nr.2 op.56;  KOMANETSKY - Affinity to Movement;  SHOSTAKOVICH - Trio Nr.1 op.8;  KAGEL - Trio Nr.1 (1984/85) - 2.Satz
Kunstuniversitaet Graz - DADC Austria [KUG 30], Austria  400.00


EDWARDS Ross (1943-) - Symphony No.3 "Mater Magna";  BROADSTOCK Brenton (1952-) - Federation Flourish;  SCULTHORPE Peter (1929-) - Music for Federation
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (cond. Markus Stenz)
Australian Broadcasting Corporation - Universal Music [ABC 461 830-2], Australia  200.00


"Emitte spiritum tuum"
VAN STEENBERGE Sebastiaan (1974-) - Alleluia;  BIKKEMBERGS Kurt (1963-) - Omnes nu laet ons gode loven;  Missa dominica in palmis - Kyrie;  Agnus dei;  Emitte spiritum tuum;  PIETERS Peter (1957-) - Jubilate deo;  CEULEERS Willem (1962-) - Christus der ist mein Lieben;  DESPREZ Xavier (1966-) - Orgelimprovisatie;  Orgelimprovisatie;  CLAESEN Ludo (1956-) - Heer Jezus heeft een hofken;  GOEMANNE Noel (1926-) - The Trisagion Hymn
Capella SS Michaelis et Gudulae (dirs. Kurt Bikkembergs, Willem Ceuleers), organs - Xavier Desprez, Joris Lejune
Disco-Press [CSSM&G 0401], Belgium  150.00


(2CD) "Zuercher Liederbuch 1986 und Lieder von Othmar Schoeck"
SCHOECK Othmar (1886-1957) - Das Ziel Hermann Hesse;  Zwei Lieder nach Gedichten von Eduard Moerike;  7 Fruehlingslieder;  Drei Lieder aus "Der Saenger" von Heinrich Leuthold;  BOESCH Rainer (1938-) - Lieder vom Tod nach Gedichten von Hermann Hesse;  WETTSTEIN Peter (1939-) - Sehnsucht Drei Lieder nach Gedichten von Katharina Sallenbach;  JORDI Dieter (1958-) - Spuren 22 Lieder ueber Gedichtausschnitte und Graffitis verschiedener Autoren;  HASELBACH Josef (1936-) - Drei Lieder nach Gedichten von Katharina Sallenbach;  DERUNGS Martin (1943-) - Vier Lieder auf Texte von Oiseau bleu (Dora Koster);  IRMAN Regina (1957-) - "Ein vatter-laendischer Liederbogen" nach Texten von Adolf Woelfli
Sopranos - Kathrin Graf, Silvia Gaehwiller, mezzo-sopranos - Regina Jakobi, Verena Barbara Gohl, baritone - Kurt Wildmer, alts - Elisabeth Gehri, Susanne Otto, bass-baritone - Hans Som, tenor - Ernst Haefliger, pianos - Rainer Boesch, Janka Wyttenbach, Othmar Schoeck, Andreas Fervers, Daniel Fueter, Martin Derungs, Corina Giere
Recording: 1988 und historische Aufnahmen 1942, 1946, 1953 (Othmar Schoeck)
Jecklin Musikhaus [JS 270/1-2], Switzerland  300.00


PIAZZOLLA Astor - Milonga del angel;  Michelangelo 70;  Escualo;  Ballet Tango (arr. Daniel Capelletti);  Libertango (arr. Soledad);  Nuestro Tiempo;  GALLIANO Richard - Tango pour Claude (arr. Soledad);  CAPELLETTI Daniel - Tango;  Habanera;  STRAVINSKY Igor - Tango I;  Tango II (ar.. Dragomir Yossifov);  LYSIGHT Michel - De part et d'autre
Soledad (Manu Comte - accordion, Nicolas Stevens - violin, Alexander Gurning - piano, Patrick de Schuyter - acoustic and electric guitars, Philippe Cormann - double bass, Denis SungHo - acoustic guitar)
Virgin Classics [7243 5 45503 2 4], EU  200.00


"Circuit. Music for Flute(s)"
DINESCU Violeta - Circuit (2003);  Circuit (2003);  Circuit (2003);  Circuit (2003);  Circuit (2003);  Circuit (2003);  ROTARU Diana - Rhoe (1997);  Dragon fly (2000);  MANOLACHE Laura - Homage (2000);  CIRNECI Carmen - ...une main immense (1991);  ANGHEL Irinel - Miro en miroir (1997)
Flutes - Ion Bogdan Stefanescu
Gutingi [233], Germany  150.00


(2CD) "9. Komponistenforum Mittersill 9. - 18. September 2004"
STERK Norbert - Approaching White. Replay fuer Klarinette/Bassklarinette, Saxophon, Gitarre, Violine, Viola, Violoncello und Kontrabass (2004);  HAAS Georg Friedrich - ...Aus Freier Lust...Verbunden... fuer Viola, Violoncello und Kontrabass (1996);  AMANN Michael - Light Thickens fuer Klarinette/Bassklarinette, Saxophon, Violine, Viola und Violoncello (2004);  MAHMOUD Hossam - Lied des Menschen nach einem Text von Khalil Gibran fuer Sopran, Violine, Viola, Violoncello und Kontarabss (2004);  WEBERN Anton - Drei Lider fuer Gesang, Es-Klarinette und Gitarre op.18;  KLEMENT Katharina - ε3 fuer Bassklarinette, Viola, Violoncello, Kontarabss und Elektronik;  ASANO Koji - Mittersill fuer Floete, Klarinette, Violoncello und Kontrabass;  Hollersbach fuer Violine und Viola;  BHAGWATI Sandeep - Illusies fuer Altfloete, Violine und Viola;  Mora fuer Bassklarinette, Posaune, Violoncello und obligaten Dirigenten, Texte von Kabir;  LANG Bernhard - op.6.1 fuer Elektronik
Die Reihe (cond. Gottfried Rabl), soprano - Judith Kopecky, electronics - Katharina Klement, Florian Gruber
Ein Klang Records [013|014], Austria  400.00


(2CD) "11. Komponistenforum Mittersill 7. - 16. September 2006"
SHERR Laurence - Eimi (2006);  HERNDLER Christoph - Das Ganze, Dazwischen;  CIGLAR Miha - Komposition fuer 2 Musiker;  Tastes Like (2005);  GASSER Clementine - Fremd-Koepper;  CECH Christoph - 13 aus "17 fuer 4";  DIENZ Christof - Different Truth II;  CECH, GALETTE-SEIDL, GASSER, RAFFASEDER - Chill In;  LABER Gerhard - 16!33!45!78!!!!+1;  SCHURIG Wolfram - A.R.C.H.E. (2005);  FRIEDRICH Burkhard - Twin Waltz (2006);  WEBERN Anton - Streichtrio op.20 (1926/27);  ENGEL Paul - Vier Mutationen I (2005);  GORECKI Henryk Mikolaj - Genesis I, elementi per tre archi (1962)
Ensemble Integrales, Violarium Trio Krakau, E-zither - Christof Dienz, cello - Clementine Gasser
Ein Klang Records [021|022], Austria  400.00


"Nova Musica Brasileira"
GAROTO - Lamentos do Morro;  Jorge do Fusa;  BRANCO Waltel - Ninho de Cobra;  GARAMANI Jose Eduardo - Pnho;  GNATALLI Radames - Danca Brasileira;  KRIEGER Edino - Ritmata;  MIRTENBAUM Jaime - The Black Widow;  CAMPOS Guilherme - Desenvolvimento 5;  CAMARGO Octavio - Desafignado;  DUDEQUE Norton - Peca para Violao Solo;  MELLO Chico - Danca
Guitar - Mario da Silva
Sonopress [070.097], Brazil  150.00


(3CD) "Piano Brasileiro Contemporaneo"
BRAUNWIESER Martin - 9 Faceis a Quatro Maos;  8 Pecas Infantis sobre Melodias Turcas;  CHNEE Sergio Igor - Villa-Lobiana;  7 Momentos Misticos;  Citacoes Jazzisticas;  Pecas para Piano;  Cancoes Infantis Alemas Harmonizadas;  Fases de Crianca;  Tres Pecas;  7 Preludios;  ZAMPRONHA Edson - Fragmentos Reduzidos de Uma Historia Muito Longa;  Preludio;  PRADO Almeida - Kinderszenen;  MENDES Gilberto - Preludio No.4;  ESCOBAR Aylton - Tres Pequinos Trabalhos para piano;  RIBEIRO Antonio - Um Preludio, Dois Reflexos;  GAZZANEO Paulo Ricardo - 6 Preludios;  CALDAS Pedro - Preludio
Pianos - Sergio Igor Chnee, Paulo Ricardo Gazzaneo
Sonopress-Rimo [AA0001000], Brazil  450.00


BROADSTOCK Brenton - Stations of the Cross - Via Crucis;  I Had A Dream;  KOUVARAS Linda - enter the dream which includes all dreams: four settings of texts by Chris Wallace-Crabbe (piano - Linda Kouvaras);  GREENBAUM Stuart - An Arc of Love
Australian Contemporary Chorale (dir. Hildy Essex)
ACC, Australia  150.00


"Woman's Song"
SUTHERLAND Margaret - 6 Australian Songs;  The World and the Child;  EDWARDS Ross - The Lost Man (from Symphony No.2: Earth Spirit Songs);  MILLS Richard - Woman to Man;  MUNRO Ian - Return;  The Forest;  HENDERSON Moya - Woman's Song
Mezzo-soprano - Elizabeth Campbell, piano - Ian Munro
Tall Poppies Records [TP179], Australia  150.00


"European Tour"
I Got Shoes;  Nobody knows the Trouble I've seen;  Sometimes I feel like a Motherless Child;  Swing Low sweet Chariot;  Hail Mary;  Old Time Religion;  Go tell it on the Sparow;  I will sing Halleluja
The Original USA Gospel Singers
Frank Serr Showservice - DOCdata [SPEZ FS001126], Germany  150.00


"Live & Rhythm"
Oleo;  Caravan;  Little Waltz;  Naranhata;  Conguita ta' sona;  Up;  Noites Cariocas;  Maracatu;  Guaguanco oyeto bien;  E.S.P.;  Bons Amigos;  Spendrum blue;  Party Drums
Julio Barreto Latino World (Julio Barreto - drums, percussion, vocal, Leandro Saint-Hill - tenor sax, alt sax, sopran sax, Eduardo "Dudu" Penz - electric bass, Ademir Candido - electric guitar, cabacinio guitar, acoustic guitar
Timba Records - DADC Austria [59769-2], Austria  200.00


(10CD) "Sound Chronicle of the Warsaw Autumn 2007"
AJDINOVIC Jacek Wiktor - Kyrie (2007);  BACULEWSKI Krzysztof - 12 Etudes (2006);  BAIRD Tadeusz - Etude (1961);  BARGIELSKI Zbigniew - Nocturne in Red and Blue (1981);  BERGER Roman - Improvisation sur Herbert (2007);  BLECHARTZ Wojciech - AD (2007);  DILLON James - Theatrum: figurae (2007);  DLUGOSZ Magdalena - Gemisatos (2005-2006);  ESZTENYI Szabolcs - Etudes for Two Pianos (1979/2003);  Toccata (2006);  A Glance from Afar (2007);  FALKIEWICZ Adam - Fuoco (1994);  GORECKI Henryk Mikolaj - Concerto for Five Instruments and String Quartet (1957);  GRYKA Aleksandra - BAe 146 OY-CRG.Sytar (2007);  GUMIELA Marcin - Postludium (2007);  HAAS Georg Friedrich - Open Spaces - in memory of James Tenney (2007);  HOSOKAWA Toshio - Voyage IX "Awakening" (2007);  HUBER Klaus - Quod est pax? - Vers la raison du coeur... (2007);  JASKOT Dobromila - Linearia (2007);  KARSKI Dominik - OverFlow (2006);  KILAR Wojciech - Upstairs-Downstairs (1971);  KNITTEL Krzysztof - snatches of memory (II) (2007);  KORNOWICZ Jerzy - Heaps (2007);  KOTONSKI Wlodzimierz - Chamber Music for 21 instruments and percussion (1957);  KYRIAKIDES Yannis - Dog Song (Cerberus serenades Orpheus) (2006);  LASON Aleksander - SATJA - Symphony No.4 (2007);  LUTOSLAWSKI Witold - Venetian Games (1961);  MYKIETYN Pawel - Symphony No.2 (2007);  NARBUTAITE Onute - krantas upe simfonija (bank river symphony) - Symphony No.4 (2007);  PENDERECKI Krzysztof - Utrenya II: The Resurrection of Christ (1971);  PIENIEK Grzegorz - Kaamos (2007);  PRZYBYLSKI Dariusz - Inexprimable (2007);  ROJKO Uros - Izvir (Zrodlo) (2007);  RYCZEK Mateusz - Sanctus - Benedictus (2007);  Harmonia Mundi (2007);  SEROCKI Kazimierz - Fantasia elegiaca (1971/1972);  SHORENKOV Maxim - Gloria (2007);  SIDORENKO Lubava - Metabola (2007);  SIKORA Elzbieta - Le Chant de Salomon (1992);  SKRZYPCZAK Bettina - Initial (2005);  SMOLKA Martin - Haiku (2007);  SORENSEN Bent - Staendchen (2005-2006);  SZYMANSKI Pawel - Ceci n'est pas une ouverture (2007);  TREBACZ Ewa - things lost, things invisible (2007);  WIELECKI Tadeusz - The Valley of Dry Water (2007);  WOLEK Krzysztof - Eppur si muove (And yet it does move) (2006);  YASKOV Konstantin - Credo (2007);  ZIELINSKA Lidia - Conrad's Seven Islands (2007);  ZYCH Wojciech Ziemowit - Rozegranie (2006)
Polish Music Information Centre [polmic 030-039], Poland  1300.00


"Nature Sounds of Australia"
Mammals;  Birds;  Frogs;  Crickets;  Katydids;  Cicadas;  An Ultrasonic Walk in Kings Park, Perth;  Crustaceans, Ghost Crabs
Sound Heritage Association [AHS 01], Australia  150.00


You Make Me Wanna (Usher);  Take On Me (A-ha);  Can You Stand the Rain (New Edition);  Quit Playing Games (The Backstreet Boys);  Running with the Night (Lionel Richie);  Look Away (Chicago);  Love is the Right Place (Bryan White);  Drift Away (Dobie Gray);  A World of Our Own (Nina Puno & Anton Makalintal);  1999 (Prince);  Kiss from a Rose (Seal);  Invisible Touch (Genesis);  Wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton / Damage);  Galileo (The Indigo Girls);  She's Always a Woman (Billy Joel);  Karma Chameleon (Culture Club);  Open Arms (Journey / Nu Flavor);  I'll Be (Edwin McCain)
The Hullabahoos (Jason Elam, Will Gross, Jamie Gulick, Jeff Hall, Glenn Maddox, David McCall, Michael Mewborne, Brad Pilot, Ron Puno, Andrew Renshaw, Matt Richardson, David Sarratt, Dan Shomaker, John Stanzione)
Virginia Arts Recording [VA 98304], USA  150.00


Crazy (Seal);  Don't Go Away (Oasis);  I Want It That Way (The Backstreet Boys);  Meet Virginia (Train);  Sex You Up (Color Me Badd);  Angels (Robbie Williams);  Close To You (Maxi Priest);  Wide Open Spaces (Dixie Chicks);  Walking In Memphis (Marc Cohn);  Get Into My Car (Billy Ocean);  Your Song (Sir Elton John);  Easy Lover (Phil Collins);  Save the Last Dance for Me (The Drifters);  You Are (Lionel Richie);  Endless Summer Nights (Richard Marx);  Can't Go For That (Hall and Oates);  Because of You (98°);  Could Not Ask For More (Edwin McCain);  My Way (Usher)
The Hullabahoos (Donnie Coleman, Mark Dreusicke, Evan Edwards, Matt Foster, DJ Gregory, Will Gross, Jamie Gulick, Jeff Hall, Armand Jenkins, Wesley Joyner, Dave McCall, Michael Mewborne, Jeremy Pelstring, Brad Pilot, Ron Puno, Andrew Renshaw, Sergio Romano, David Sarratt, Bruce Schlomer, Dan Shomaker)
Virginia Arts Recording [VA 00326], USA  150.00


"Xerox Nation"
Let's Get It On (Marvin Gaye);  Hanging By A Moment (Lifehouse);  Overjoyed (Stevie Wonder);  Praying for Daylight (Rascal Flatts);  Everything You Want (Vertical Horizon);  Rock With You (Michael Jackson);  I Think God Can Explain (Splender);  Let's Get It On Tonite (Montell Jordan);  If Tomorrow Never Comes (Joose);  Crazy for This Girl (Evan & Jaron);  All Out of Love (Air Supply);  Change Your Mind (Sister Hazel);  Summer of '69 (Bryan Adams);  Heart of the Matter (Don Henley);  Ain't Too Proud to Beg (The Temptations);  This I Promise You (N'Sync);  Faded (Soul Decision)
The Hullabahoos (Donnie Coleman, Brent Doolittle, Mark Dreusicke, Evan Edwards, Matt Foster, DJ Gregory, Will Gross, Jamie Gulick, Jeff Hall, Colin Hunter, Wesley Joyner, Andrew Kelley, James Kelley, Scott Meddles, Jeremy Pelstring, Brad Pilot, Sergio Romano, David Sarratt, Bruce Schlomer)
Virginia Arts Recording [VA 01825], USA  150.00


(2CD) "XV: The Essential Other People's Songs Without Instruments"
Something About You;  Crazy;  Sign Your Name;  Galileo;  Hodja;  Hands To Heaven;  Your Body Is A Wonderland;  Can't Get Next To You (Live);  Everything You Want;  Runaround Sue;  Kiss From A Rose (Skit);  Hanging By A Moment;  What You Won't Do For Love;  Sex You Up;  Angels;  When Doves Cry;  Overjoyed;  Shake You Down;  Could Not Ask For More;  You Make Me Wanna;  In Your Eyes;  I Want It That Way;  We'll Be Right Back (Skit);  Let's Get It On;  Waiting For The Day;  Blurry;  True Colors;  Something Within Me;  My Way;  Crazy Love;  Coke (Skit);  As I Lay Me Down;  This I Promise You;  Moondance;  Wonderful Tonight (Live);  Walk On The Ocean;  Grapevine;  When You Come Back Down;  Jefferson Tribute (Skit);  Clost To You;  Faded;  Fields of Gold;  Ain't Too Proud to Beg;  Nightshift;  I'll Be
The Hullabahoos
Virginia Arts Recording, USA  300.00


Hey Ya (Outkast);  The Remedy (Jason Mraz);  Cry Me A River (Justin Timberlake);  Sweetness (Jimmy Eat World);  Big Yellow Taxi (Counting Crows);  19 Something (Mark Wills);  Where is the Love (Blackeyed Peas);  Higher and Higher (Jackie Wilson);  I'd Do Anything (Simple Plan);  Right Here Right Now (Jesus Jones);  New Age Girl (Deadeye Dick);  Somebody Like You (Keith Urban);  She Will Be Loved (Maroon 5);  I'm Still Here (Vertical Horizon);  No Diggity (Blackstreet)
The Hullabahoos (Jesse Adams-Doolittle, Keith Bachmann, Russell Bloodworth, Joe Cassara, Alex Chertok, John de Triquet, Evan Edwards, Erick Hong, Colin Hunter, James Kelley, Matt Maring, Brandon Martin, Scott Meddles, Carson Oliver, David Pack, Sergio Romano, Morgan Sword, Nic Van Bank, Alan Webb)
Virginia Arts Recording [VA 04402], USA  150.00


"Off the Dock"
Save a Horse (Big & Rich);  Meaning (Gavin Degraw);  Gone (N'Sync);  Teenage Dirtbag (Wheatus);  Ghost Train (Mark Cohn);  California Love (2pac & Dr. Dre);  Sunday Morning (Marron Five);  The Blower's Daughter (Damien Rice);  Fix You (Coldplay);  Don't Lie (Blackeyed Peas);  I Spy (Guster);  Midnight Train to Georgia (Gladys Knight & The Pips);  I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (U2);  The District Sleeps Alone Tonight (The Postal Service)
The Hullabahoos (Jesse Adams-Doolittle, Keith Bachmann, Dane Blackburn, Russell Bloodworth, Chris Brown, Joe Cassara, Alex Chertok, John Detriquet, Myles Glancy, Patrick Lundquist, Brandon Martin, Brendon Mason, Kyle Mihalcoe, Chad Moses, Carson Oliver, David Pack, Blake Segal, Pete Selbert, Morgan Sword, Nic Von Bank, Alan Webb)
Virginia Arts Recording, USA  150.00


M410  ДАБ
"Dub Infusions 1989-1999"
Shantel - Cell Bando;  Lundaland - Charlamane (Bigga's Imperial Delay Mix For Rockers Hi-Fi);  Stuart Matthewman - Tempest Dub;  Kruder & Dorfmeister - Shakatakadoodub;  Roupe - Joe Baxi;  Renegade Soundwave - Black Eye Boy;  Beats International - The Invasion Of The Estate Agents;  Wally Badarou - Chief Inspector (Inspector Dub);  Fila Brazillia - Harmonicas Are Shite;  Uptight People - Get Up (Tight), Man;  Manasseh - Amun Ra;  Sly & Mo - Darker Sensimillia
Sonar Kollektiv [SBCD0001], Germany  150.00


M411  ДАБ
"More Dub Infusions"
Rhythm & Sound w/ Cornell Campbell - King In My Empire;  Swayzak w/ Benjamin Zephaniah - Illegal (Bigga Bush Version);  Gus Van Sant & Williams S. Burroghs - Millions Of Images;  Williams Traffic - Rainbow Dub;  Juantrip - Shadows (Don Air Mix);  Recloose - Absence of One;  Etienne de Crecy - Prix Choc (Ultra Dark Mix);  Roots Manuva - Witness (Walworth Road Rockers Dub);  The Butch Cassidy Sound System - Brothers and Sisters;  Novak Project - Testament;  Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Dilly Dally;  Die Fantastischen Vier - Tag am Meer (Original Instrumental)
Sonar Kollektiv [SBCD0002], Germany  150.00


"Off Limits 3"
Riton - Initial Problem;  Morgan Geist - Tabou;  Meitz - Get On Up (80's Haarlack Mix);  Black Strobe - Paris Acid City (Russ Gabriel Mix);  Jazzanova - That Night (Wahoo Mix);  J. Rawls - They Can't See Me (Homewreckers Bonus Rub);  Ursula Rucker - Super Sista (Modaji's Uptempo Mix);  Ame - Tonite (Dub Version);  Ayro - Let This;  Soha - Izabelle;  John Tejada & Titonton Duvante - Coax;  Atjazz - It's Complete (Chateau Flight Remix);  Jaydee - B.B.E. (Big Booty Express)
Sonar Kollektiv [SRCD0003], Germany  150.00


"In Between"
L.O.V.E. and You & I;  No Use;  The One-Tet;  Fade Out;  Hanazono;  Mwela, Mwela (Here I Am);  Keep Falling;  Cyclic;  Another New Day;  Place In Between;  Soon;  Dance the Dance;  Sub-Atlantic;  Glow and Glare;  E-Ovation;  Takes You Back (Unexpected Dub);  Wasted Time
Composed by Jazzanova
Jazzanova (Axel Reinemer, Stefan Leisering, Roskow Kretschmann, Alexander Barck, Claas Brieler, Juergen von Knoblauch)
Sonar Kollektiv [JCR025-2], Germany  150.00


Rogall - In Session Spot;  Micatone - Run (Seiji Mix);  Sonia Brex - South;  Nicola Conte - Arabesque (Micatone's Full Vocal Mix);  Art Konik - Finger (U.F.O. Mix) feat. Bobby Few;  Ras - Do Your Dance feat. Wunmi;  Space Clique - Continue The Journey (Micatone Mix);  Eva Be - Below;  Karel Velebny & SHQ - The Newcomer (Kasar Mix);  Kasar - The Bridge;  The Lost Skrolls Of Hamaric - How To Find The Royal Jelly;  Rogall - Nightdrive;  Atomhockey - S.o.u.l.;  Landslide - Fortuna;  Micatone - Tranquilo;  Benny Luca - Gamba
Sonar Kollektiv [SZCD0002], Germany  150.00


"Is You Is"
Shake It Baby;  Plastics Bags & Magazines;  Got To Give It Up;  Quiet Boy;  Mon Coeur;  To The Sound feat. Gerard Presencer;  Sweet Child;  Tidy Girl;  Belgien;  I'm Leaving Anyway;  Sit Beside Me;  Another Road
Composed by Micatone
Micatone (Lisa Bassenge - vocals, Boris Meinhold - guitar, synths, programming, Paul Kleber - double bass, programming, Sebastian "Hagen" Demmin - keyboards, programming, Tim Kroker - drums, programming, Stefan Rogall - programming)
Sonar Kollektiv [SK004CD], Germany  150.00


(2CD) "Remixed"
L.O.V.E. and You & I (DJ Ghe Mix);  Another Fine Day (Doctor Rockit's Vocal Itch) feat. Ovasoul 7;  Introspection (Calm's Outerspect Mix);  That Night (Vikter Duplaix Remix);  The One-Tet (DJ DSL Remix);  Another New Day (Stereolab Mix);  No Use (Beanfield Remix);  Soon (P Smoovah Mix);  Days To Come (Ayro Mix);  Coffee Talk (Yukihiro Fukutomi Remix);  Mwela, Mwela (Here I Am) (King Britt Remix);  Soon (Domu Ill Dub);  Takes You Back (Unexpected Dub - Electric Sheep Mix);  L.O.V.E. and You & I (Madlib's Love Phase Mix);  Fedimes Flight (Kyoto Jazz Massive Remix);  Mwela, Mwela (Here I Am) (Bugz in the Attic Remix);  Soon (A Touch Of Jazz Mix);  Another New Day (Moonstarr Mix); That Night (Wahoo Mix);  Keep Falling (Forss Remix);  Soon (Domu Vocal Mix);  Days To Come (Ian O'Brian Mix);  That Night (WaH-cHU-kU Perspective)
Composed by Jazzanova
Jazzanova (Axel Reinemer, Stefan Leisering, Roskow Kretschmann, Alexander Barck, Claas Brieler, Juergen von Knoblauch)
Sonar Kollektiv [JCR040-2], Germany  300.00


"Best Seven Selections"
Kabuki - After The Fire feat. Cleveland Watkiss;  Joe Dukie & DJ Fitchie - This Room;  Patrice - Jah Jah Deh Deh;  Seeds - Dancehall Credentials feat. Felix Banton;  Lightning Head - Stilla Move;  Fat Freddys Drop - Hope;  Re:Jazz - Torch Of Freedom (Frost & Wagner Street Mix);  Taffari - Water On Glass;  Jazzanova - Keep Falling (Forss Remix);  Lightning Head - Bass Drum And A Snare (Roots RMX);  Paul St. Hilaire - One After One;  Ryhtm & Sound W/ Love Joy - Best Friend
Sonar Kollektiv [SBCD0005], Germany  150.00


"Restless Times"
Maybe Now;  For Your Love;  Silent Distance;  Restless Times;  Flawless (Part One);  That Easy;  Here;  Flawless (Part Two) feat. Joe Dukie;  I'm There;  Morning Star feat. Thief;  Reprise;  The Source
Vocals - Clara Hill, programming, rhodes - Stefan Leisering, bass - Thomas Barnstedt, guitar - Boris Meinhold, Pro5 - Funes
Sonar Kollektiv [SK012CD], Germany  150.00


Jill Scott - A Long Walk (Touch of Jazz Mix);  Dimlite - Sponsored by the Alphabet;  Phoojun - Rainbow;  Sirius Mo - U-Again;  Carol Williams - Can't Get Away (From Your Love);  Attica Blues - The Quest (Dixon's Not Released In 2001 Mix);  Jazzanova - Let Your Heart Be Free (Original);  Jazzanova - Glow and Glare (Ame Remix);  Oba Funke - Uzoamaka;  Deyampert - Held Him First;  Jazzanova - Dance The Dance (Atjazz Remix);  Bakura - Thinking About (Domu Mix);  Slope - Mousse (Get Down Mix);  Bahamadia - UKnowHowWeDo (Ski Remix);  Extended Spirit - Siding;  Sidsel Endresen & Bugge Wesseltoft - Try;  Georg Levin - Let There Be Love
Sonar Kollektiv [SK033CD], Germany  150.00


"Sonar Kollektiv 3"
DJ Ghe - Hit the Button, Buddy;  Platnum - Greatest;  Nuspirit Helsinki - Seis Por Ocho (Azymuth Live! - Rejam);  Forss - Flickermood;  Slope - Citysteps (Yannick L's Trickski Mix) feat. Capitol A;  Dimlite - Generic Lo;  Micatone - That's The Way It Goes;  Ronnie Ross & His Band - Last Of The Wine;  Solar System - Careless Butterfly (Original);  Umod - Tromboline;  Jazzanova - Let Your Heart Be Free (Dub);  Georg Levin - In Your Car (DJ Spinna Remix - Street Edit);  Double U - Relax;  Eva Be - No Memory of Time feat. Joe Dukie
Sonar Kollektiv [SK040CD], Germany  150.00


"Secret Love"
Superimposers - Would It Be Impossible;  Nicola Kramer - Help Me;  Thief - If There Was A Love;  4Hero - Les Fleur (Radio Edit);  Magnet - Clean State (The Beesmix);  Ashley Slater - Private Sunshine (Big Lounge Album Mix);  Burgtorf & Saval - I Still Have Time;  Jolly Music - Talko Uno (Prefuse 73 Unplugged in Catalonia Remix);  Headshoppe - Ace Of Folk;  Kathryn Williams - Tell The Truth As If It Were Lies;  Husky Rescue - New Light Of Tomorrow;  Rosie Brown - Bliss;  Roberto Di Gioia's Marsmobil - Flowers (Fauna Flash Remix);  The Beta Band - Gone;  Marden Hill - Bardot
Sonar Kollektiv [SK042CD], Germany  150.00


(2CD) "The Remixes 1997-2000"
4Hero - We Who Are Not As Others (Jazzanova Mix);  Marshmellows - Soulpower (Jazzanova's Straight Dub Mix);  Men from Nile - Watch Them Come!!! (Jazzanova Remix);  Truby Trio - Carajillo (Jazzanova's "Chant For Leo" Mix);  Incognito - Get Into My Groove (Jazzanova Re-Groove);  Karma - High Priestess (Jazzanova Mix);  Har-You Percussion Group - Welcome To The Party (Jazzanova Mix);  United Future Organization - Friends ... We'll Be (Jazzanova Mix);  Azymuth - Amazon Adventure (Jazzanova Mix);  Soul Bossa Trio - Words Of Love (Re-Loved By Jazzanova);  Ski - Fifths (Jazzanova 6 Sickth Mix);  Ursula Rucker - Circe (Jazzanova Mix);  Liquid Lounge - Complete Life (Jazzanova Mix);  Ian Pooley - What's Your Number (Jazzanova Renumber);  Balanco - Metti Una Sera A Cena (Jazzanova Mix);  Tate's Place - Burnin' (Jazzanova Mix);  Visit Venus - Planet Of Breaks (Jazzanova Mix);  Soul Quality Quartet - Toda Tersafeira (Jazzanova Rework);  MJ Cole - Sincere (Jazzanova Sincerely Yours Mix) feat. Nova Caspar & Jay Dee
Sonar Kollektiv [SK050CD], Germany  300.00


"Rock Me"
Rock Me;  Sweet City;  Leave Me, Baby;  Crush On You;  Obsession;  Cocain Part II;  Get Away;  Come To My House;  Drink My Wine;  Greatest;  Two Stars;  What's Your Name?;  She Won't Do It;  The Day II;  The Day I
Composed by Platnum
Platnum (D. H. Berger, Ruth-Maria Renner)
Sonar Kollektiv [SK047CD], Germany  150.00


"Nomad Songs"
Mars;  Out Of The Game;  Where I Am: Part 1;  Where I Am: Part 2;  Trouble Boy feat. Ear aka Demba Nabe;  Nomad;  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (That's The Way It Goes);  D-D-D-D-Dance;  You've Taken All;  Circle;  Mars Reprise
Composed by Micatone
Micatone (Lisa Bassenge - vocals, Boris Meinhold - guitar, synths, programming, Paul Kleber - double bass, programming, Sebastian "Hagen" Demmin - keyboards, programming, Tim Kroker - drums, programming, Stefan Rogall - programming)
Sonar Kollektiv [SK061CD], Germany  150.00


"Sonar Kollektiv 4"
Carl Borg - Hazy Small Hours;  Dimlite - Back To The Universe (The Slapped Eyeballers Remix);  Georg Levin - Insider (Rima Remix);  Wahoo - Holding You (Ame Remix);  Markus Enochson - Club Possible;  Faze Liquide - Kirkness;  Arken - Tree Bells;  Sygaire - Got To Be There;  Capitol A - In The Mix;  Outlines - Just A Lil' Lovin' (Radio Edit);  Fat Freddys Drop - Roady;  Trickski - Sunshine Fu*k Pt. 1;  Platnum - Crush On You [Dr. Who dat? Rmx by Jneiro Jarel] (Vocal)
Sonar Kollektiv [SK070CD], Germany  150.00


"All I Can Provide"
What For feat. Meitz;  Nowhere (I Can Go) feat. Atjazz;  Endlessly feat. Sandboy;  Wake Up;  Hard To Say feat. Slope;  Paper Chase feat. Vikter Duplaix (Orignal);  Just Paradise;  Just Let Me Know feat. Tonee & Slope;  Run feat. Meitz;  Did I Do Wrong feat. King Britt;  21 June 2005
Vocals - Clara Hill, programming, rhodes - Stefan Leisering, bass - Thomas Barnstedt, guitar - Boris Meinhold, Pro5 - Funes
Sonar Kollektiv [SK099CD], Germany  150.00


"Tango Lyrico"
Caesar (Peter Ludwig);  El Choclo (Angel Villoldo / Mulo Francel);  Gracias a la Vida (Violetta Perra Sandoval);  Ich weiss, es wird einmal ein wunder gescheh'n (Michael Jary);  Iwans Lied (Aram Caschaturian);  Libertango (Astor Piazzolla);  Somerville Samba (Evelyn Huber);  Fluvius I (Mulo Francel);  Fuer eine Nacht voller selgkeit (Peter Kreuder);  Tango Lyrico (Mulo Francel);  Take 5 (Paul Desmond);  Roter Mohn (Michael Jary);  Fluvius II (Mulo Francel);  Valse (Mulo Francel / Evelyn Huber)
Saxophones, bass-clarinet - Mulo Francel, harp - Evelyn Huber
Fine Music [FM 109-2], Germany  150.00


"Eighteen Strings"
Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie / Pinkard / Casey);  At Waltz Treat (Walossek);  Lukacs & Lukacs (Walossek);  Nuages (Reinhardt);  Fiso Place (Lagrene);  Der 3.Mann (Karras);  Tango Schawasano (Buerger);  I've got the Cash (Walossek);  Suzanne (Holesch);  Charleston (Mack / Johnson);  Mango (Walossek);  She's gotta have it (Walossek)
Barcarole (Thomas Walossek - acoustic & classical guitars, percussion, voice, Dieter Holesch - acoustic & classical guitars, Norbert Buerger - acoustic guitars, trumpet)
MGI Records [MGR 1020], Germany  150.00


"Nicht Ganz Sauber. Interpretationen Bayerischer Volksmusik"
Gams im Gebirg;  Tom Dooly;  Kuckuckswalzer;  Bei meim deandl seim fenster;  G'Stanzl;  Pinzgauer Perchtentanz;  Zweng an Voglfanga samma aussa Ganga;  Nany Polka;  In da fruah;  Es war im Boehmerwald;  Napoleon reiss aus;  Wirtshaustuer;  Fein sein, beinanderbleiben;  Dreikoenigspolka;  Massianer;  Der Sumberger Bauer;  Solang der alte Peter;  Joseph Bacher;  Aber s'deandl hats G'Freut
Die Interpreten (Thomas Binegger - tenorsaxophon, altsaxophon, sopransaxophon, bassklarinette, floete, kraehenpfeife, Andreas Koll - baritonsaxophon, sopraninosaxophon, akkordeon, Erwin Rehling - schlagzeug, percussion, xylophon, glocken)
Trikont [US-0172], Germany  150.00


"Musik fuer Sie!"
KOMZAK Karl (1823-1893) - En Carriere;  GULDA Friedrich (1930-2000) - Konzert fuer Violoncello und Blasorchester (cello - Yves Savary);  LARA Agustin (1897-1970) - Granada;  DENZA Luigi (1846-1922) - Funiculi-Funicula (tenor - Martin Kiener);  MILHAUD Darius (1892-1974) - Suite Francaise op.248;  REED Alfred (1921-2005) - El Camino Real;  SCHERZER Adolf (1815-1864) - Bayerischer Defiliermarsch
Musikkorps der Bayerischen Polizei (cond. Johann Moesenbichler)
Bauer Studios [BCD7350], Germany  150.00


"The Gospel Saxophone of Reggie Houston"
How Great Thou Art/Hallelujah;  Yes, Jesus Loves Me;  The Old Rugged Cross;  I Will Trust In The Lord;  Let Us Break Bread Together;  Amazing Grace;  Come Ye, Disconsolate/Grace and Mercy;  Just A Prayer Away;  Pass Me Not, O Gentle Saviour;  Wordless Praise
All songs traditional, arranged and adopted by Reggie Houston
Saxophone - Reggie Houston
10 Birds [TB1122], USA  150.00


M441  ДЖАЗ
"See You In A Minute - Memories of Don Cherry"
See You In A Minute (Love Train, Tagarp Sonso N'Goni, Chenresig);  Moki's Saxophone;  Clocky Clacky;  AC/DC;  Ganesh;  El Corazon;  Fun (There's Nothing More Serious Than);  Dina Kana Gina;  God Is At The Door
Bengt Berger - drums, Jonas Knutsson - saxophones (left speaker), Christian Spering - bass, Per Tjernberg - percussion, Christer Bothen - donso n'goni, bass clarinets, Lars Almqvist - trumpet, Mats Oberg - keyboards, harmonica, Thomas Gustafsson - saxophones (right speaker)
Country & Eastern - DADC Austria [CE 03], Austria  200.00


M442  ДЖАЗ
"It's About Time"
Two To Mars III;  Dance;  Playing On The Front Porch;  Rocket V;  Leave Room For The Dancers;  Everybody Needs A Good Song;  Saturday Night Fish Fry;  Can You Tell Me;  Don't Stop The Carnival;  Barbecue Bess;  Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise;  The Right Key But The Wrong Keyhole
Charmaine Neville Band, Reggie Houston - soprano, tenor and baritone sax, vocals, percussion, Amasa Miller - piano, DX-7, D-70, percussion, vocals
Nawlins Cartunes Records [CAR-1111], USA  200.00


"Search My Heart"
I Made It Over;  You Gonna Reap What You Sow;  Pray A Prayer;  Search My Heart;  I Can't Stop Now;  All About Love;  I've Come A Long Way;  Runnin' Man;  You Better Get In A Hurry;  Amen
Friendly Travelers (Floyd Turner - guitar, vocals, Alfred Pens - vocals, L.D. Hiriams - vocals, Wanda Joseph - bass, vocals)
Rampart Street Music [RS-100-025], USA  150.00


"If You Confess"
Wade in the Water;  Whatever You Need (God's Got It);  I've Got a Friend;  If You Confess (pt.1);  If You Confess (pt.2);  Runnin' For a Hundred;  Be Done;  Come By Here;  A Sad Situation
J.C. & Company (Andre Wandolph - keyboards, Melvin Russell - bass, Jerome Clark - vocals, Elroy Price - vocals, Bryan Randolph - drums, Lucain Randolph - guitar, Kelroy Price - vocals, Lionel Goodman - vocals)
Rampart Street Music [RS-100-026], USA  150.00


"Caught In The Middle"
What's Going On;  Cant Nobody Do Me Like Jesus;  Cultural Prejudice;  Dont Leave Me;  heaven (A Beautiful Place);  2020 (X-Ray Vision);  Tell Them Right Now;  I Believe I Can Fly;  Easy Like Sunday Morning;  Keep Your Mind On Me (instrumental);  2020 (X-Ray Vision) The Reprise
Rampart Street Music [RS-100-038], USA  150.00


(3CD) "The Real Estate Agents"
CD1: "Sibot"
Famon Nigiri;  End All Intros;  he Kif R Continue;  Super Evil Me;  Nice One George;  Hold It;  Rotten Guy;  Sving;  Old Bak Ache;  Interlude;  Box Skip Wars;  Illatan;  Ducktapeworm;  Nok On the Door;  Kwirj;  Krakula Commith;  Bumpanstealthings;  Newcestrial;  Poes In Boots;  OR5Ch;  Biskuit
CD2: "Markus Wormstorm"
Jihad On The Dancefloor;  Tampax and Pinky Flow;  Second Letter B;  Me and You;  Face Veg;  Mysteries of Egypt;  Nicola;  Komic;  Trendy Teddy;  Stuck In Time;  Outside Nounou;  Vanilla;  Whistle;  Fucking Jean;  Holke Bolke;  Junkle;  Master;  Khips;  Wegloop
CD3: "Real Estate Agents Live Mix"
Animamal;  Second Letter B;  Moobrednow;  Poe Pa Doe;  Small Mouths Melody;  Pinky Flow;  Jihad On The Dancefloor;  Super Evil (Real Estate Mix);  Jihad (Dj Fuck Mix);  Fetty
African Dope Records [ADOPECD012], South Africa  450.00


(DVD) "Live At The Palladium"
This Train;  Mintzy's Medley;  The Time Is Now;  Oh Lord, Stand By Me;  Gotta Keep On Movin'/Interlude;  It's Me, Oh Lord;  Sweeping Through The City;  Peace In The Valley;  When All God's Children Get Together;  Who's Gonna Carry You;  Joy;  Spiritual Medley;  Free;  Have A Talk With God;  Walking In Memphis;  Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now;  Up On The Mountain;  I Go To The Rock;  From A Distance;  I've Got A Testimony;  Oh Happy Day;  Happiness
The Harlem Gospel Singers & Band
MAWA Film & Medien [MA00047], Germany  200.00


"In Trance We Trust 012"
8 Wonders - Sex On The Beach (Depths Of My Thoughts Sunset Dub);  Jes - Ghost (Phynn Remix);  Cara Dillon vs. 2Devine - Black Is The Colour;  Summer Sessions Feat. Tiff Lacey - By My Side (Original Mix);  Andy Duguid - Hypocrisy;  Vincent de Moor - Fly Away (Cosmic Gate Remix);  Lawrence Palmer - Streamline (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix);  Jonas Steur - Born For The Night;  Tiesto - Elements Of Life;  Johan Gielen - Magnitude (Energetic Mix);  Super8 & Tab - Needs To Feel (Wippenberg Remix);  Marcel Woods - Lemon Tree;  Ryan Blair - Flapjack (Original Mix);  Kyau & Albert - Always A Fool;  Mojado - Kaktus;  Phynn - This Is The Time
DJ Mix - Johan Gielen
In Trance We Trust - Black Hole Recordings [ITWT 012 CD], Netherlands  150.00


"The Competing Highland Dancer"
Pas de Basque;  Pas de Basque & Highcut;  Highland Fling 4 Steps;  Highland Fling 6 Steps;  Sword Dance 2/1;  Sword Dance 3/1;  Sword Dance 2/2;  Seann Triubhas 3/1;  Seann Triubhas 4/2;  Hullachan 1/2;  Hullachan Full;  Strathspey & Reel Of Tulloch;  Strathspey & Highland Reel;  Broadswords 3/1;  Flora MacDonald 4 Steps;  Scottish Lilt 4 Steps;  Scottish Lilt 6 Steps;  Village Maid 4 Steps;  Hielan Laddie 4 Steps;  Barracks Johnnie 4 Steps;  Sailors Hornpipe 4 Steps;  Sailors Hornpipe 5 Steps;  Irish Jig 4 Steps;  Irish Jig 5 Steps;  Shepherd's Crook
Highland pipes - Stuart Liddell
Scotdisc [CDITV 516], UK  150.00


"The Power of Scotland"
Sound of Pibroch;  Carrickfergus;  The Mason's Apron;  Hieland Harry;  Black Jack Davey;  Spanish Lady / Blackthorn Stick;  The Final Trawl;  The Lord of the Dance;  Hieland Laddie;  Whisky on a Sunday;  Rattin' Roarin' Willie / The Kesh Jig;  The Rolling Hills of the Borders;  The Mingulay Boat Song;  Leezie Lindsay;  I Wish I was Hunting;  I'll Tell Me Ma / Green Gates / The Barren Rocks of Aden
North Sea Gas (Dave Gilfillan - guitar, mandola, concertina, bohran, banjo, lead vocals, Colin Ramage - guitar, mandolin, mandola, tenor banjo, whistle, mouth-organ, banjo, bohran, lead and harmony vocals), Bobby Miller - double bass, bass guitar, John O'Rouke - keyboards, Niel Manderson - scottish highland pipes
Scotdisc [CDITV 607], UK  150.00


(DVD) "The Dark Island"
Atholl Highlanders;  Lord Alexander Kennedy;  Ho Ro My Nut Brown Maiden;  Scotland, The Brave;  The Road To The Isles;  The Dark Island;  My Home;  Highland Cradle Song;  Skye Boat Song;  Corriechoillies 43rd Welcome To The North Meeting;  Bonnie Lass O'Fyvie;  Location - Huntingtower Castle;  Amazing Grace;  Battle of Waterloo;  Killiecrankie;  Marquis of Huntly's Highland Fling;  Sleep Dearie Sleep;  Glencoe;  Soldier's Return;  Grannie Duncan;  Say Will Ye Yet (Wearing O The Green);  Miss Girdle;  Erchless Castle;  Johnny Cope;  She Moves Through The Fair;  Airlie's Big Day;  Loch Maree;  Morag Of Dunvegan;  Lady Madelina Sinclair;  Piper Of Drummond;  The High Road To Linton;  Colin's Cattle;  Dunkirk Boatman;  Frank Thompson;  Dundee City Police Pipe Band;  Caledonia;  Devil's Staircase;  Black Bear;  Heilin' Laddie;  Roses Of Prince Charlie;  Ye Jacobites By Name;  The Forty Second;  The Day Thou Gavest;  Auld Lang Syne;  Drum Salute;  Glamis Castle;  Atholl Highlanders;  Bugle Horn
Pipes & Drums 1st Battalion The Black Watch (Lieutenant Colonel R.J.K. Bradford)
Scotdisc [DVITV 716], EU  200.00


"Rhythm Of The Celts"
Bonnie Dundee;  Birnie Boozle;  Peat Fire Flame;  The Bears O' Killiekrankie;  Mairi's Wedding / Lewis Bridal Song;  The Battle O' Sherramuir;  Will Ye No Come Back Again;  Garten Mother's Lullaby;  My Bonnie Moorhen;  Sae Will We Yet;  Kiss The Children For Me Mary;  Lowlands Away;  The Dowie Dens O' Yarrow;  Kishmul's Galley;  The Barge O' Gorrie Crovan;  The Castle O' Drumore
Brigitte Rodrigues (Brogue) - lead vocals, backing vocals, percussion, piano, piano accordian, drum programming, David Scobie - lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, bodhran, percussion, harmonica, penny whistle, drum programming
Scotdisc [CDITV 744], UK  150.00


"Music from Six Continents. 1992 Series"
SCHOENBERG Arnold (1874-1951) - A Survivor from Warsaw op.46 (1947) (narrator - Daniel Olbrychski);  VAN DE VATE Nancy (1930-) - Katyn (1989);  Krakow Concerto for Percussion and Large Orchestra (1988);  PENDERECKI Krzysztof (1933-) - Dies Irae Oratorium in Memory of the victims of Auschwitz (1967)
Soprano - Olga Szwajgier, tenor - Zygmunt Jankowski, bass - Leonard Mroz, Polish Radio and TV Symphony Orchestra of Krakow (cond. Szymon Kawalla), Polish Radio and TV Chorus of Krakow (dir. Bronislawa Wietrzny)
Vienna Modern Masters [VMM 3015], USA  150.00


"Music from Six Continents. 1993 Series"
HUSA Karel (1921-) - Music for Prague 1968;  WEISS Ferdinand (1933-) - Relazioni variabili;  PENDERECKI Krzysztof (1933-) - Sinfonietta;  PERRON Alain (1959-) - Sequences voilees;  VAN DE VATE Nancy (1930-) - Viola Concerto
Bohuslav Martinu Philharmonic Orchestra (cond. Milos Machek), Polish Radio and TV Symphony Orchestra of Krakow (cond. Jose Maria Florencio)
Vienna Modern Masters - DADC Austria [VMM 3023], Austria  200.00


SCARLATTI Domenico (1685-1757) - Sonata D-Dur K.145;  Sonata E-Dur K.380;  BACH Johann Sebastian (1685-1750) - Englische Suite Nr.5 e-Moll BWV810;  KAGEL Mauricio (1931-) - "Episoden, Figuren" (1993);  TAKANASHI Yuji (1938-) - "Like a Water-Buffalo" (1985);  ZURITSKY Vladimir (1953-) - Partita concertante Nr.2 in modo di jazz improvisazione (1989)
Akkordeon - Alexander Matrosov
Classic Clips [CLCL 101], EU  150.00


CASTELNUOVO-TEDESCO Mario (1895-1968) - Sonata. Omaggio a Boccherini;  BERKELEY Lennox (1903-1989) - Sonatina;  RODRIGO Joaquin (1901-1999) - Sonata Giocosa;  VASSILIEV Konstantin (1970-) - Sonata-Fantasy "Smoke of Love" after Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet;  Sonata
Guitar - Roman Viazovskiy
Classic Clips [CLCL 102], EU  150.00


NEWMAN Alfred (1901-1970) - 20th Century Fox Fanfare;  STEINER Max (1888-1971) - "Gone with the wind" - Titelmusik;  HERRMANN Bernard (1911-1975) - "Psycho" - Prelude;  GERSHWIN George (1898-1937) - Ein Amerikaner in Paris;  SCHNITTKE Alfred (1934-1998) - "Agonie" - Tango;  PROKOFIEV Sergei (1891-1953) - "Lieutenant Kije" Symphonische Suite in 5 Bildern;  WILLIAMS John (1932-) - "Schindler's Liste" - Thema;  "Star Wars" Suite for Orchestra
Landesjugendorchester Nordrhein-Westfalen (cond. Jacques Mercier)
WDR 3 - TMK cologne, Germany  150.00


"Til børn! (+ vaksin)"
Trøllagentan;  Rottur gnaga;  Dukka mín er blá;  Góða mamma tað var ikki eg;  Nú liggur ein kavafonn;  Tá ið eg f&oactute;r mær til Gjáar;  Blunda, blunda;  Ein skortlitt kúgv við garðalið;  Drívur døgg um døkka grund;  Eg eigi mær ein lítlan vin;  Hulduríma;  Vetrurin kom við kulda og kava;  Dansa, dansa;  Góða mamma tað var ikki eg;  Litla Marin droymdi;  Jógvan;  Ein firvaldur í góðum lag;  Skvatlar, mutlar;  Rura, rura barni;  Góð mamma tað var ikki eg
Vocal - Annika Hoydal
TUTL [SHD 33], Germany  150.00


Djelem (trad. tzigane);  Vera (R.Hamidovic);  Johny (trad. tzigane);  Opa Cupa (S.Bajramovic);  Stari Ciganin (trad. yougoslave);  Jovano (trad. macedonien);  Ugasila si me (Dzej Ramadanovski);  Mardjandja (trad. tzigane);  Chokoro (trad. tzigane);  Bubamara (N.Jankovic)
O'djila (Djani Pervan - percussions, Laurent Legall - contrebasse, Djordjo Knezevic - guitare rythmique, Jean-Baptiste Laya - guitare solo, Doutso Vranic - chant)
France  150.00


"Sega Sega"
Bal la poussiere;  Mon doudou;  P'tit case en paille;  P'tit Angelo;  L'amour le doux;  P'tite fleur aimee;  La rosee tombee;  Madina - Compere le guepe;  Antonia;  Toue le jolie;  Sega pique;  P'tit paille en queue;  Si vi souviens;  Ah! Nenere;  Canne mapou;  Z'enfant batard;  Caf'Francisco;  Quand meme ca;  Boulevard la Providence;  Tombe leve
Groupe Folklorique de la Reunion
Antenne Reunion [GFR 07-974], Reunion - France  150.00


"Sega Maloya"
Le roi dans le bois;  Rosee su feuille songe;  Marmay Lontan;  Batarsite;  Inn ti manzel;  La vie est un mystere;  Mon ile;  Ca sent la banane;  Compere chinois;  Mafate;  Male dinde;  Largu'la sauce;  Pied d'riz;  Mon coco;  Kaskavel;  La route en corniche;  viens voir la Reunion;  Quand li mett' son moulure
Groupe Folklorique de la Reunion
Antenne Reunion [GFR 12-974-2000], Reunion - France  150.00


MILHAUD Darius (1892-1974) - Suite francaise;  BOZZA Eugene (1905-1991) - Ouverture rythmique;  BOUTRY Roger (1932-) - Ikiru Yorokobi;  MAILLOT Jean (1911-) - aux Iles sous l'vent
Musique des equipages de la flotte de Toulon (cond. Gerard Besse)
Forlane [FOR 16848], France  150.00


JOUS Christian (1956-) - Samba del Mine;  CHEBROU Michel (1954-) - Tubafolia;  ARBAN Jean-Baptiste (1825-1889) - Fantaisie brillante;  BIMBI Daniel (1971-) - Dali Concertino
Musique des equipages de la flotte de Toulon (cond. Gerard Besse)
Forlane [FOR 16851], France  150.00


BOZZA Eugene (1905-1991) - Ouverture rythmique;  SPARKE Philip (1951-) - Pantomime;  REED Alfred (1921-1945) - Seascape;  MEISTER Georges (1848-1902) - Erwinn;  GREGSON Edward (1945-) - Concerto pour tuba
Musique des equipages de la flotte de Toulon (cond. Gerard Besse)
Forlane [MEFT06C], France  150.00


"Black Sand"
Latin Jazz;  Black Sand;  Blue Brazil;  Obakoso;  Alhamba;  Kidz;  Fire Dance;  Gentle Rumba;  Son of a Montuno;  Trepidation;  Iguana;  It's Alright with Me
Composed by Bill O'Connell Latin Jazz Project
Bill O'Connell Latin Jazz Project (Bill O'Connell - piano, Andy Gonzalez - bass, Charles Fambrough - bass, Steve Berrios - drums, chakeres, Joe Ford - soprano sax, alto sax, Randy Brecker - trumpet, Dave Valentin - flute, Milton Cardona - congas, chakeres, vocal, Carole Robinson - vocal, Sergio Cardona - percussion)
Random Chance Records [RCD-4], USA  200.00


"Cuban Fishes Make Good Dishes"
Pescado Jive;  Chango's Cloth;  Praise King Nimunze and Ochun;  Bembe para Elegua;  The Road of Odudua/Obatala;  The Hunter Ochosi;  Assoyi Track;  Sweet Ochun;  Raga Colombiana;  Yewa's Call;  Elekoto;  Hueso Groove;  A Shuffle for Ochun;  Moyubation
Mark Lotz & Shango's Dance
Random Chance Records [RCD-20], USA  200.00


M482  ДЖАЗ
"Rumba Buhaina. The Music Of Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers"
Along Came Betty;  Crisis;  This Is For Albert;  Up Jumped Spring;  Madi's Smile;  Wildflower;  United;  The Day You Said Goodbye;  One By One;  Rumba Buhaina;  Ask Me Now
The Fort Apache Band (Jerry Gonzalez - trumpet, flugelhorn, congas, percussion, Joe Ford - alto and soprano saxophones, Larry Willis - piano, Andy Gonzalez - bass, Steve Berrios - drums and percussion)
Random Chance Records [RCD-25], USA  200.00


"Got The Impeach Bush/Cheney Blues"
State of Emergency (Baba Israel);  I Can't Write Left Handed (Pyeng Threadgill);  Bombs Are Filled With Hate (Howard Glazer);  Jump And Shout (Howard Glazer);  Patriot Act Blues (Howard Glazer);  God of War (Jason Lindner with Claudia Acuna);  Evolution (Eli Smith & Steve Strohmeyer);  Mad Cow Breakdown (Eli Smith);  Blinded (The Known Unknowns);  The Draft Is Coming (David Rovics);  Bomb Ourselves (David Rovics);  Ballad Of A Cluster Bomb (David Rovics);  No Agreement (Aphrodesia);  No More Fighting (Scott Brown);  Private (Chris Michael)
Random Chance Records [RCD29], USA  200.00


M484  ДЖАЗ
"Mental Strain At Dawn. A Modern Portrait Of Louis Armstrong"
La Cucaracha;  Chinatown, My Chinatown;  Mamacita;  Mental Strain At Dawn;  Black And Blue;  Dream Sequence;  When Jack Ruby Met Joe Galser;  Copyin' Louis;  Yodel Blues;  Dinah
Doc Cheatham - trumpet, David Murray - tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, Loren Schoenberg - tenor saxophone, Allen Lowe - alto saxophone, Paul Austerlitz - clarinet, bass clarinet, John Rapson - trombone, Robert Rumbolz - trumpet, Jeff Fuller - bass, Ray Kaaczynski - drums, Peter Askim - bass
Random Chance Records [RCD30], USA  200.00


"Pinareno. Music for Cigar Aficionados and Workers"
Conjunto Campesino Cuyaguateje;  Soibre amistad Finlandia-Cuba;  La cola de tu caiman;  El son en Cuba no muere;  La negra Tomasa;  Si me pudieras querer;  No puedo vivir;  Guacoco;  Dejame que te lleve;  Todo el mundo quiere bailar;  Como fue;  El Pintor;  Eres picara para amar
Conjunto Campesino Cuyaguateje, Grupo el Organo Pinareno, Orquesta tipica Ases del Ritmo, Septedo tipico Traditionales del Son, Duo Ana Christina Pozo & Omar Perez, Grupo Sonorama, Grupo Yarey, Grupo Oban yoko, Orquesta Cambre
Piranha [CD-PIR 0620], Germany  200.00


The Estate Sale;  Blue Eyed Darlin';  Lonesome Whistle Blow;  25 Minutes to Go;  Long Gone Lonesome Blues;  Boots;  I Tried;  Conductor;  Bastard Son;  In Heaven You'll Never Grow Old;  Gone Too Long;  How Mountain Girls Can Love
Composed by Gringo
Gringo (Jim - guitar, vocals, Leila Vartanian - bass, vocals, Martin O'Doherty - banjo)
Pravda Records [PR6368], USA  200.00


"Soul Bucket"
Soul Bucket;  Tubed;  Joe Flamingo;  Sarcasm;  East Of East St. Louis;  Papa Burger;  Road Rage;  The Return Of Sugar Dumplin';  Wings For Wanda;  A Short Hello And A Long Goodbye;  Billy Jurrez;  Strawberry Hill;  Soul Bucket (Southside)
Composed by The Civil Tones
The Civil Tones (Robin Allen - Guild Starfire Harmony Airline, Fender Mustang, Stratocaster and Musicmaster guitars, Dave Hilditch - Fender frestless jazz bass, John Holt - Hammond & Fanfisa organs and Fender rhodes, John Kosla - drums, cymbals, tambourine, cowbell, rainstick, triangle, cabasa, vibraslap, maracas, guiro and bongo drums)
Pravda Records [PR6373], USA  200.00


OSTERC Slavko (1895-1941) - Nonet;  GIGLIC Zvonimir (1921-) - Absurds;  STUHEC Igor (1932-) - Variations;  RAMOVS Primoz (1921-) - Call;  JEZ Jakob (1928-) - Nomos;  MIHELCIC Pavel (1937-) - Timber Line;  PETRIC Ivo (1931-) - Esquisses poetiques;  LEBIC Lojze (1934-) - Kons (A)
Ensemble "Slavko Osterc" (cond. Ivo Petric)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 998011], Austria  200.00


LIPOVSEK Marijan (1910-1995) - Four Messages for String Quartet;  LESKOVIC Bogo (1909-1995) - String Quartet;  OSTERC Slavko (1895-1941) - Silhouettes;  ZEBRE Demetrij (1912-1970) - String Quartet
Tartini String Quartet
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 999016], Austria  200.00


"Slovenska elektroakusticna glasba"
MATICIC Janez (1926-) - Oscillations;  TUREL Bob (1954-) - Amarcord - 1st Movement (The Golden Age);  STUHEC Igor (1932-) - A Study for Electronic Sounds;  JEZ BREZAVSCEK Brina (1957-) - Orpheus for Bass Clarinet and Electronics;  LEBIC Lojze (1934-) - Atelier II;  SIJANEC Marjan (1950-) - Venus Orchestra;  JEZ Jakob (1928-) - The Look of Stars for Electronic Sounds
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200443], Austria  200.00


GOLOB Jani (1948-) - Music;  BAVDEK Dusan (1971-) - Capricetto;  FIRST Nenad (1964-) - Trivium;  SVETE Tomaz (1956-) - Anaxagoras;  MIHEVC Marko (1957-) - Trillus diabolicus;  VRHUNC Larisa (1967-) - Red and Blue;  STUHEC Igor (1932-) - Sonic Conversation a tre
Trio Pro Musica Nova (piano - Hinko Haas, violin and viola - Jernej Brence, bassoon and double bassoon - Zoran Mitev)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200445], Austria  200.00


"Zlati zbori ob jubileju"
VREMSAK Samo - Zgodaj odhajajo;  Ze padajo listi;  To je torej;  JEZ Jakob - Svetla mu puskica;  Oda generalu Maistru;  JERICIJO Stanko - Okno sem;  SREBOTNJAK Alojz - Urska in hauptman Gasper;  STUHEC Igor - Vesce;  DEKLEVA Igor - Veter poje;  HABE Tomaz - Kamen;  STRMCNIK Maks - K tebi prihajamo;  MISSON Andrej - Pa bo pomlad prisla;  SAVLI Peter - Misel moja;  MOCNIK Damijan - Kosmi casa
Mesani pevski zbor Cantemus Kamnik, Komorni zbor Ipavska, Komorni zbor De Profundis Kranj, Vokalna skupina Canticum, Domzalski komorni zbor, Komorni zbor Ave
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200547], Austria  200.00


MERKU Pavle - Charis II for Baritone Saxophone Solo;  SIVIC Pavel - Suite for Alto Saxophone and Piano;  MATICIC Janez - Repliques for Alto Saxophone and Piano;  Memory - Saxophone Quartet;  VRHUNC Larisa - Wooden Stones for Flute, Saxophone and Piano;  SAVLI Peter - Zeppelin 2 for Flute, Saxophone and Piano;  PETRIC Ivo - Burlesque for Saxophone Quartet
Zagreb Saxophone Quartet, Trio Slavko Osterc
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200550], Austria  200.00


STRAJNAR Ales - Beguine 2004;  SAVLI Peter - So-natus;  SALJIC PODESVA Bojana - Avtron;  FEGUS Maksimiljan - Miniature;  PETRIC Ivo - Preludes;  GOLOB Jani - Three Etudes;  AVSEC Vitja - Legend;  ROJKO Uros - Chiton
Guitar - Tomaz Rajteric
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200656], Austria  200.00


SKERJANC Lucijan Marija - Serenade;  MIHEVC Marko - Mutatio Eroicae;  VOGLAR Crt Sojar - Trio;  BAVDEK Dusan - Reflexions;  GLAVINA Bojan - Labyrinths;  KRIVOKAPIC Igor - Woodwind Trio;  FIRST Nenad - Wild Women II;  OSTERC Slavko - Four Caricatures
Slovenian Philharmonic Woodwind Trio (flute and Mousterien pipe - Mataj Grahek, bassoon - Zoran Mitev, clarinet - Joze Kotar)
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200657], Austria  200.00


"Nova slovenska elektroakusticna glasba"
SALJIC PODESVA Bojana (1978-) - Welcome to the Sooshaland;  ZURAJ Vito (1979-) Pianofonics for Piano and Electronics;  PIRS Gregor (1971-) - Opus quantum;  SAVLI Peter (1961-) - Red Sounds;  PAS Mihael (1971-) - S;  TUREL Bor (1954-) - Ode to the Blazon Facing the Hights
Edicije Društva slovenskih skladateljev - DADC Austria [Ed. DSS 200659], Austria  200.00


"Rumaenische Musik"
Di di di, murgule, di;  A oilor;  Tudorito, nene;  Mindrutu;  Invirtita batrineasca;  Doina din Valani;  Sorocul Mare;  Le le le;  Mireasa, cununa ta;  Balada lui Lae Choru;  Joc;  Doina de la Visina;  Ionele, draga;  Marioara de la Gorj;  Dormi, puisor, dormi;  Doina;  Invirtita;  Ma dusei sa trec la Olt;  Geampara;  Doina;  La-ti mireasa ziua buna;  Romanesc de pe valea;  Almasului;  Mai lonele, puisor;  Au plecat oltenii la coasa;  Mindra mea de la Buzau;  Geaba-i luna;  Am o mindra mititica;  In gradina lui lon;  Doina lui Petru Unc;  Linu-i lin;  Briu din Jebel;  Di di di, murgule, di
Taraf Transilvania (Toni Vacariu - panfloete, zimbal, Marius Ungureanu - bratsche, gesang, Kalle Jaeger - kontrabass, Irina Ungureanu - gesang)
TAR [TAR 94], Switzerland  150.00


"Legacy of the American Woman Composer"
NELSON Marie Barker - Songs of the Moon for Flute and Piano (2000);  HIGDON Jennifer - Legacy for Flute and Piano (1999);  FINE Vivian - Emily's Images for Flute and Piano (1987);  LARSEN Libby - Aubade for Solo Flute (1987);  POLIN Claire - First Flute Sonata for Flute and Piano (1959);  NORDENSROM Gladys - Rondo for Flute and Piano (1948);  WALKER Gwyneth - Theme and Variation for Flute and Piano (1979)
Flute - Laurel Ann Maurer, piano - Joanne Pearce Martin
4TAY Records [4TAYCD4018], USA  150.00


"Masterprize: Top of the World"
BORISOVA-OLLAS Victoria - Wings of the Wind;  GASPARINI Daniele - Through the Looking-Glass;  HARTKE Stephen - The Ascent of the Equestrian in a Balloon;  MARCH Andrew - Marine - a travers les arbes;  VINE Carl - Descent;  LONG Zhou - Two Poems from Tang
London Symphony Orchestra (cond. Daniel Harding)
BBC [BBC MM67], UK  150.00


"Rainbow Body"
THEOFANIDIS Christopher (1967-) - Rainbow Body;  BARBER Samuel (1910-1981) - Symphony No.1 op.9;  COPLAND Aaron (1900-1990) - Suite from Appalachian Spring;  HIGDON Jennifer (1962-) - blue cathedral
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (cond. Robert Spano)
Telarc [CD-80596], USA  200.00


"Indiana State University All Star Band Weekend 2001"
BACH / PAYNTER - Toccata from Toccata, Adagio and Fugue;  ITO Yasuhide - Festal Scenes;  REINEKE Steven - Sedona;  DAEHN Larry - With Quiet Courage;  BARNES James - Trail of Tears;  STAMP Jack - Variations on a Bach Chorale;  LA PLANTE Pierre - In the Forest of the King;  BAGLEY E.E. - National Emblem, March;  HOLST Gustav - Moorside Suite;  JOIO Norman Dello - Finale from Variations, Chaconne and Finale
ISU Symphonic Wind Ensemble, White All Star Symphonic Band, Blue All Star Symphonic Band, Honors Wind Ensemble
ISU, USA  150.00


VAUGHAN WILLIAMS Ralph - Flourish for Glorious John;  HUSA Karel - Divertimento for Symphonic Winds and Percussion - IV.Slovak Dance;  STAMP Jack - Variations on a Bach Chorale;  HERSHEN Ira - Symphony on Themes of John Philip Sousa;  TULL Fisher - Rhapsody for Trumpet;  PUCCINI Giacomo - Nessun Dorma;  SPARK Philip - Dance Movements - IV.Molto Ritmico;  HERMAN Jerry - Hello Dolly
Indiana State University Symphonic Wind Ensemble (conds. John Boyd, Frederick Fennell), trumpet - Vincent DiMartino
OPUS Digital Audio, USA  150.00


M516  ДЖАЗ
"The Windy City"
Song for Eddie;  After All;  The Windy City;  Anima;  Minority;  In Chicago;  Peter's Sound;  Bits of Blues;  Rainbow Bubbles part 1;  Rainbow Bubbles part 2;  Times of Change;  Take Your Time
Composed by Peter Lehel and Thomas Guenther
Sax - Peter Lehel, piano - Thomas Guenther, trumpet and flugelhorn - Orbert Davis, bass - David Marr, drums - Rusty Jones
New Classic Colours [NCC 8507], Germany  150.00


"Heavy Rotation"
LEHEL Peter - Finale;  Papa Groove;  Bits of Blues;  Kiss & Fly;  Heavy Rotation;  Because of the Bass;  Little Lady;  MOECK Ull - Waiting;  Prison Changes;  NEWMAN / SPENCER / DELANGE - Lost April;  WEILL Kurt - This Is New;  BROWN James - I Feel Good
Peter Lehel Quartet (Peter Lehel - tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, Ull Moeck - piano, Mini Schulz - bass, Dieter Schumacher - drums)
Satin Dall Productions [SDP 1024-1], Germany  150.00


CD1 (Live At Birdland 59): Lullaby Of Birdland (G. Shearing);  A Night In Tunisia (D. Gillespie);  Over The Rainbow (H. Arlen);  Take Five (P. Desmond);  As Time Goes By (H. Hupfeld);  Caravan (J. Tizol);  Round Modnight (Th. Monk);  Summetime (G. Gershwin);  Corcovado (A.C. Jobim);  Lots Of Blues (Lehel / Moeck / Schulz / Schumacher);  Yesterday (Lennon / McCartney)
CD2 (Live At Jazz & Klassiktage): Dedication;  Here And Now;  One For Kodaly;  Blue Suite;  Gloomy Sunday
All music composed & arranged by Peter Lehel
Peter Lehel Quartet (saxes, bass clarinet - Peter Lehel, piano - Ull Moeck, bass - Mini Schulz, drums - Dieter Schumacher), strings - Thomas Haug, Thomas Gehring, Ulrike Eickenbusch, Karin Boehnel, vocals - Viviane de Farias
Finetone Music [FTM 8013], Germany  300.00


M519  ДЖАЗ
"Easy Beats"
History Repeating (Alex Gifford);  Billie's Bounce (Charles "Bird" Parker);  Eddie Who (Peter Lehel);  Thieves In The Temple (Prince);  Caravan (Duke Ellington);  Don't Get Around Much Anymore (Duke Ellington);  Lonesome Road (Nathaniel Shikret);  Norwegian Wood (Lennon, McCartney);  Compared To What (Eugene McDaniels);  Movin' Wes (John Leslie "Wes" Montgomery);  Cantaloupe Island (Herbie Hancock)
JazzHop Rhythm (Peter Goetzmann - drums, Rolf Hillert - percussion, Joe Voelker - keyboards, Mario Goetz - vocals, Michael Rueber - guitar, Niklas Braun - bass, Peter Lehel - saxophone)
Finetone Music [FTM 8019], Germany  150.00


Obsesion (Pedro Flores);  Delirio (Cesar Potillo de la Luz);  Memories (Paquito d'Rivera);  Bolero For A Bird (Peter Lehel);  Cake Waltz (Peter Lehel);  Claudia (Chucho Valdes);  Linda Chicana (Mark Levine);  Song To My Son (Paquito d'Rivera);  A Night In Englewood (Paquito d'Rivera);  Oblivion (Astor Piazzolla)
Wolfgang Meyer - clarinet, Peter Lehel - soprano & tenor saxophone, bassclarinet, Ull Moeck - piano, Mini Schulz - bass, Markus Faller - percussion
Finetone Music [FTM 8021], Germany  150.00


"Train Songs"
Homebound Train (Jon Bon Jovi / Richard S. Sambora);  Yugoslavian Railroad Song (Gernot Wolfgang);  Downtown Train (Tom Waits);  MondoLine (Michael Radanovicz);  Take The A-Train (Billy Strayhorn);  The Train Will Bring Her Back To Me (Michael Radanovics);  Train From Ossia (Thomas Mandel);  About Trains (Michael Radanovics);  Grand Central (John Coltrane);  Locomotive Breath (Ian Anderson);  Train De Plaisir (Johan Strauss / Michael Radanovics);  Train Song (Tom Waits);  Jaco (Pat Metheny)
Spring String Quartet (violins - Christian Wirth, Marcus Wall, viola - Julian Gillesberger, cello - Stephan Ponderlitschek)
CCn'C Records [02022], Germany  150.00


(2CD) "Leo Records 25th Anniversary. Loft, Köln"
Right From The Start No.3;  Travel Preparations No.2 (reeds - Joachim Gies, drums - Denis Stilke);  Dreierlei;  Seven 9-8;  Parlami Di Me;  Almost Twenty-Eight;  Gospel (basscalarinet - Gebhard Ulmann, clarinet - Jurgen Kupke, altoclarinet - Michael Thieke);  The Tumbling Rocks Thrust Into Air;  Rolling Into A Thousand Drifts of Snow;  The Roaring Surges Dash Upon The Shore (guzheng, voice - Xu Fengxia, reeds - Frank Gratkowski);  Rudi My Beer!;  Purity and Sweetness;  Raskaz (piano - Aki Takase, reeds - Rudi Mahal);  Marked Breath;  Forsaken Mysteries;  Surrender Now (piano - Simon Nabatov, reeds - Frank Gratkowski, drums - Paul Lovens);  Night Song;  Mizu No Naka;  Loft (voice - Lauren Newton);  Signal;  What? (voice - Lauren Newton, piano - Simon Nabatov, drums - Paul Lovens, reeds - Frank Gratkowski)
Composed by performers
Leo Records [CD LR 483/484], UK  400.00


"Kalimba Collage"
The Mountain Has Always Waited (Peck Allmond);  Take A Look Outside (Peck Allmond);  Moliendo Cafe (Jose Manzo Perroni);  The Elfin Knight (traditional Scottish);  Chorale for Sal (Peck Allmond);  Panama (traditional Haitian);  Dragon Run (Peck Allmond);  Something You Left Behind (Peck Allmond);  Peter's Tune (Apfelbaum);  Letter to Lateef (Peck Allmond);  A Dream About Dolphy (Peck Allmond);  Common Sense (Peck Allmond);  Bwana Upepo Wavuma (traditional Kenyan)
Peck Allmond - kalmibas, flute, alto flute, trumpet, trombonium, tuba, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxes, wood flutes, xaphoon, flutophone, shells, bells, Claudia Acuna - vocal, Kenny Wollesen - drums, Catherine Bent - cello, Sarah Bernstein - violin, Kelly Dylla - viola, Gary Fisher - Wurlitzer electric piano, Don Falzone - bass, Rob Garcia - drums
SoniCulture Records [SCR3901], USA  150.00


M532  ДЖАЗ
The Touch of Your Lips (Ray Noble);  Once There Was (Jamie Baum);  Shadow's Reflection (Allison Miller);  The End of a Love Affair (Edward Redding);  1RS (Allison Miller);  Letter To A Poet (Jamie Baum);  For Rachel (Nicki Parrott);  Speak, Memory (Roberta Piket);  Where or When (Lorenz Hart and Richard Rogers)
Sharp Five (Jamie Baum - flute, Virginia Mayhew - tenor & soprano saxophones, Roberta Piket - piano, Nicki Parrott - bass, Allison Miller - drums)
Consensus Records [CR-065], USA  150.00


M533  ДЖАЗ
"Love and Beauty"
PIKET Roberta - I'm My Everything;  For Uncle Harvey;  Alone Alone;  Claude's Clawed;  WEBB Jimmy - Up, Up and Away;  MINTZ Billy - Flight;  Love and Beauty;  Destiny;  PORTER Cole - So In Love
Piano - Roberta Piket, bass - Ratzo Harris, drums - Billy Mintz
Thirteen Note Records [TN002], USA  150.00


"Tomorrow Night Gig"
Saharawi;  Blue;  Bekaa;  Orange;  Morning Sickness;  Yellow;  Ile de Gorèe;  Wake up;  Red
Composed by performers
Yasuhiko Tachibana - acoustic bass, Carlo Actis Dato - baritone and tenor saxophones, bass clarinet, Keisuke Ohta - violin, voice
Leo Records [CD LR 332], UK  200.00


M539  ДЖАЗ
"Alaadeen and the beauty of it all. Ballads"
The Summer Knows (Michelle Legrand);  And The Beauty Of It All (Ahmad Alaadeen);  Dearly Beloved (Jerome Kern-Johnny Mercer);  When Love Has (Ahmad Alaadeen);  Free Man (Ahmad Alaadeen);  Detour Ahead (Lou Carter-Herb Ellis-John Frigo);  They Say It's Wonderful (Irving Berlin)
Ahmad Alaadeen - tenor and soprano saxophones, Harold O'Neal - piano, Seth Lee - bass, Brandon Draper - drums, Ray Stewart - percussion
ASR Records [ASR-4001], USA  150.00


(CD+DVD) "Against The Wind. The Music of Pirchner & Perl"
CD: "The Music of Pirchner & Perl" PERL Harry - Against The Wind;  Air, Love & Vitamins;  Die Alte Mär und Das Mann;  PIRCHNER Werner - Homesick;  Hosent' Raga;  Wirf An;  Drein Sein, Beinander Blaiben;  Little Waltz For My Baby;  Himmelblau
Christian Muthspiel Trio (Christian Muthspiel - trombone, piano, recorder, Franck Tortiller - vibraphone, marimba, Georg Breinschmid - double bass, bass guitar)
DVD: "Der Untergang des Alpenlandes"
Ein Heimatfilm von Werner Pirchner und Christian Berger
Universal Music Austria [0602517229414], EU  400.00


"A Norwegian Rendezvous"
KVANDAL Johan (1919-1999) - Fantasia for Hardanger Fiddle and Strings op.50 (1978);  Sonata for Strings op.79 (1994);  KOCH Dagfinn (1964-) - Aura for 16 Solo Strings (1994/96);  ÅM Magnar (1952-) - Gratia for Harp and Strings (1994)
Hardanger fiddle - Arve Moen Bergset, harp - Willy Postma, Kristiansand Chamber Orchestra (cond. Jan Stigmer)
Intim Musik [IMCD 065], Sweden  150.00


"Andrew Joy. Cor à cor"
LIGETI Gyorgy (1923-2006) - Trio fuer Violine, Horn und Klavier (1982);  PROEVE Bernfried (1963-) - Eclair fuer Horn-Solo (1994/95);  MESSIAEN Olivier (1908-1992) - Appell interstellaire: Modete fuer Horn-Solo (aus Des Canyons aux Etoiles fuer Klavier, Horn, Xylorimba, Glockenspiel und Orchester) (1971/74);  Theme et variations fuer Violine, Klavier (1932);  GRISEY Gerard (1946-1998) - Accords perdus fuer zwei Hoerner (1987);  SCELSI Giacinto (1905-1988) - Quattro pezzi fuer Horn-Solo (1956)
Horn - Andrew Joy, violin - Christian Ostertag, piano - James Avery
Edition Zeitklang - DADC Austria [ez-12014], Austria  200.00


SHARON Israel (1966-) - Sonata for Violin and Piano "In memoriam Nir Oren" (1995);  7 Movements for Guitar Solo (1994);  ERLICH Abel (1915-) - "May there be abundant peace" for Viola and Guitar (1994);  WOLPE Michael (1960-) - Kaprizma No.5 for Clarinet, Guitar and String Quartet (1995)
Kaprizma Ensemble
Jerusalem Municipality Culture Department, Israel  150.00


"41. Internationale Ferienkurse fuer Neue Musik Darmstadt 2002"
CLAREN Sebastian (1965-) - After Blinky Palermo for Solo Cello and Orchestra (2001-2002) (cello - Lucas Fels, Radio-Sinfonie-Orchester Frankfurt - cond. Peter Rundel);  KIM Nam-kuk (1971-) - Fwa-Du (2002) (clarinet - Horia Stefan Dumitrache, percussions - Young-Cher Park, Simone Mancuso, a-jaeng - Nam-kuk Kim, cello - Burkart F. Zeller, conductor - Nathan Fuhr);  SCIARRINO Salvatore (1947-) - Due Notturni crudeli (2001) (piano - Nicolas Hodges);  MUELLER-HORNBACH Gerhard (1951-) - Innere Spuren for 3 Solo Wind Players and Chamber Ensemble (2002);  WALTER Caspar Johannes (1964-) - Angst und Ahnung for Female Voice, Trumpet and String Ensemble (2002)
Col Legno [WWE 1CD 20210], Germany  200.00


"International Compositions Prize 2005"
NAKAO Maiko (1981-) - Naminoyo;  PASCUAL Christina (1971-) - Magnetism;  MENALLED Ezequiel (1980-) - And everything was death around;  ZABEL Frank (1968-) - Chant de la Lave;  XHUVANI Lorenc (1979-) - Di tenue vivo chiarore
Luxembourg Sinfonietta (cond. Marcel Wengler)
Editions LGNM - DADC Austria [No 405], Austria  200.00


Mundus Subterreaneus;  Keine Post von Bill;  Pripetshok;  Spanish Blood 40/4;  Sharp;  40 Days / 4 dbg;  Bisogna Morire;  La Violina;  Hühner;  Ohne Kapitalisten geht es Besser
Composed by Novotnik 44
Novotnik 44 (Udo Moll - trumpet, melodica, Ole Schmidt - tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, Prof. Nicolao Valiensi - bassoon, tenor horn, Ralph Beerkircher - guitar, Peter Fulda - piano, keyboard, Thomas Gier - bass, Dirk Peter Kölsch - percussion)
z. o. o. verlag [32-1], Germany  150.00


"Neue Zeitschrift fuer Musik. Transonic. New Sound Experience. 5/2003"
COLEMAN Gene - "Yago" fuer Gagaku-Instrumente, Saxofon-Quartett, Live Electronics und Video;  OTOMO Yoshihide - "Cathode #6" fuer Gagaku-Instrumente, Bassklarinette, Saxofon-Quartett und Live Electronics
Wergo [T 6602], Germany  200.00


M553  ФОЛК
"Traumzeit '08"
Bahamut (Hazmat Modine);  Matthew (Warsaw Village Band & Transglobal Underground);  Aria of the Forgotten Guest (Moscow Art Trio & The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra);  Gymnopedie (Sarband);  Del Nuevo Ciclo (Luis Di Matteo & Uljanowsk Chamber Orchestra);  Fly, Fly My Sadness (Bulgarian Voices "Angelite" feat. Huun-Huur-Tu & Sergey Starostin & Mikhail Alperin);  Cavalos (Dona Rosa);  Los Reyes Magos (Aquabella);  Daglarim (Huun-Huur-Tu & Sainkho);  Standart Lullaby (The Shin);  Hoodwinking (Jasper van't Hof HOTLIPS);  Coffee and Cigarettes Pt.1 (Charles)
Jaro, Germany  150.00


"Deep Music"
Encounter I (double basses - Peter Kowald and William Parker);  Encounter II (double basses - Peter Kowald and Peter Jacquemyn)
Free Elephant [001], Germany  150.00


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